Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Port Fun

In October, had problems getting my port to flush, had to have one dose of a clot buster, just so my port would flush. I had to fast about 12 hours between last night and this morning, because of have blood drawn this morning. I needed labs done for two reasons: next CT scan is January 15, and my physical is 5 days after that on the 20th. I ended up 20 minutes late, but I did call them to them I was running late, because I had to go back home to get both of my doctor's orders for my labs.

My favorite nurse was there, of which I knew she would be, and she forgot to show me a pic of her baby, as you continue to read, you will understand why, she forgot. Another one I like was there as well, and they both were my nurses this morning. My glove of ice was ready for me, when I was walked to the back. I iced my port, and was ready to be stuck by the needle. My nurse put in the needle, and got nothing. She took it out, and got a new one. She still got nothing. My port would not flush. The other nurse came over, jiggled the needle, and after giving me some heparin was able to get my port to flush, but got no blood return. So they put in an order for the clot buster. I was given the clot buster about 10:15. 30 minutes later, one came over, tried, and nada, no blood return. She waited about another 30 minutes, and they tried again, still nada. It is now between 11:15 and 11:30, I am getting hungry. I've had nothing to eat or drink since about 8 pm last night. I am given another dose of the clot buster. I get up use the RR and walk down to the middle nurses station to get a cup of ice water to drink. Come back and mess with the tv. A little after twelve, one of the nurses tries again and voila! she gets some blood to return. Draw the vials of blood that is needed, and gets some more heparin to flush my port with.

I leave around 12:30, go pick up a friend to go out to lunch, after lunch meet up with my best friend and her kids at McD's for a visit. Left there about 4:30 to head for home. I get home after 5 pm, check in over at the Cancer care place to get a report on my labs. Wonderful news, all of my counts are normal. That is good. Back in July, my white blood count finally hit normal of 4.0. Today, my white blood count is at 4.1. That is a low normal, but is still normal. Will take awhile for counts to get back up to where they were before I ever started Interferon.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I had a very enjoyable Christmas. I got a new card game called, Monopoly Deal, for my birthday, back in July. Finally learned how to play it yesterday. Played a couple of hands yesterday, and probably played close to 20 hands today. I actually won a few games this evening. Dad and played for almost 3 hours this evening.

Played a joke on The Entertainment yesterday. She got an ice cream cake for my her bday the day before, but we didn't eat it. So after supper yesterday, I texted her saying that we ate her ice cream cake and it was very good. She believed me and her mom kept saying that we were playing a joke on her. We thought it was funny. This morning, for her last gift, she had to go on a scavenger hunt to find her gift. We had to give her some hints in helping her to figure out the clues. She enjoyed doing the scavenger hunt. She had asked if she had to find one of her gifts. We never really answered that question.

Watched the movie "Faith Like Potatoes" this afternoon. Was pretty good, but hard at times to understand a couple of the characters, due to their accent.

Saw my brother this morning. He had to put on one of his new pajama tops and then two other tshirts over that. I took pics.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Reason for the Season

Christmas and Easter are my two favorite holidays. Christmas is when the first gift was given to us, in the form of baby Jesus. God first gave to us, and I love to give to others. My love language is words, but I show my love by giving to others.

I love Easter, because that is when we celebrate what Christ did for us on the cross, then was buried in a tomb, and three days later, rose again from the grave. One of my favorite worship songs is "Here am I to Worship". We sang part of that song this morning in church. We even sang one of my favorite Christmas hyms, "Angels We Have Heard on High".

I hope all who read this, has a wonderful Christmas this year, and I hope you remember why we even get to celebrate Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Self-Contained Again

Christmas Break has started, and I am so ready for it! I am going to enjoy my two wees away from school, so my batteries can recharge. When I go back on January 4, there will be two weeks left of the grading period and semester. Starting Tuesday, January 19, I will be self-contained again. I will be teaching all the subjects to my students. It did not work to switch. We will talk and try to plan a bit. There is a lot of work to be done to be ready for the OAT the third week of April!!!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

I Played a Joke

I played a joke on one of my students today. I thought it was funny. My student was a good sport. Yesterday, at lunch ( I ate with a few of the teachers 3 days this week), one of the teachers found a toy grasshopper in her salad. I thought it was real. It was meant for one of my grade-level partner, but it didn't get into her salad. I took the grasshopper from her this morning, and stuck the toy grasshopper, just inside my student's desk this morning, and waited for her to see it. She saw it during reading, and I laughed. I got a good reaction out of my student. I knew I would, because she had a fit when there was a bee in the classroom, back in September.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Day

I had a student withdrawal yesterday to move to another district. He is actually moving.
I had a sub this afternoon, for training on a certain program we got through a grant. My kids will start using it tomorrow. I have noticed that some kids will rush and not do their best so they can get on the computer. I had a break around the time my kids were at the RR after lunch/recess. I go use the RR myself, come out and two girls start hanging off of me begging me to come back to class. I was laughing it was funny. None of our subs had an easy time teaching Distributive property to the kids. So their test will now be on Monday, so we can teach it tomorrow. I made up a new worksheet this afternoon for them to do tomorrow. You know, they will treat me the same way tomorrow, not very nicely.
After school, meet my sis and mom to check out the decorated trees at John S. Knight Center. Get to class, to see a list of chapters to read for the final that is in two weeks and two papers that are due in two weeks. I also have an article critique due on the 2nd. You should guess what I will be doing this weekend. Writing 3 papers. Not fun at all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

4 month Onc checkup

I saw my onc this afternoon. Guess what? I don't have to see him again for another 6 months! Yeah! I was weighed and I only gained 5 pounds in the past 4 months. That is pretty good. I will try to loose weight again. My blood pressure was good, but I think the top number was slightly high. Blood work will be done at the end of December. Getting a CT scan on January 15.
I forgot to say something and my onc forgot about having to get my port flushed. I went next door to get my port flushing scheduled through April. Then I went to the back to see which of my nurses were working. My favorite was there. She went ahead and flushed my port this afternoon, instead of me having to show up on Wednesday for it to be flushed. I so had missed seeing my favorite nurse.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today, was our Halloween costume parade around the playground and party in the classroom. I wore this headband all afternoon. Mom and Gma came to watch the parade and I introduced my kids to them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Problems with my Port

This past Tuesday, was my monthly port flushing. The nurse was able to stick the needle into the port, but the port would not send back any blood. Another nurse, kinda took the needle out, and put it back in, moved it around, but no blood would do anything. One of the nurses put in a dose of a clot buster. Had to sit and wait about 20-30 minutes for it take affect. After than, they were able to get blood, then were able to flush it. Whenever my port is flushed, I am given a dose of heperin. This was the first time, this has happened with my port.


We are making some changes in my grade at school, starting tomorrow. We will be changing for 3 subjects, writing, science and social studies. Each one of those will be taught for 30 minutes just about every day. We are doing this so we can do flexible grouping in reading and math. By doing flexible grouping, we are hoping the students will learn the concepts and will help in the test scores come spring.

We will now, also all be using the same reward system, tickets. The students will be able to earn and loose tickets.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is my Second Nedaversary! I am two years NED today! Two years cancer free!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Respect, Why so Hard to Get?

The phrase I say the most is "You are being disrespectful", goes in ear and out the other. It literally doesn't phase them that they are being disrespectful. I sure can use some prayer in this issue. I am trying to think what can I do to help them to choose to be respectful. They think it is my fault that they are disrespectful, and I say it is not, that they choose to be disrespectful. Between that an missing work are my two main problem. Other than, I am enjoying being back to my favorite grade.

Friday, September 04, 2009

My Room

8 days into the school year. I was suppose to have 17 kiddos on the first day of school. 14 showed up. The next day, one moved down to 4th grade, another one withdrew. That left me with 12. This week, I received a new student, moved me up to 13 students. The next day, one student switched to a different classroom (trying to nip bad behavior choices in the bud, and separating a couple of students.) If you are following along with the math, that puts me back down to 12 students. I have 5 girls and 7 boys. The school has more boys than girls.

I am doing pretty good in teaching all the subjects during the day. Following along the benchmarks/standards are so confusing, TX was way better to understand and follow along. My 3 biggest complaints are as follows: Disrespect towards me, NO name papers, and Missing work. I am working on it. Starting next week, I am taking points off for being late and for turning in a NO Name paper.

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for the job. I am in the grade I love. The challenge is good for me. Still doing grad school this semester. I am thinking of taking Spring off for grad school, because of preparing my kiddos for 3 state tests.

First Day

This pic was taken on the first day of school.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see from the title of my post, my awesome news. I got a job. The phone rang this afternoon not too much past 3:15 pm, with a call from HR from one of the districts I have subbed in. I was offered a job teaching fifth grade. I accepted the job. I was told to report tomorrow. Students start on Wednesday. I will find out tomorrow if I will be self-contained or departmentalized.

Besides working full-time, I will be taking two grad school classes this fall, and finishing up the one I started earlier this month. I will be one very busy bee.

God...It's Hard

God...It's Hard
by, Judy Farrar (goes to my parent's church)

God, it's hard to hear You
Because i feel so bad
My circumstances make me
Feel lonely, lost and sad

Is my situation hopeless?
Can I find the way to go?
I'm tired and so discouraged
As You seem to move so slow

I feel as though I'm groping
In a dark and barren land
I'm reaching out for answers
I need comfort from Your hand.

Help me Lord to focus
On the God who loves me so
To trust You for deliverance
Lead me Lord where I should go.

It was then I herd the Saviour
Speaking to my wounded soul
When You give me broken pieces
I can work to make you whole.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Literacy Intervention Interview

Last week, I got a letter in the mail from one of the districts I sub in, explaining they still had openings for Literacy Intervention teachers in grades K-2. This is a two year position (from the stimulus $). I typed up my letter of interest that evening, and had my mom drop it off the next day. I received a phone call this past Tuesday, saying they wanted to schedule an interview.

I had the interview yesterday morning. The interviews were only 15 minutes long, due to all they had scheduled. I also had to answer a writing prompt before my interview. I was not expecting that. Just about what I said in my essay I said in my interview. School starts next week, so will see if I get the job or not. I haven't heard anything today about it.

Monday, of this week, I added 3 school districts to where I work as a sub. That puts me up to 7 school districts, and they are in two different counties. Between subbing and grad school I will be busy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trap Time

A little over a week ago, I was in my room and all of a sudden smelled a skunk. (The skunk was outside my bedroom window, and my windows were opened.) I knew the skunk had to have sprayed, and I thought maybe the skunk was in the trap. The next morning, it didn't look like anything was in the trap. (I can see the trap from my bedroom window.) This past Saturday night, I heard a sound, that sounded like the trap door closed. This morning, I looked out the window, and behold, what did I see in the trap?

That makes two skunks this year that we have caught, and it ties last year's number of skunks. Two skunks in both 2008 and 2009. There was no food in the trap either. I wonder how long it will stay in the trap until it goes bye-bye.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hot Dog Solar Cooker

Yesterday, I started my new class for grad school, Operation Physics. It is all day, M-TH of this week and M-F all of next week and three Saturdays this fall. We do a different unit everyday. Today's topic was heat and temperature. I had to take in a pringles can. The Pringles can was turned into a solar cooker, and we cooked hotdogs for lunch. The temp outside wasn't very hot, so the hotdogs didn't get very hot. We called the shrubs covered with our hotdog cookers, hotdog trees.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Indians Have Made Me So Mad!!!!!!

I could just scream, I am disgusted with the GM and Manager of the Indians. They so trying to destroy the team!!! I wish they would be traded or let go. At one time, the Indians actually did trade their manger. They need to do it again.

They have let go or traded too many guys this year. One of the guys they signed in the off season has been traded. He was traded a month ago. Last week, Bentacourt was traded to the Rockies. The other day, Garko was traded to the Giants. This afternoon both Lee and Fransico were traded to the Phillies. The worse part is, we just get prospects, that's it. One guy we got for DeRosa did join our bullpen, but wasn't very good at first, not sure how he is now.

Two years in a row, we have traded our Ace, the current Cy Young winner. Yes, part of the problems this year, have been the players, but the blame needs to rest on the GM and the Manager. They are destroying the team. They do not care if we try to win or not. Don't get me wrong, there are problems in their playing, but they have been able to pull it together and win. They actually won 5 in a row this past weekend, and two series in a row. Cliff threw two complete games back to back this month.

We have so many prospects, but they are not all ready to play in big leagues, but when they do, sometimes can't even play or adjust. Marte was brought back up last night. He hasn't been able to play. Supposedly, he had made some adjustments and improved this year in Columbus. We'll see if he really has.

Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Month Onc Visit

I saw my Onc today. Since April, I had gained 9 pounds and was a bit upset about that because I was actually trying to loose the weight by going to the Rec over at Akron U the past 5 weeks. Both, the nursing student and my onc said it is probably muscle, since muscle weighs more than fat does. So, the weight gain is okay. I am taking a few weeks off from using the rec, and will get back to it when the fall semester starts the week of August 24 at Akron U. Since I will have a class that meets twice a week in the evening, I will be able to work out after school and before my class.

Blood was drawn before my port was flushed this morning. My white blood count is finally in the normal range!!!!!! I am thankful for that. It has been at 3700 for a few months, and is now at 4100, which is just normal. It is still slightly low, but finally working its way back up.

I now have to start getting mammograms yearly,so I am scheduled for one in September. I do not have to go back to see my onc until November. That is four months between visits. Next visit, will schedule my next CT scan, only have it get that once a year, since mine have been good. Come next summer, I will be graduating to 6 months between visits. Nothing was mentioned today about removing my port. I didn't say anything. My onc will probably say something after my next CT scan. Until then, will get it flushed every 4-6 weeks.

In summary, all good news.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your Heavenly Father Knows You

"Therefor do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him." Matthew 6:8

Even before we call on Him, the Father has already begun to provide all that we need (Isaiah 65:24). Jesus wanted His disciples to learn how intimately God knew and loved each of them. That is why He told them to pray. He assured them that even before they prayed, God knew all about their situation.

Prayer is not designed for us to inform God of our needs for He already knows them. Why, then, should we pray? Prayer enables us to experience God more intimately. The more a child experiences the loving provision of a parent, the more convinced he becomes of his parent's unrelenting love. Often a parent will anticipate a child's need before the child recognizes it and be prepared in advance to provide for that need. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what we will face today and next week. He is eager for us to experience Him as He provides for us.

To our surprise, we often discover that God knows far better than we do what is best fro us. At times we assume that we know what would benefit us. We can even be foolish enough to assume that we don't required anything of God. Yet God wants us to go to Him in our need (Matthew 7:7). He is ready to show His strength through our weakness. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what is best for us, and He is prepared to provide for every need, if we will but ask (Philippians 4:13).

The above is today's devotion from Experiencing God Day-By-Day. It is written by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby. It is both a devotional and journal. I have been using this book since October 2000.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday! I am having a cookout later this afternoon to celebrate my birthday. I am not calling it a birthday party, but that is what it actually is. I ordered an ice cream cake from DQ, which I will got in a couple of hours to pick up. I invited family, Real Life, people from my parent's church and my nurses. Not sure how many people will be here. On the dining room table are three wrapped presents, and one is wrapped in paper with my name on it. The bow also has my name on it. Here is a pic of it.

I had never seen wrapping paper with my name on it. I do not think my mom knew I took a pic of my wrapped presents. A lot of things that sell names on them, don't always do Christina. Instead they will do Christine, or Chrissy, or Christy, but sometimes will do Christina.

Went and saw my brother this morning. I read to him, like I always do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, June 13, I took the Praxis II Middle Grades Science Test. It was so hard!!!!!! I went to their website this morning, I logged in to check my score. I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed a 144 to pass the test and my score was 157. That endorsement is now on my OH Teaching certificate.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daily Walk

"Be very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise." Ephesians 5:15

As you walk with the Lord each day, you will face many crossroads. God will open the way before you, but He will not mandate your steps. He's given you a free will with which to choose the steps you take. He does admonish you to choose wisely, tough. The safest way to do that is to keep your hand in God's hand at all times. He will never let you wander off path. Reach out to Him and He'll be there.

This devotional comes from the book titled Everyday Blessings Spiritual Refreshment for Women.

Friday, July 10, 2009

3 Years Ago Tomorrow

3 years ago today was a Monday. That afternoon, my Grandpa Morton was transferred from the hospital to the Hospice close to our house. 4 days before Grandpa had a stroke, and I add a few phone calls from home telling me about Grandpa. So, on Saturday, July 8, I left early in the morning for OH. I got home Sunday afternoon, and as a family we went to the hospital so I could see Grandpa. Grandpa was on a ventilator, and that Sunday evening, he was taken off of it.

Tuesday, July 11, mom and I went over to the hospice after supper. She just had this feeling that she should go there. I took my scrapbook that I had been working on. I read Psalms 23 to Grandpa, and went through my scrapbook explaining the pictures on each page to Grandpa. Grandpa was breathing on his own, and while mom and I was watching tv (sometime between 7-8 pm), I looked over and could see that Grandpa's breathing was getting very weak, like he was about to stop breathing. I told mom, and she called to the staff and 2 or 3 of them came in, and we watched Grandpa while he stopped breathing and went home to be with Jesus. That was the first time I was with somebody who died.
We still talk about Grandpa. He was my third grandparent to die. Grandpa Sanyo died almost 16 1/2 years ago, and Grandma Sanyo will be gone 10 years ago this November. I still miss Grandpa Sanyo a lot. I do have warm memories of my grandparents, and I am thankful that I was able to enjoy them during my lifetime as long as I was able to.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Foruth of July

United States is 233 years old! Have an enjoyable Forth of July. The bottom pic was taken at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH. The other two, I got off the internet.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Didn't Get the Job

A week ago, I had a phone interview for a middle school job in SC. A couple of days ago, I had a feeling that I didn't get the job. I was correct, I received a letter in the mail, today, telling me so. I do appreciate how the principal kept their word about letting me know that somebody else was chosen for that position.

This afternoon, I did receive a phone call from somebody in another city of SC. My name will be passed on to principals in that city for possible interviews for their openings.

God has something for me, I don't know what or when, but I know in good time, He will let me know.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's Phone Interview

I had a phone interview this morning at 8:30 am. I was supposed to have this interview Tuesday afternoon, but it didn't happen. This interview lasted 30 minutes and was for a sixth grade position teaching math and science at a middle school in SC. Listening to this principal talk about her plans for the fall and how they are going to try to reach all of the students to help them reach their potential was interesting. I like what they are planning on doing. I should know within a week if I got the job or not.

This week was week one of all three summer classes for grad school. I've had two lab quizzes for my geology class, and tomorrow is my first lecture quiz. I completed my project on using the Socratic method in a lesson for my philosophy class last weekend. For this same class tomorrow, I am hosting a 30 minute chat on racism in schools. I have a paper I have to write in my psychology class that is due on the 14th of July. I will think about it more next week.

I should find out in a couple of weeks what I got on the Praxis II test.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer classes

I am in week 5 (halfway through) of my Philosophy of Education class. This class is eight weeks long. It is all online. There is a lot of reading to do, answer a few questions, type in my responses and then have to read and respond to my classmates answers. It has been pretty interesting so far. The different views we have on the different articles are interesting. We can read the same thing, and come away with something different. I haven't started this week's work yet. I still have to do a project for week three and it is due in two weeks. That project is on using the Socratic method in teaching a lesson. I do have a couple of ideas for it.

My second class starts tonight. It meets twice a week, and is half in person and the other half online. This class will meet for four weeks. This class is on Education Psychology. There will be a lot of reading for this class.

Next week, will start my third class, Intro to Physical Geology. That class is also for 5 weeks. I will have the lecture M-F and the lab M, W, TH. That class will be done on July 24. I was on campus yesterday and bought my books for these two classes. Three books, and they cost me basically $285. Two were brand new books, and that is all they had. I can return them if I don't' nee them.

My fourth class is the first two weeks of August and three Saturdays in the fall. That class is called Operation Physics. The two science classes is for my science content portion of my Masters.

No news on the job front.

Praxis II Middle Grades Science Test

This past Saturday, June 13, I took the Praxis II Middle Grades Science Test, and let me tell you, it was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is enough emphasis for you to understand how hard it was. There were 90 multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions. I had two hours to complete the whole thing.

There were some questions I knew, some I wasn't sure about, some I didn't know and just out right guessed. I haven't taught science in three years, and have only taught fourth-sixth grade science. This test covers fourth-ninth grade. Actually, the study guide said it covers high school and college level science.

The essays, there were three of them,and they count for 25% of the total grade. You receive a 3, 2, or 1 as your grade for each one. The first question I didn't finish, so I'm expecting a 1 on it. The other two, I think I did decent enough job on answering them. So for a score, 3 or 2. Will see. I will my score in about 4 weeks. I do hope I passed. The test cost me $140. By passing, my OH teaching certificate says I can teach science to grades 4-9. I already can teach science up to the eighth grade, but with having the old certificate, some might not think I can.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Divine Weaver

"The Divine Weaver"

My life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me;
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow
And I, in foolish pride,
Forget that He seeth the upper,
And I the underside.

Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

The above poem was in the devotion I read today in the following book: Walking with the Women of the Bible A Devotional Journey Through God's Word by Elizabeth George. I liked the poem and thought that I would share it with all of you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Philosophy of Education week 1

To start I got an A in both of my classes from last semester. Time for a new semester and new classes. My new class started this week and it is an online class. I actually took this class 11 years ago, but it doesn't count, so I have to take it again. Was told up front that we have to give about 10 hours a week to this class. I am okay now with that, but wait until my other two classes start next month, and dedicating 10 hours a week to this class will be much harder.

My time to this started by not being able to view everything I need to view. The problem, my MAC. I spent time on the phone with help desk from the University and they said to download a certain program from the Internet and it should help. Guess what it didn't. Where I subbed yesterday, I was able to view the needed article and printed it up. I went ahead and printed up all of next week's articles.

I have to read articles, respond to a question and my views, then respond to other people's responses. At the end of the week, I am to send a reflection and self-evaluation of the week.

So, what did I read this week? My first article was about how the mayor of NYC had control of the school system and his control expires at the end of next month, unless the state lawmakers pass a new law to extend his control a few more years. There are still some problems, not everybody feels they have a say. But it was interesting.

Another article was John Dewey's belief of education that he gave over 100 years ago. I had to reflect on my pedagogy of education and compare it to Dewey's.

Then I had to read an article that compares Jefferson's bill of education for VA from the 1790's to NCLB. I learned some interesting things. It was good. Jefferson wanted VA to be divided up into districts like what we have today. Both bills mentioned curriculum, what should be taught, they are similar but different.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Phone Interview

Yesterday I had an email from a charter school in Cleveland. (This is not the one I have been interested in). I gave them my resume at either one of the two job fairs last month. I went to their website yesterday and filled out an application, I also checked on job openings for the next school year. I replied to the email and said I was interested in a phone interview. I came home from school today to find out the interview was for this afternoon. The interview lasted about 30 minutes. It was okay. I will find out later this week or first part of next week, if I made it to the next round of interviews.

I looked at the study guide I got for the Praxis II test I am taking next month. I will need prayer for that. The topics to be covered is not middle school science topics. The topics are high school and college level. There are things I have never heard of. I am making a list of things to look up on the internet to help me to study.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Reason

For awhile I was shaking inside and a bit scared, now I'm getting a little angry. Do the police have to have a reason to run your plates and registration? Mine was ran for no reason this evening. The only thing I could think of was the fact I still had expired TX emissions window sticker still on my windshield. (Most of it is now gone.) That alone should not be a reason to run some body's plates. I do have OH plates on my car, but my DL is TX. I was leaving the movie theatre around 6 pm this evening. Across the road was a police car. He pulled out, then I pulled out. He pulled over and I went on. He then came behind me. I pulled out onto the main road and into the left lane. He turned out behind me and the next thing I knew, he put his lights on. I was doing nothing wrong. I pulled into a dealership. He asked if my name was so and so. He said that my license were expired. I said that they weren't and didn't expire until 2011. He asked if I had them and I did and got it out of my wallet and gave it to him. I haven't had OH DL since the summer of '99. He went back to his car and came back saying I could go, there was nothing wrong. He did ask how long I had been in OH, and I said two years. I did tell him that I kept thinking I was going to move again, which I still do. He told me I need to get my OH DL. I was still a bit shaky an hour later. It was a weird and a scary experience. Besides thinking I was going to move again, I didn't want to take the written test again so I could get my OH DL again. I had just renewed them back in '05, they were still good when I moved back home two years ago. I will probably do it at some point this summer. I still think he had no reason to run my plates and scare me like he did.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Normal

Yesterday, I had my port flushed. I was talking to the nurse about my white blood count. I finished Interferon 7 months ago, and my white blood count is still at 3.7, as of last month. I asked how long does it take for your white blood count to go back up to normal? She said about a month or two. I told her where mine was, and she said that might be my new normal. I am very close to normal. Normal is 4.0, and I am at 3.7. I still get cold pretty easily, but not as much, since the temps are rising, but still....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

EMU Job Fair

Tuesday afternoon I drove up to MI. I spent the evening with my best friend and her boys. We haven't seen each other in year. Yesterday, was the teacher job fair at Eastern Michigan University. This is the largest job fair in the state of MI. The number of school districts were down, due mainly to the recession and districts cutting back on expenses. There were schools there from Alaska and Hawaii. I talked to schools from Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. There is a charter school I am interested in working at, here in OH. Turns out, my best friend's boys goes to one of these schools, and they have high praise for these schools. I mentioned it and so we will see. I have applications to fill out, emails to send, and doing some online research about a variety of schools. Will see what happens from this. I did have a couple of screening interviews. I have now added Kansas to my states of interest in thinking of moving to depending on getting a job. They are OH, NC, SC, and KS.

The Power of One

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a mom, Wyn knew that her attitude and emotional state determined what kind of fay she'd have with her family. If she was off, they were all off. What a terrible responsibility that is, to be a human barometer. Even with this knowledge, it tool Wyn a lot longer to recognize how she affected her students as well.

There were days that, for one reason or another, she just didn't want to be there. there were days that she never stopped complaining. There were days that she couldn't smile no matter how she tried. And on those days, her students' behavior mirrored her own. She believed their behavior was out of control.

One day, Wyn received notice that she'd gotten the grant she had worked all year on. It would supplement her classroom in a variety of ways. But most of all, it was an accomplishment that reenergized her attitude toward teaching.

In the weeks that followed she approached her job with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Her students seemed to join in on her enthusiasm, and they too had a renewed sense of purpose. The funny thing is that Wyn had the power to change her students' behavior all along. The first step was to change her own.

Take away: Wondering why your class seems a little ho-hum? Try brightening your outlook and see if it is reflected in your students.

This was the devotional I read yesterday from Apples & Chalkdust. Written by Vicki Caruana. Actually, this book is the revised and updated 10th anniversary edition.

I wrote down on the page that "My students mirror my attitude. I now understand." That made me think.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Are God Alone

You are God alone
From before time began
You were on Your throne
You are God alone
And right now
In the good times and bad
You are on Your throne
You are God alone

The above words is the chorus from the Phillips, Craig, and Dean song, "You Are God Alone". Part of the chorus has been running through my mind over the past few days. I was doing my homework for the Esther Bible study, and had to look up a verse in Isaiah, and came across the following verse that I had underlined in my Bible: "When you pass through the waters, I w ill be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Isaiah 43:2

I am sad right now, and ready to cry. I have been debating or not to post this, because it is not about me, but about one of my loved ones, and the more it sets in, the harder it becomes for me. Somebody I love dearly, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. (I am not saying here who it is.) Surgery will be this Thursday, and from there will know what stage and exactly the treatment this person will have. We do know for sure, this person will have radiation M-F for six weeks. I did tell God this morning, that I would rather move up to stage 4, than this person be stage 3 or 4. People have lived years at stage 4, because they have gone into remission. I do not know how one of my favorite verses fits into this. Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." How is cancer to prosper you and not to harm you? I do not know why this person has breast cancer, and I do not understand. We have seen God's hand in this, in how this person was diagnosed. Even I Thessalonians 5:18 says, "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I have told God that I am not thankful, I mean my heart is not thankful at all, but I have thanked him anyway. I know someday my heart will be truly thankful in this. God will be glorified in all of this. God knows what He is doing. I do not see it. I am hurting inside, and those who read this, I do ask for your prayers.

All of the verses I have written are from the NIV.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Baseball Season

We are almost two weeks into the new baseball season. The Indians have started their season at 4-8. They are not doing too good. There has only been 3-4 good outings of our starting pitchers, so far. The whole pitching staff has had their ups and downs. We have given up a grand slam, but we have hit two grand slams so far. Both the defense and the offense can do better. Our guys have struck out way too many times! We lost five games before we won our first game. This week we have won four games. We have had basically, 3 season openers this season. The Indians opened their season in TX against the Rangers and were swept by them. Then we came home and lost the first two games against the Blue Jays before finally winning. Went to Kansas City and won only one game. We opened the first home series at the new Yankee (The Enemy) stadium.

The Indians messed up the Yanks home opener by winning 10-2, Grady hit a grand slam in a 9 run inning. Yesterday's game, we went back and forth and lost the game. Pitchers gave up too many home runs yesterday. Today's game...what can I say? It was an awesome game! Yanks starting pitcher only lasted 4 outs, we sent him packing in the top of the second inning. The Indians scored 14 runs in the second inning. You read that correctly. Cabrera hit a grand slam in the second inning. They have hit two grand slams so far this season. Two grand slams in the same series. The Indians hit the first two grand slams in the new Yankee stadium! We hit six home runs today! The final score was 22-4! is that a blowout or what? They did make some mistakes, but they did a great job. Carmona went six innings. The Yanks runs came on two home runs, all gave up by Carmona.

I am worried about my guys, but they have had two great games. I enjoyed those games more than I did reading my articles about or written by Joseph Schwab.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Are You Weeping?

"Then they said to her 'Woman, why are you weeping?'" John 20:13

Mary Magdalene could vividly remember the day Jesus delivered her from her demonic bondage. She became His devoted follower that day (Luke 8:2). She watched Him heal the sick and teach people about God's love. Her life was transformed as she experienced the joy of being with Jesus.

Then her world seemed to fall apart! Her Lord was arrested and brutally murdered. The crowds that had shouted "Hosanna!" at he beginning of the week cried "Crucify him!" by week's end. A final blow came when she went to anoint Jesus' body at the tomb. She saw that His tomb was empty. Someone had apparently stolen His body. AS she sobbed in despair, angels asked the poignant question, "Why are you weeping?" She was standing before an empty tomb! Jesus had risen, just as He had promised! Knowing that Jesus was alive put everything back into perspective, and Mary joyfully raced to share the good news with others.

The Christian life is not always easy. There are joyful moments of walking with Jesus, but there are also times when nothing makes sense and when your world seems to be crumbling. The world will mock your Lord, and you may grow discouraged. AT those times, you need to peer into the empty tomb. It is the abandoned tomb that gives you hope, for it symbolizes the life that is yours from your risen Lord. The empty tomb promises that nothing not even death itself, can defeat the purposes of your Lord. Are you weeping beside an empty tomb?

This was today's devotional reading from Experiencing God Day-By-Day written by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby. They have written two devotional books and I use them both. This book, here, I have been using since October 2000. They have even written a Bible study based on this theme, Experiencing God. That was a good study.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I recommend doing at least one time, a Beth Moore Biblestudy. I am currently doing Esther, the newest one. The video sessions of listening to Beth teach these past two weeks have been very good. Last week, was from Esther 4:11-17 on our greatest fears. I know I have shared them at various times in previous posts. Last night's session, was from Esther 5:1-8. I know God was speaking to me. First, I will share the four points, then I will share my notes that I jotted down in the margins.

Sometimes God forces the issue of time. Amazingly other times He seems to entrust it.
Reflect on the importantance of knowing...
1. When it's time.
2. When it's time to wait.
3. When it's time to wait for someone elses time.
4. When the meantime is God-time.

Sometimes your emotions are not going to precede your actions. Genesis 22:4, Luke 4:1-13, Acts 1:4-5 Our culture is training us in impatience. We are reminded in Ecclesiastes 3:7, "...A time to be silent and a time to speak." Sometimes we need to be silent even when man invites us to speak. Esther wasn't there about a grudge, but for deliverance (the first banquet she hosted for King Xerxes and Haman.) Is it the time or not the time? I can humble myself, or God can humble me. Ezekiel 28:1-19, I Peter 5:5 Never in my wait, is God inactive. Proverbs 16:18 My strength will be depleted when I wait upon the thing/event/person/job. I have seen that happen. A man who lets his ego go, can not get enough honor (Melissa Moore).

Gd is making me wait for my desires for a reason. I need to be thankful for his best. I just need to keep doing what was the last thing He has commanded me to do. His timing is better than my timing. God's best is better than my best.
Beverly Lewis writes Christian fiction about the Amish. I enjoy reading her books. She has a new book that has just come out, and it is called The Secret. It is the first one in a new series. She is doing book tour this month in OH. Yesterday, afternoon, April 7, she had a stop at Cornerstone Book and Supply on Canton Rd. (Since this is spring break) I went there. I bought the new book, stood in line to get her autograph. She signed my book. I had my picture taken with her and I also too a pic of just her. Those are the two pics below.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April Winter Wonderland

It started snowing yesterday morning, but didn't really start accumulating until sometime in the evening. I think it looks gorgeous outside. The trees in the back have leaves that are budding, so they look kind of funny with snow on them. I had to take pics of them. I walked down the driveway this morning to get the newspaper, and took my camera with me, do I could take pictures of the beauty that God bestowed upon us. Below are three of the pics that I took.

Monday, April 06, 2009

2nd Quarter Onc Visit

To start off, I am cold. That is what bugs me, I am not a cold-natured person, but I am cold about all the time. I saw my onc this morning. I have gained a few pounds, which I am not surprised, that is what happens when you eat too much sweets (chocolate and cookies). My port will come out in October or November if I am still clear. I'd rather keep it, just because my veins do not like to cooperate, very hard to access. My port was flushed and blood was drawn. CBC was checked and the blood was sent over to the hospital so that my thyroid could be checked. My thyroid was checked because I complained about being cold just about all the time. My white blood count is at 3.7, basically what it was back at the end of December, still makes it low. My RDW is high, but everything else is normal. Will probably talk in July about doing a CT scan in the fall before I see him in October.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Joy is Straight Ahead

"The genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ." I Peter 1:7 (NKJV)

Trials have a purpose in our lives. As a smith heats up gold to purify it, God heats up our lives to make spiritual impurities rise to the surface. If we cooperate with Him, sin is skimmed off our lives, purifying our faith. Cleansed lives bring glory to God and joy to us. If a trial lies before you today, envision the joy ahead.

The above comes from Everyday Encouragement by Pamela McQuade. I got this book in September 2007 at a women's retreat. I am in my second time through in reading this book. I read it as part of my devotions. I've been doing a study of Joy as part of my devotions as well, and it as been pretty good. The Beth Moore study on Esther is also really good.

God has been leading me down roads to work on my faith in Him, to work on my joy. I have had periods of doubt, but then I remember Jeremiah 29:11, "I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you." God has plans for my life. At the right time, He will reveal them to me. It is hard to wait for His timing. But His timing is way better than my timing. God knows what is best for me.

Friday, April 03, 2009

My Summer

I have had some afternoon! I was so hoping to go to Dallas this summer for a few days, now I don't know if it will be possible. I have scheduled to take 2 classes this summer(May 18-July 11 and June 15-July 18), and had applied to take a certain science class for my content hours that is this summer and fall. i got accepted to take the science class. This class is all day August 3-6 and 10-14 plus 3 Saturdays in the fall. So far that is 11 hours. My other science (content classes) I have to get okay from the department, because they are undergraduate classes and I am a graduate student. Because I got aid to help pay for grad school, I am going to see about taking a science class this summer which is June 22-July 25. (I have to find out if that will work with my aid I got). If I can do that, that will be 14 hours this summer. I will have a very busy summer.

Yesterday, at the job fair, someone suggested to me to find out how to get a middle grade science endorsement added to my teaching certificate. I made phone calls down to Columbus, I found out that I am Highly Qualified, and I would need to take a test. I registered to take the Praxis II middle grades science test for June 13 at 7:30 am. It is a two hour test. Middle grades is 4-9. I am already certified K-8, and can teach all subjects up to the 6th grade, here in OH. The science endorsement would be a plus. I have the science endorsement and math one on m y TX teaching certificate.

Plus, with my busy summer, I am planning on attending two weddings, and my 20 year high school reunion. Plus, I get to spend one day a week with my wonderful niece this summer. Is this a busy summer or what?

If I get a job somewhere in OH then I can still come home for the Saturday class, but if I get a job out of OH, then I will be in trouble, either have to come home on Friday, or release my seat. Lord, what are your plans for me this fall? Am I staying in OH or moving out of state? Will I be subbing or teaching full-time some place? Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I trust you for your best for my life. Thank you for my busy summer that I will be having. The more hours I take now, means the sooner I will be done with my Masters.

NOTED and Curriculum

Yesterday, April 2, was NOTED (North East Ohio Teacher Education Day), in downtown Akron, hosted by 10-12 different local universities. We had between 2-2 1/2 hours of meet and greet time. That was good, but with over 500 attendees, and over 80 school districts, that makes for long lines. By 10:30 am, I had one interview scheduled for the afternoon. I couldn't get any more interviews, either they were full, only doing so many, or not doing any interviews at all that day. I was disappointed. I gave out over 20 resume packets. I wanted more interviews. Even though I was, and am still, disappointed, I know God knows what He is doing? He has a plan to prosper me, not to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11). I just have to keep my faith in God and wait for his timing. I kept my talks to NC and OH schools. I had a list of schools I was interested in checking out, plus I added a few more once I got there to the site yesterday morning.

My interview didn't go very well, basically we just went over my resume. The interviewer kinda took it part and told me what to do it make it better. She told me to add back a school I was only at for 3 months. I was told to take it off of my resume. By putting it back on, it would not show any holes on my resume. When I fill out applications, I don't even put that school down, I skip it.

I was able to get a couple of other interviews by walking around the room looking for empty chairs and asking if they were free. I think the second interview was a good lead. I was told to call up ODE to find out how I am Highly Qualified in teaching science, and how it get it as an endorsement on my OH teaching certificate. It is on my TX teaching certificate. I sent an email to somebody in ODE last night. I will give them today to respond, then I will start calling them next week to get answers to my questions. The third interview, I thought was weird. I couldn't tell if the person, who was talking, was giving me reasons to move to that area or reasons to stay away. It didn't seem like an interview. Didn't ask me questions at all.

All I can do is give it all over to the Lord and wait to see where He leads me in all of this. I have a few more applications to fill out and figure out to write thank you notes to.

There is a month left in this semester. I am registered to take two classes this summer, and I am going to try to take a third class. There are a couple of classes I am interested in for the fall. I have four projects due between May 6-9. One of them I have to present, as well as turn in a written report and hopefully before it is due, so that it can be graded. This project I am doing it on Staff Development. I am having a hard time narrowing it down. I started my research the other day. I have an idea on how to narrow it down. There is a paper on a curriculum theorist I have to write. I found a couple of books, but he only wrote a small portion of the book. Somebody helped me find some articles on this person. I just have to print them up and study them. A classmate, in another class, let me borrow articles for this person, since I am doing the same one she chose. Next week is spring break, so that gives me time to do some research, read, and work on them. It is all mind boggling!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in the Hospital

On Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day, I was told that my brother was taken from school to the ER. They noticed that one of his knees was red and starting to swell. Group home was called and was taken to the ER. He was admitted to the hospital. Doctors said this time the infection was caught early. Back in January, just before his birthday, he spent a few days in the hospital due to an infection in one of his knees. Mom thought he would went home today, but he didn't. I will see him sometime this weekend.

Mom, got a call this afternoon, saying that somebody from the hospital was going to call to get permission to put my brother's feeding tube back in. I do not remember the hospital calling in the past, to get permission to put it back in, when it came out. As, I said, his feeding tube came out last night. Around 5 pm or so, mom got the phone call, and she gave them permission. She asked how they fed him today without his feeding tube. Get this, they didn't feed him all day! He went over 18 hours without food. He probably signed food and drink all day, and they probably had no idea what he was saying, but then since he is in restraints that probably makes it too hard to sign. My mom is mad and is going to go and complain tomorrow. She even asked them about going all day without food. My brother does not talk, and as no way to express what he is feeling or thinking. He does not understand what is going on.

All of my brother's problems started back in November 2007, with the first infection that was in his finger. Since then, he probably has been hospitalized about 10 times. There has got to be something wrong besides getting infections too easy. Mom says doctors have been running tests and can't find anything wrong. Why else would he keep getting infections, if there isn't something else wrong with him? Only God knows.

Monday, March 16, 2009

When Dreams Die

This afternoon, I finished the autobiography of Phil Vischer, titled, Me, Myself, & Bob. Was a very good book. I found out what lead him to start VeggieTales and the problems he had with it. It is the lessons he learned from the collapse of his company (yes it is still around, but not owned by him.) There is something I have thought about off and on for the past three years, and something that Phil said in his book, brings it to home for me. I know, I am dancing around the mulberry bush.

During my years in Dallas, I noticed, quite a bit, that I would but Christ on the back burner of my life during the day. It wasn't something I did on purpose, it just happened. It wasn't pleasing to God. My job became my idol. Three years ago, I felt like I was in a desert, spiritually, at least. I think it was God starting to get my attention. Let me share something that Phil Vischer heard on a sermon cd. "IF God gives you a dream, and the dream comes to life and God shows up in it, and then the dream dies, it may be that God wants to see what is more important to you-the dream or him." What was more important to me? My teaching job was. I said God was, but I think it was my job. I know my last year there, God was working to get me home for cancer diagnose that would happen in May 07, but I still think God let my dream die.

I am ready to now teach full-time again, and I have a new dream starting to form. That is to teach science staff development to elementary ed teachers. I do know that I need to get my master's and get back into the classroom first, before that can happen.
Father, i am sorry for making my job an idol. That was wrong and a sin.

I have started a new Bible study. It is the new Beth Moore one, on Esther. I completed week two's homework today. It is very good.

I have another dream, that God hasn't allowed to come to pass. I can guess at the reason why, but only God really knows, but one thing I do know, that at times, I have allowed that dream to become an idol, as well. That is also a sin. I am also sorry for letting that dream to become an idol.

Please be careful with your dreams. Make sure you are not allowing them to become an idol and replacing God with them.

Friday, February 27, 2009

2009 Animal Collection

I know it is only February, but guess what! The first animal of 2009 has been caught in the trap! A skunk was caught today. I came home and took a picture of the skunk in the cage. The pic isn't as good, but you can see it in the cage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Review

Robin Lee Hatcher has a new book being released in May 2009. It is called, A Vote of Confidence. It is the first book in a new series, about the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs. Gwen Arlington was born in Bethlehem Springs, ID, but raised back East. She now lives in Bethlehem Springs, and the year is 1915. In 1896, Idaho gave women the right to vote, this was before the Constitutional amendment was added allowing women to vote in 1920. Gwen decides to run for Mayor of her town after hearing that the other candidate is the town drunk. The same day Gwen puts her hat in the ring for Mayor, , Morgan McKinley, the owner, of the new health spa that is being built north of town also puts his hat into the same ring. They meet and start to get to know one another. How does this new relationship affect the Mayoral race? Who wins the Mayoral race? Besides this being a love story, it is also a mystery. Somebody doesn't want McKinley to open his new health spa. Somebody causes problems? Who is it? Why does this person want McKinley to fail? Will Morgan McKinley and Gwen Arlington fall in love? Gwen has help in her bid for Mayor, her twin sister helps Gwen on her campaign. I enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Curriculum Weeks 4 & 5

Last week and this week for my Thursday night class we had to read some articles, online, about Marzano. Kinda read and did discussed his book Classroom Instruction That Works. He gives 9 strategies. I had two questions that I had to answer and then respond my classmates' answers. Reading what they wrote was interesting. Having to think how I have used those strategies in my past classrooms and now as a sub was interesting.

For my Wednesday night class, I had to read a book by Counts, that was written back in the early part of the 1930's. This book is also true about right now. Democracy and how that works in the schools. This past week, I had to read the first two chapters of Pedagogy of the Oppressed. That book was written 38 years ago. Was first written in Portuguese, because the late author was from Brazil. This book has been widely sought after. The first chapter is about the oppressor and the oppressed. How the oppressor does not want to give up his power, because then he becomes the oppressed and will be treated like how he had treated the oppressed. The second chapter is on how education is based on the "Banking Theory", teachers just deposit the info and the students just store it away. In that way, the teacher is the Oppressor and the students are the Oppressed. Education needs to change, where the students have more power and will actually think.

I also had to read the second chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. We took this chapter to help us understand this project that we have to do for this class which includes spending a few hours working in a group in somebody's classroom and mapping the power struggles between the various people and how it affects the learning process and other things.

I have started the initial research process for my Thursday night class which I want to do on staff development. I have gotten in touch with two school districts in this area, and have been unsuccessful in getting in touch with three other school districts. I sent my prof an email to night about including staff development from other countries. i will blog more about this project later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day! Even the Universities are closed today, that meant no class tonight. Today was either snow day 4 or 5 for the school districts around here. That means if there are anymore snow days, school districts will have to make them up. More systems are on their way. So gorgeous up here. The snow reminds me of what God does for us when we ask for forgiveness of our sings, He makes us white as snow. I got to try out my new boots this morning. I picked them up yesterday afternoon. There was so much snow, that if I tried to take the car out, I probably would've gotten my car stuck in the driveway, so I walked down to get the newspaper this morning. The snow in the driveway was about calf deep. The yard next to the driveway seemed about knee deep. I had to check it out. The snow on the deck, looks to be about waist deep. As usual, I took pics this morning. I took both the camera and my phone with me on my walk. I was going to walk back down later this afternoon, but our driveway got plowed, and my dad had to move his van so that area could get plowed, so he drove down for the mail. There will be school tomorrow and my other curriculum class as well.

My mom saw Timmy on Monday at the hospital. He was admitted last Saturday night. Mom talked with a nurse on Monday, and was basically told that Timmy has MRSA. That would explain why he keeps getting infections and have been in the hospital so much in the past 15 months. Timmy's birthday is this Friday, so I will go to the library, check out a few books then head over to the hospital to see him. No birthday presents until he gets out of the hospital. I so feel for him. I wonder if this is God's way of telling me I need to let him go, loosen my grasp on him. I love him very much, and my time with him is pure unconditional love.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Curriculum Week 2

Last night, we listened to, looked at, and discussed the following book, Nokum is My Teacher The story is a conversation between a Cree grandson and his Grandmother. He is going to a white man's school and asking his grandmother why he as to go. He even thanks her for what and how she has taught him over the past few years. The grandson is a young boy. Then we had to discuss and answer four different questions on community, conceptional and operational curriculum, pedagogy, and the boy's (narrator) teacher's moral responsibility of teaching him. (I have ordered the book and it hasn't arrive yet.) I wrote my paper, but will look over it and my answers this week, then send it to my professor. The paper is due by noon on Sunday. For next week I have to read a 50 page book, and an article that is on a cd burned with articles we have to read during the semester. Here is the ironic thing about this cd, it was burned on a MAC, but my MAC can't read the cd.

Tonight's class, we, again this week, sat in a circle. We discussed the website we were supposed to read on Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Bloom's was changed from nouns to verbs. We discussed it, then we discussed a different topic before having to use the six levels of Blooms, and using them in writing a question on any subject area concept that we might use in our classroom. I haven't thought about Bloom's taxonomy (higher order thinking type questions) in three years. I have had a bit of a problem with H.O.T.S in the past. This was a bit difficult for me tonight, but I did to it. I did it with the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas). My professor likes our class, but we are afraid to get into a good discussion on whatever it is that we are talking about. Pus our backgrounds an experiences we bring, helps to make it more interesting.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Curriculum, Week 1

I started back to grad school this week. I am taking two classes this semester, and they are both curriculum classes. One meets on Wednesday night, and it is called Concepts of Curriculum and Instruction. The other one meets on Thursday night, and it is called Trends and Issues in Curriculum and Instruction. When I think of curriculum I think about the objectives and concepts that I am supposed to teach. There is more too it, in different ways. I will be doing a lot thinking, reading, researching, and writing this semester. There are doctorate students in both of these classes.

Wednesday night, we started our final exam. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. There are three parts to it. We will do the second part next week, and the third part is due by May 9. Here are the questions I had to answer Wednesday night.
1. What is curriculum? (I had to think about both conceptual curriculum and operational curriculum. I had to give
examples and experiences.)
2. What is pedagogy?
3. In terms of curriculum and pedagogy, what educational purpose should the school see to attain?

This paper I wrote, I have to use it and comment from it in later papers. This was hard!!!

The night before I found out that i had to buy books for this class, get to class and find out there is another book I need. The bookstore didn't have the latter book that i need. I went to last night's class, and found out that I needed a book for that one as well. I came home and went to to order both of my books. My homework for last night's class is reading about Bloom's Taxonomy. I know somewhat about it, but I printed it up so I can sit and read it.

I like last night's class, will see how both of these go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Clear

I saw my onc this morning. My scans came back clear. He said that the lymph nodes that had been showing up on the previous scans weren't there this one. He thinks they were just reacting the interferon. He also said that there is no sign of melanoma. I passing on the good news.

For now, I have decided to keep my port in. I will have to have it flushed every 4-6 weeks, basically monthly. I am planning on getting a medical ID bracelet saying that I have port.

I had extra blood work done two weeks ago, because of seeing my family doc next week. My bad cholesterol is a little high, but my good is a little low. My blood pressure is normal. I was weighed and my weight is the same as three weeks ago. I have lost 58 pounds in the past 18 months.

Grad school starts tonight. I am supposed to go back into town, but the roads are not very good. Here at the house, we have about a foot of snow. This is all since last Friday. The temperatures are really cold, in the teens for the high and the lows in the single digits.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Faith Means Moving Forward

I bought a new devotional book last week, and started it on the first. (I love devotional books.) It is called Walking with the Women of the Bible A devotional Journey Through God's Word. It is by Elizabeth George. Today's devotional is called, "Faith Means Moving Forward"

"Abraham took Sarah his the land of Canaan." Genesis 12:5

"Oh, the heartache! Will it ever go away?" Perhaps these words darkened Sarah's thoughts the day she followed her full-of-faith husband out of Haran. Leaving Haran was bad enough, but going to the land of Canaan made it even worse! Canaan was 600 miles away from her family and friends. Abraham had announced they were going to Nowhere Land , as far as Sarah was concerned.

Just when Sarah was getting used to Nowhere Land, a famine struck. They had to move to Egypt-300 miles away! Oh, if only I were still in Haran, Sarah may have thought.

But backward gazes can be dangerous and impede spiritual growth. But how can we look forward and faithfully follow God when circumstances are bad? Here's a great acronym!

Face Forward. Real life happens in the present, and Gods blessings happen now and in the future.

Accept your circumstances. God uses the difficulties of life to help you mature and grow in Him.

If you're following God, you will find Him in all of your circumstances.

Trust in the Lord. God will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is focused on Him.

Hope for the future. God is a bright start who will light your path in the present darkness.

Dear God of Sarai, grant that such a one as I may see the good and bad and the faith to be bad...following Thee!

After I got done reading this, I knew I had to share it with others. It is hard to be content and have joy in your present circumstances, but it is something that we need to be. I am asking God to help me be content in being single as that is what He wants me to be right now, but it is not what I want. God's will is better than my will.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Normal Counts

Last week, I had my port flushed and labs drawn. My white blood count is at 3.5. Still low, but getting closer to normal. Normal white blood count is at 4.0 and above. I had extra blood drawn, because I am seeing my family doc on the 19th for a physical, and he always wants to have your blood tested for certain things. I got a letter in the mail telling me about my blood test results.

Blood sugar, liver and kidney tests are perfect. My thyroid stimulating hormone and T4 are normal, which indicates my thyroid is working properly.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CT Scan

Last night about 11 pm, I drank the first dose of the "yucky" stuff that is the contrast for the CT Scan with contrast that I had this morning. Because of the weather/roads, my mom dropped me off at the hospital about 9:15 or so. A good hour before I had to be there. My appointment was for 11 am. They misunderstood me when I asked for ice to numb the area around my port. They thought I was asking for something else. I was given a glove of ice to numb the area. Took two nurses to access my port. The first one had a hard time, because my port chose to move around. Once they start, it doesn't take long to take the x-rays. I was done by 11:40 am. I will get the results next Wednesday when I go see my onc.

My brother was supposed to be discharged from the nursing home this afternoon and go home to the group home where he lives. That means he gets to open his Christmas presents this weekend.

I am scheduled to see the dermatologist next Monday, and my family doc the following Monday.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Had a nice evening last with people from my class. We had a ball. Was a dressy affair, most of us girls were wearing black. Ate, laughed, talked, danced, took pics. Made plans for going out Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday that is this Sunday. I got home about 1:15 and got up about 8:30 this morning.

Woke up yesterday to snow! Went to go see my brother over in the nursing home. I woke him up, but he seemed sleepy. I stayed about an hour. He was supposed to finish the antibiotic yesterday, and should be going back to the group home soon.