Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Port Fun

In October, had problems getting my port to flush, had to have one dose of a clot buster, just so my port would flush. I had to fast about 12 hours between last night and this morning, because of have blood drawn this morning. I needed labs done for two reasons: next CT scan is January 15, and my physical is 5 days after that on the 20th. I ended up 20 minutes late, but I did call them to them I was running late, because I had to go back home to get both of my doctor's orders for my labs.

My favorite nurse was there, of which I knew she would be, and she forgot to show me a pic of her baby, as you continue to read, you will understand why, she forgot. Another one I like was there as well, and they both were my nurses this morning. My glove of ice was ready for me, when I was walked to the back. I iced my port, and was ready to be stuck by the needle. My nurse put in the needle, and got nothing. She took it out, and got a new one. She still got nothing. My port would not flush. The other nurse came over, jiggled the needle, and after giving me some heparin was able to get my port to flush, but got no blood return. So they put in an order for the clot buster. I was given the clot buster about 10:15. 30 minutes later, one came over, tried, and nada, no blood return. She waited about another 30 minutes, and they tried again, still nada. It is now between 11:15 and 11:30, I am getting hungry. I've had nothing to eat or drink since about 8 pm last night. I am given another dose of the clot buster. I get up use the RR and walk down to the middle nurses station to get a cup of ice water to drink. Come back and mess with the tv. A little after twelve, one of the nurses tries again and voila! she gets some blood to return. Draw the vials of blood that is needed, and gets some more heparin to flush my port with.

I leave around 12:30, go pick up a friend to go out to lunch, after lunch meet up with my best friend and her kids at McD's for a visit. Left there about 4:30 to head for home. I get home after 5 pm, check in over at the Cancer care place to get a report on my labs. Wonderful news, all of my counts are normal. That is good. Back in July, my white blood count finally hit normal of 4.0. Today, my white blood count is at 4.1. That is a low normal, but is still normal. Will take awhile for counts to get back up to where they were before I ever started Interferon.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I had a very enjoyable Christmas. I got a new card game called, Monopoly Deal, for my birthday, back in July. Finally learned how to play it yesterday. Played a couple of hands yesterday, and probably played close to 20 hands today. I actually won a few games this evening. Dad and played for almost 3 hours this evening.

Played a joke on The Entertainment yesterday. She got an ice cream cake for my her bday the day before, but we didn't eat it. So after supper yesterday, I texted her saying that we ate her ice cream cake and it was very good. She believed me and her mom kept saying that we were playing a joke on her. We thought it was funny. This morning, for her last gift, she had to go on a scavenger hunt to find her gift. We had to give her some hints in helping her to figure out the clues. She enjoyed doing the scavenger hunt. She had asked if she had to find one of her gifts. We never really answered that question.

Watched the movie "Faith Like Potatoes" this afternoon. Was pretty good, but hard at times to understand a couple of the characters, due to their accent.

Saw my brother this morning. He had to put on one of his new pajama tops and then two other tshirts over that. I took pics.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Christmas and Easter are my two favorite holidays. Christmas is when the first gift was given to us, in the form of baby Jesus. God first gave to us, and I love to give to others. My love language is words, but I show my love by giving to others.

I love Easter, because that is when we celebrate what Christ did for us on the cross, then was buried in a tomb, and three days later, rose again from the grave. One of my favorite worship songs is "Here am I to Worship". We sang part of that song this morning in church. We even sang one of my favorite Christmas hyms, "Angels We Have Heard on High".

I hope all who read this, has a wonderful Christmas this year, and I hope you remember why we even get to celebrate Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Self-Contained Again

Christmas Break has started, and I am so ready for it! I am going to enjoy my two wees away from school, so my batteries can recharge. When I go back on January 4, there will be two weeks left of the grading period and semester. Starting Tuesday, January 19, I will be self-contained again. I will be teaching all the subjects to my students. It did not work to switch. We will talk and try to plan a bit. There is a lot of work to be done to be ready for the OAT the third week of April!!!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

I Played a Joke

I played a joke on one of my students today. I thought it was funny. My student was a good sport. Yesterday, at lunch ( I ate with a few of the teachers 3 days this week), one of the teachers found a toy grasshopper in her salad. I thought it was real. It was meant for one of my grade-level partner, but it didn't get into her salad. I took the grasshopper from her this morning, and stuck the toy grasshopper, just inside my student's desk this morning, and waited for her to see it. She saw it during reading, and I laughed. I got a good reaction out of my student. I knew I would, because she had a fit when there was a bee in the classroom, back in September.