Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Informal Interviews

Where am I in my job search? Actually, I do not know. I am subbing! Which is good. Teacher job fairs start back up in March. I will get to go through that again. I think this time I will be better prepared. I have been doing some research, finding different people to mail them a contact letter to let them know that I will be calling them. Will either have an interview over the phone or in person, or find out that is not a place for me to be checking out at all. I will ask questions about how a person with my experiences and skills could fit into a place of business similar to where this peson works. I am trying to expand my boundaries of where I can work.
I love teaching, but I want to be teaching somewhere, where the behavior is basically undercontrol, and that it is possible for learning to take place. I wouldn't mind teaching adults, especially about elementary science.
These informal interviews can lead to other interviews. Something will happen, and I hope soon.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Daniel Rhyme

Daniel's Book: Just a Quick Look
Daniel One: Carried off to Babylon
Daniel Two: Neb's Dream Statue
Daniel Three: From a Fiery Furnace Free
Daniel Four: I'll Humble Neb Some More
Daniel Five: Says the Handwriting, "You die!"
Daniel Six: The Lions' Jaws Fixed
Daniel Seven: There's a Judge in Heaven
Daniel Eight: Antiochus Spreads Hate
Daniel Nine: Seveny "Sevens" in Time
Daniel Ten: Where's the Angel Been?
Daniel Eleven: A Vile King's Succession
Daniel Twelve: Shine Bright Till All is Well
Daniel's Done: Now, Didn't We Have Fun?

Sunday, November 05, 2006


1. My relationship with Jesus Christ
2. Being able to read my Bible
3. My church
4. Family
5. Friends
6. My former co-workers
7. My former students
8. I am subbing!!!!!!!!
9. My health
10. The biblestudies I am involved in.
11. My skills
12. What the Lord is doing in my life.

To name a few of my many blessings. I got this feeling at BSF last week, asking myself how often do I think about the many blessings God has given me. Since then, I have been wanting to write an entry here on my blog, listing some of my blessings.


I am working!!!!! I went in on Halloween for my subbing interview at RISD. I recieved my badge that morning, and was inputed into the system that same time. I received a call little before 6 am the next day, November 1, to sub. I worked the rest of the week. I chose an area that has 10 elementary schools in the feeder plan for the high school. Ten schools should be enough to keep me busy. I am only going to sub grades 2-6. I've been to two different schools. Those schools are different from each other. The first school is a complete 180 degree turn from where I used to teach at. That is the school, I hope to be at a lot. We'll see.

The last time I subbed was the 1997-1998 school year back home in OH. Sub pay then was between $50-$70 a day. Eight years later, sub pay isn't much higher than it was eight years ago. Today it is between $60-$80. Teacher pay has increased in the past eight years. Cost of living as increased in the past eight years. In my opinion, the following salaries need to decrease, actors, sports players, politicans, and supertendients of school districts. Teachers, police officers, and fire fighters need to make more.