Saturday, October 28, 2006


I saw two specialists this week. The orthopedic on Wednesday and the podiatrist yesterday. Turns out, I didnt' break my right foot, it is just a bad sprain. Where the doctor thought was an old fracture in the bad is bone spurs. My right foot was still getting bruises over last weekend, which scared me, and I found out was normal. The orginal bruises are fading. Thr bruising has gone from the bottom of my leg all the way down to my toes. I was given a new brace to wear on my right foot, but I think it increases the swelling and either is cutting off the circulation or is adding new bruising. My right foot is still swollen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a real number to myself.

I had an interview on Tuesday. Will find out 3-4 weeks if I get a second interview or not. This coming Tuesday (Halloween) I am interviewing with RISD to be able to be a substitute teacher with them.

We did something on the YP retreat last weekend that I have done with my students, but differently. It is harder to get students to give compliments outloud, than it is adults to do. We drew names from a hat, and had to say something nice about that person. For some people it was hard, because about half of the group has been there for six months or less.

The Lord has something special planned for my life. I am not sure how spraining my foot feeds into it. I have no idea if it is God's will for me to stay here in Dallas or to move back home to OH. I keep praying, "Your will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven." I do mean that prayer. That goes with the job hunt as well with the guy that I like and wish I could see more often. Have a I truely given this over to the Lord, or am I still being selfish in some way? It is hard being patient and waiting upon the Lord to work in his ways. God's timing is better than my timing. I need to wait upon the Lord, and not try to push him to act. I praise the Lord for all he has been doing in my life. I love you, Lord.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Update on my bad day

I iced my right foot Monday evening, Tuesday evening, and again Wednesday afternoon and evening. I didn't go to BSF Tuesday evening, because I was out too long on Tuesday. I did go to church Wednesday night for Biblestudy, was able to stay in one place for basically two hours with my foot up. I've only iced my left knee a couple of times.

I was debating or not to go to the doctor. I decided to go yesterday. Turns out, I did a real number to myself. I had X-rays done on my left knee, right foot and right ankle. The doctor said I have a bone chip fracture on my right foot, and an old fracture at the back of my foot. (That explains why my heel has bothered me in the past.) I was given a walking boot to wear, and an ACE bandage for my left knee. I also have to go see a Podiatrist and an Orthopedic doctor.

Lord, you have a reason for everything. I do not understand why I get to go through this. I want you to be glorified through this all. I know you are using this to stregnthen my trust in you.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My bad day

Today was an awful day for me. I went to a career fair, a national one, too boot. Had maybe 20 companies there, and mostly sales. I was able to sign up with my temp agency. Going to take the tests tomorrow afternoon. I only stayed about 30 minutes. Sales is not what I want. Left there to get some lunch, since I hadn't eated yet today. On the way home, my cell phone rang, a company in downtown Dallas called to want to set up an interview. He didn't give a name of the comapny. I was given directions, and set it up for in an hour. I found the area, and had a hard time finding a place to park. Once a I did, I fell. I stepped in a pothole with some water. I hurt my right ankle. It swelled up fast. My ankle hurts. I hurt my left knew, it is slightly swollen, and bruised. My right hand is also a little sore. I had a hard time getting up. Went to the wrong building, called and went to the right building. The job is totally not what I want. Came home and found out the temp job, I was waiting to hear about, didn't materialized. The company decided to fill from within, since it was only for a few days instead of going the temp route. Sitting here at the computer, my ankle hurts and it is uncomfortable. It hurts to get up, can go up the stairs easier than go down them. I have put ice on my ankle, but it hurts!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holy Vessel

We are all holy vessels! Says in I Corinthians 6:19-20 that our bodies are a holy temple of God. Did you know that Satan loves to use our holy vessels to toast unholy causes? That makes you think? How are encroached are you in the Babylonia thinking, living? That made me think last night? What aspect of my life is being used in an unholy way? Do the clothes I wear treat my vessell as holy?

October 12, 539 B.C., King Belshazzar (it is amazing they know exactly the day this happened), Daniel 5, declared to have the holy vessels of God brought forth to the banquet hall so that they may drink from the gold goblets. This was misusing the holy vessels of God. God did not take to this very lightly. He wrote a message to the king in front of the king on the wall. Daniel was called in say what was written and what it meant. God told King Belshazzar that He wasn't happy with him, basically found him guilty, said his days were numbered. That very night, his life was ended, and King Darius of the Medes and Persians became the king.

From Daniel 2, the Medes and Persians were the second kingdom, the silver kingdom of the statue in the King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Whatever God says to happen, will happen.

It can be so hard to trust God, because we do not think what he has in store for us is the best thing for us. Keeping my vessel holy is something God wants me to do. Trusting in his plan for my life is something else I have to do. As it says in the Lord's Prayer, "your will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

The Pumpkin Prayer

Friday, October 06, 2006


Did you know there are two different types of resumes? I sure didn't. And they are different. There is the Functionial and the Chronological Resumes. I have always used the latter one, and the style has been the same since I got out of college about 12 years ago. It did get changed a bit back in the spring and again this fall. The Functional onSe is hard. On that one, you do not list your work experiences at all. It includes your profile, highlights of qualifications, selected achievements, technical applications (aka...hard skills), and a quick listing of your education.

What are selected achievements you ask? You take a few key action words and describe some of the things you completed/did at your previous jobs, and giving the result of what happened. You do not even name where you worked. You can talk about a few of the projects you worked on, and other highlights, how you were successful for your company. You give both resumes to prospective employers. I had to write a functional resume this week, and it was hard.

I am learning about different types of interviews. Not all interviews are job interviews, but are researching interviews, referral interviews. You go in with questions that progress along Bloom's Taxonomy type of questions. None are to be yes/no type questions, all need to be open-ended (essay type) questions. The first ones can be knowledge, but you want to progess to application, anyalsis, and evaluation type questions. The last question one asks, especially if it is a referral/research interview, is who else do you recommend I speak with?

All of this is quite though provoking, really makes you think. It is harder for me, because I have to think outside of education/teaching, and more into the business world. My experiences outside of teaching, are inventory, retail for my dad-working our booth in the middle of the mall...craft shows, and 3 semesters at the cafeteria in college. Right now my questions I am thinking of are on the topics I know of, but I need to start expanding out onto other topics.

These are all skills I can use later on in my career after I get a new job. I can use them when going for a promotion, a different job later on. These are type of skills that are not taught to you in college or in high school, and should be. Interviewing skills need to be taught in high school and college.