Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Labor Day Visit to the Akron Zoo

Monday, was Labor Day and my third visit to the Akron Zoo.

                                                Condor with the wings spread out.
                                                There are now two komodo dragons
                                                 Mama with one of her baby snow leopard

Boise Zoo

On Saturday, August 2, I went to the Boise Zoo with one of my cousins.  This was my third new zoo of the year.  Because of my membership with the Akron Zoo, I got in free.

My Birthday

This year, I celebrated my birthday with my friends in TX.  Went to a friend's house in the afternoon to go swimming, had four kids and four adults.  Then we had a girls night out for my birthday.  The next day, we also celebrated my birthday, so the boys could help me celebrate.

There is no pictures from girls night out.  I did have a cake on Friday afternoon.