Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where Sarcoid Can Be Found

Back in February, I had a physical with my personal doctor.  She found a spot on my upper thigh.  I showed it to my oncologist, and he said to show it to my dermatologist.  I saw her on Monday, May 13.  She looked at it and to play it safe, removed it via laser and had it tested.  For being a Melanoma survivor, I have pretty clear skin.  I got the results back today.  It is Sarcoid.  I was told that Sarcoid can be found on the skin, not just in my lungs.  She will send a report to my oncologist. 

  My lung function test I had a couple of weeks ago, came back fine.  I will find out on July 1,  if I will have to start taking steroids.