Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Akron Zoo: June 30

I went to the Akron Zoo yesterday and saw some cool animals.  I love the zoo.  Here are some pics that I took yesterday.

                                               The Jaguar drinking water.

                        This is a Blue Macaw.  Very pretty blue feathers.  Never knew it was at the zoo before.

                                           A group of seahorses.

                                             These starfishes live in the same tank as the octopus.

                                        Octopus, must be new and way smaller than the other ones were.

                                  When I first saw the lion, he was cleaning himself. Once his mate laid down next to him, he started cleaning her also.  Kind of sweet.

                       Just before I got to this exhibit, the tiger saw the bird and captured the bird.  Here he is tearing it apart and eating the bird.

                   Here is one of five Bald Eagles that the zoo has.  None of these eagles are able to fly.