Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not Feeling Well

  I have not been feeling well the last two weeks.  Today, I am so tired with no energy.  Actually everything started at the beginning go the school year.  The school year started at the end of August.  My school has no A/C, and the temps were in the upper 90's.  I felt a bit nausea by the end of the day.  Started having problems sleeping.  (I like my school). The week of September 8 was the same type of weather.

     Monday, September 16, while doing my devotions, I heard the blender (that means pancakes), and I smelled bacon grease.  By the time I got downstairs and saw the blender, I was nausea, felt like I wanted to throw up and my stomach was bothering me.   I have been feeling like this quite a bit since that day.  My gagging reflex is so bad.  I saw my doctor on the 19th.  She said I had a small bladder infections, gave me something, and said to move up my appointment with my oncologist.

   The next day I started to feel better, but by Monday, I had the same symptoms.  I saw her again on the 26th.  this time,  I had a slight fever,s he said I looked like crap.  She said something about scanning my belly, but also knew I would light up because of my lymph nodes.  I thought the way she was talking, she wanted to admit me to the hospital, because I wasn't allowed to drive myself to the emergency room.  Mom took me, and I said something about them consulting with my oncologist.  They ended up calling my doctor, and did nothing for me.  I took a sick day on Friday.  I also have a nasty headache.  I get 4-6 hours of sleep if that much, and that is interrupted with times of not being able to sleep. 

  I need to feel better soon.  I am seeing my oncologist this Friday morning.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Akron Zoo

Today (September 1) through September 5 is community days for a lot of towns in Summit County.  Mom picked up our free tickets back in July.  Both mom and dad went, and we met a friend of the family, her two daughters and three her three grandkids.  It was hot!  A new exhibit opened back in July, so there are some new animals.  Here are some pictures that I took this afternoon.