Saturday, May 31, 2008

Having a Good Week

This has been a good week with side effects only bothering me for one day. I have thanked the Lord for that. Since Monday was Memorial Day, I had to get my injection from a nurse at the nurse's station there on the onc floor. OP onc were off for the holiday. Had my Sunday School class over Monday afternoon/evening for a cookout and had an enjoyable evening.

I didn't sleep well Monday night. I was hope for awhile in the middle of the night, was warm a night. I was awake when my headache started. I did get one call for ed (emotionally disturbed-which I don't' do) and turned it down. I went downstairs a little after 10 am, and took a pain pill. The pain pill did its job. I was going to go out, until I took the pain pill.

I have not had any problems since then with the side effects. When I got my lab results on Monday, my white blood count was down to 2.0. I had blood drawn yesterday, and I am hoping that the white blood count has gone up.

I worked Wednesday through Friday of this week. I have worked close to 100 days as a sub this school year. I think that is pretty good.

This is the first Saturday where I have felt good in a number of weeks. The day after I get my injection, is usually when the side effects bother me. As I said, I am having a good week. Thank you again to all of you have keep me in your prayers. God is answering your prayers. I will be having a CT scan again later this summer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Idiots Enjoy Loosing

The Idiots=Cleveland Indians. Enough said. The Indians had been swept by both the Reds and White Sox. Rangers are in town for the weekend. The pattern has been that we beat the Rangers on Friday, and Sat/Sun are up in the air about who wins.

Went to the game last night.

Fausto left in the second or third inning, with a strained hip. Both teams had scored. Julio came in and gave up a grand slam. (That is the second one we have given up this season.) I did see Grady hit a home run last night. Aubry almost hit a home run last night. Francisco almost hit a 3 run home run as well, but the umpires ruled it a double. They would've given us the home run, if they knew that we were supposed to win last night. Wedge went out to argue the call, and was thrown out of the game.

The game lasted just over 4 hours. Then there was fireworks. The final score of the game was 13-9. We could've won last night's game. At times, it seemed like no pitcher could get anybody out. I yelled, screamed, cheered for my guys. My mom said that she didn't want to hear me whine all night. Took like two hours, just to get through the first four innings. Was a long night.

Got there early a little before six pm, because it was scout night. My niece ended up being the only one from her troop to walk around the field in the parade. Got to see them, even took a pic of them walking. Mom and I had our pic taken before the game, as well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Precious Gift

This morning, in Sunday School, I received the most precious gift. (Nothing compares to my gift of Salvation, but what I received today, I will cherish it.) I was surprised by the gift. I received a scrapbook of love, encouragement, and friendship. It was made for me. This is the first time, that somebody made a scrapbook for me. I am the scrapbooker. Pictures of people throughout the book. Verses people chose to share with me. Little notes that they wrote to me. Stickers used throughout the pages. They put a lot of thought into it. God knew I needed these people in my life. I have made some new friends in the past year. I am thankful for them. I am very touched by their thoughtful gift. I absolutely love my scrapbook.

God Forenew...

God foreknew I would get cancer at this time in my life. God determined it before I was ever born. I have cancer in order to make me more Christlike. The Chapel (where I attend church), has been going through the book of Romans. Today's sermon and Sunday School lesson was from Romans 8:18-30. Verse 18, "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." Think about this, no full-time job, moved back home, diagnosed with one of the most deadliest cancers, doesn't compare to what I will experience in Heaven some day. When I get to Heaven, I will get a hug from Jesus, see my grandparents,friends family, and have a real live conversation with my brother.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Side Effects

What have been the side effects of the Interferon that I have experienced? Low grade fever, usually about once a week, headache, fatigue level is up, and sometimes a stomache. My stomach has greatly settled down. That is due to God answering all of our prayers, drinking Dannon Frusions, eating yogurt, and taking a pill of active cultures. I've had more problems with headaches since I have gotten back from NC, than I can remember. Taking Sudafed or Tylenol don't work on my headaches. I still take them during the day, and if they have bothered me all day, then I will take a pain pill in the evening, sometime before bed. I've been trying not to take a pain pill every day.

Like today, I've had a small headache off and on all day, nothing like it bothered me on Tuesday. I'm not planning on taking a pain pill later tonight. When I do take a pain pill, I have the side effects from the pain pill to deal with.

Fatigue and headaches are my biggest side effects that I deal with. Usually on M, W, or F, my fatigue level goes up, the other side effects usually occur the day after getting my injection.

Thank you again for your prayers. Take heart in knowing, that God has been answering your prayers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Onc Visit

I've been busy subbing. Which is good. My body has gotten used to the interferon again. I took a pain pill Saturday night, first one in a week, because I had a headache all day. I did take a Sudafed in the morning. If I have a headache due to the Interferon, pain pills are the only thing that helps it.

I saw my onc this afternoon. I've lost 6 pounds in the past 6 1/2 weeks. My white blood count is at 2.7 for the second week. That is good. My side effects seem better than before my trip to NC. I make little goals for where I would like to have my weight at each time I see my onc. Decreasing portion sizes, cutting back on certain things, and trying to increase my walking is what is helping to loose weight.

I will see my onc again next month, June 16. At that appointment will schedule my next set of scans. The scans will be scheduled for July or August. The tests from February and March, I had to pay just under $700 for them. My onc doesn't want to make the financial burden for the tests too much on me.

My mom has suggested I go to apply at a daycare center for the summer. I want to get my injections in the morning during the summer. Working will be helpful, because then I can have money coming in. Need to pray about it and check into it. I also need to get back to work at applying to school districts around here, and start emailing principals around here and down in NC and SC. I haven't done anything since we got back from NC.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Phone Interview

When I got home Monday afternoon, I had a voicemail on my cell phone. A principal from a middle school in Charlotte, NC called me. She said that she wouldn't be in on Tuesday. I called her yesterday morning about 8:45 am (I was on my planning period). Set up a time for this afternoon for a phone interview. I was to receive a call between 3:15 and 4 pm today. I got home at 3:15 pm.

The Interview lasted about 15 minutes. Middle Schools in Charlotte, are grades 6-8. If I did middle school, I'd prefer sixth grade. But my favorite grades are fourth and fifth grades.

Back to the interview...She asked me a few questions that everybody asks. There were a few nobody has asked, or in a way that hasn't been asked me. She is looking for a stable person, someone who does not move around. Yes, I was in three school districts in three years, but I did stay in Dallas for 6 years. (I did inventory for 12 years.) She asked me, what did principals, co-workers say were my strengths? What about areas I was told to work on? What have I done to work on those areas, that I need to work on. One of my answers, I can't work on it, because I am subbing, not teaching full-time. Nobody has really come out and asked me why am I subbing. They kinda have, and I have said that what is going on in my life, I need to be in OH.

When I get a job, is when I will tell that district about my Melanoma and I am in treatment for it. I have to tell them, because certain doctor appointments will cause me to take off from school, and will need a sub.

Speaking of subbing, I worked 4 days last week. Working 5 days this week. I am already scheduled to work 4 days next week, and 2 days the following week. School gets out around here June 5 or 6. I will work through June 2 or 3.

Since I have gotten back from NC, I haven't had the gumption to work on applications and email principals. I need to do that.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

My New Do

Got my haircut tonight. My hair hasn't been this short, since elementary school, about 30 years ago. It feels weird! I had my cousin cut my hair. She can see new hair growth in the front, sides and in the back. I have to get used to how short it is.