Saturday, May 29, 2010

Am I Laid off or Not?

I got a letter from the Board of Ed today in the mail. Basically, it says that I am one of the teachers who could be laid off come August. After the staffing process is completed in early August, the actual number of reductions will be determined and board action will be taken then, according to the letter. Also according to the letter, included is the right to recall when a position becomes available for which I am certified, also priority assignments to long-term substitute positions in my area of certification if available. I have to go to a meeting at the Union's office this coming Friday at 2 pm.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Fun Day

There are 3 days left of the school year. This morning, we did two Grammar Minutes, listened to a story about a ballerina, then my kids got ready for our egg drop. I gave my kids one week to find a container at home and materials to use in their container to protect their raw egg for when they let it fall from outside the window. Only 4 people brought something from home. The rest found stuff in the classroom to use. Both volunteer grandfathers and two students went outside to stand outside the window. We used 10 eggs. Only 3 eggs did not break, the rest did. They enjoyed that.

I brought in one of the giant cookies from Giant Eagle for them to eat, after the egg drop. Then we had our final store of the year. I did it differently. First I drew tickets from a bag, and if they had the same number as what I drew, then they could take anything from the table. Not everybody liked that, so after awhile, we kinda did an auction on some items. Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch, all of 5th grade met in the gym, and a guy from The Akron Aeros along with Orbit came to visit. Two of my kids were scared of Orbit. It was funny. I took a bunch of pictures. This guy was supposed to talk to the kids, but he didn't. He just explained what was in the folder they were going to get.

Afterwards, we went back to the room, and I got out the bag of feather boas for my kids to put on and have their picture taken. I thought they would enjoy it. A few did. Then I sent six kids to third grade to help them make their protective containers for their egg drop. The two girls who went became mad, afterwards, because they were helping third grade instead of being outside for Fun Friday. Besides, that room had AC, and it was hot outside. They do not always make sense.

Friday, May 21, 2010


This morning, before school started, I was called down to the office. You know how that is, you never like being called to the office. One of my student's parents was waiting for me. They wanted to talk about their child's grade on a couple of reports. We talked and they gave me a compliment. They have a daughter in the class next door, and told me that they prefer how I grade, because I am a tough grader. I liked receiving that compliment.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is This a But, God or a Yet, God?

The end of April I had a meeting with my principal, who told me that I should think about of going to younger grade, which I won't go younger than third grade. If I am back at my school this fall, I will start the year on an assistance plan. I've been on those before. He suggested I put in a transfer, so I did. Out of the 30+ elementary schools, I chose the top 21 schools that I like and numbered them. Who knows when I will hear about where I will be in the fall.

Last week, I got my contract for next year, signed it and sent it back. At school, we've been waiting for our numbers for next year, so people know if they want to put in an intraschool transfer or what. The district kept putting that off. The Board met on Monday and decided to lay off 84 teachers and other staff members. The union wasn't told in advance and the rest of us found out when we got Tuesday's paper. To top this off, the board is in the process of negotiating the new contract with the teacher's union.

My principal received our numbers yesterday and called a staff meeting after school today. My school is loosing 3 teachers, K, 2, 4. The K and 4 grade teachers have low seniority at the school and have to put in for a transfer, and have to also, while the second grade teacher can move to fifth for that opening.

A couple of weeks ago, my kids took the end of the year district reading test. Only 9 fifth grade students basically passed (over 70%), and 2/3 of those 9 are my kids. The other third is from my one partner's class, the other teacher, her highest score was like number 15 of the kids on the list. Isn't that cool or what?

Layoff notices have already been sent out. I have heard that over 50 have already decided to retire. I should know by end of month if I am getting laid off or not.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Scan Results

Saw my onc today after school. I was weighed, and I need to severely cut back on my pop intake, chocolate intake, and cut back on my portion sizes. He did not say anything about my weight, thankful for that.
I will have a full scan (abdomen, chest, and pelvis) in 3 months, August 11. I will have blood drawn a week before. I will have my port accessed by Infusion Services the morning of my CT scan, since I've been having problems with it. Blood was drawn this afternoon, and I do not have the results. My onc, doesn't think getting my port flushed every 2 weeks will be much of a big difference.
He wants scans in 3 months, because he is watching different lymph nodes. Some are bigger than others, and some have decreased in size, while others have grown. The difference is just by a few millimeters. I have had a stressful year, and that could've been playing havoc with my lymph nodes.