Monday, March 28, 2011

Surgery Date

I picked up the kids from lunch to have a message in my mailbox, saying the surgeon's office had called. I called them back during recess.

Both the biopsy and the LEEP will be done on Thursday, April 21. That is the Thursday before Easter. Which is also towards the end of my spring break. I was hoping for it be earlier in the week, or the end of the week before, so that I could have all of spring break to recover before going back to school. I will get the results of the biopsy the last week of April.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blast from the Past

This afternoon, I was the House Manager at Weathervane Playhouse. (This was my first time to be House Manager.) I saw somebody who I thought I knew. I asked her if she taught at Revere? Turned out, she was my typing (keyboarding) teacher in high school. It was good to see her. She had both my sister and myself. She retired in 1995.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Saw the Surgeon

I saw the surgeon this afternoon. He looked at the PET scan report. He felt for lymph nodes under my left arm and my right pelvic area. First he started talking about removing lymph nodes from under my left arm and my right pelvic area, but according to the PET scan, there is more activity in the left pelvic area. (I do have lymph nodes in my right pelvic area). So lymph nodes will be removed from the left pelvic area and from under my left arm.

No surgery date has been scheduled. His office has to talk to the GYN to coordinate with him, so that both procedures can occur on the same day at about the same time. I will call the surgeon's office Monday afternoon, to see what has been scheduled. I do not know if the LEEP procedure wills till be April 15 or not.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PET scan results

I got hold of my oncologist this morning and spoke with a nurse. I was told that nodules in my left lung popped up on the PET scan. My oncologist wants to have a biopsy today. Lymph nodes will be removed from under my left arm. I do not know when the surgery will be scheduled. I will know more after I see the surgeon Friday, March 25 at 4 pm. I will see my oncologist again after the biopsy.

It is looking frightening as if my cancer is back and it has spread. It might just be a scare and just stress causing the enlargements. But it sure is scary.

I know that someday I will be thankful for all of this, but right now, I am not. Don't see how this is to prosper me or is for my good. All I do know is that God will be magnified through it all.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Today's PET Scan

Between 8 am and 1 pm, I drank about 7/8 of a gallon of water. I took a gallon water, from home, to school this morning. I left school about 12:30 pm. I get to the cancer center, and I tell the guy I want my port used, he wasn't expecting that. He said they would only use the port if they can't access a vein. I said I want my port used. I do not have good veins, not easy to access. I go upstairs to Infusion Services and they are very busy, so I am taken next door and a nurse from my oncologist office accesses my port. I go back downstairs and I am taken out to the trailer. My blood sugar is checked and it is 69. They had to make sure that was good.

I am given the drug via my port, then go back inside to sit and wait. Somebody gets me about 2:30 pm. The scan was from my head to my toes, a full body scan. My waist on down was done first, that took about 20 minutes. My feet had to be kept together. After that was done, another restroom break. (I went to the restroom a lot between 1 and 4 pm.) Then my head to my waist was scanned. My head was done first. I was done about 3:40 pm. I went to Curves before heading for home.

Date Change

I am no longer having LEEP (the medical procedure to remove the polyp) on Friday, April 1. I am now having it done on Friday, April 15. I have to be at out patient at noon, and the procedure will be at 2 pm. That will be a rough day, no food after midnight. I will have pre-op testing on Friday, April 1 at 4 pm. Spring Break is the week of Easter, so I will only have to miss one day of school.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

GYN Oncologist visit

I saw the GYN Oncologist this afternoon. He asked some questions. My polyp is on my cervix. He tried to take it out, but couldn't. The doctor did say that sometimes the polyp could be completely attached and difficult to removed in the office. Or if it looks like there would be a lot of bleeding (these are the two reasons for...) then a short surgical procedure will be done to remove the polyp. As I said, the doctor couldn't removed it this afternoon. I will have it done in the operating room on Friday, April 1. The procedure is scheduled for noon, and I have to be there by ten am. This will be an out-patient procedure, and I will go home later in the afternoon. I will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours.

Depending on how I feel, will determine if I go to church on Sunday and school on Monday. I was told that I could have a heavy feeling in my lower pelvic area for a few days.

Until I am told otherwise, I will be hanging onto the thin rope of hope that I am still in remission.