Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's Phone Interview

I had a phone interview this morning at 8:30 am. I was supposed to have this interview Tuesday afternoon, but it didn't happen. This interview lasted 30 minutes and was for a sixth grade position teaching math and science at a middle school in SC. Listening to this principal talk about her plans for the fall and how they are going to try to reach all of the students to help them reach their potential was interesting. I like what they are planning on doing. I should know within a week if I got the job or not.

This week was week one of all three summer classes for grad school. I've had two lab quizzes for my geology class, and tomorrow is my first lecture quiz. I completed my project on using the Socratic method in a lesson for my philosophy class last weekend. For this same class tomorrow, I am hosting a 30 minute chat on racism in schools. I have a paper I have to write in my psychology class that is due on the 14th of July. I will think about it more next week.

I should find out in a couple of weeks what I got on the Praxis II test.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer classes

I am in week 5 (halfway through) of my Philosophy of Education class. This class is eight weeks long. It is all online. There is a lot of reading to do, answer a few questions, type in my responses and then have to read and respond to my classmates answers. It has been pretty interesting so far. The different views we have on the different articles are interesting. We can read the same thing, and come away with something different. I haven't started this week's work yet. I still have to do a project for week three and it is due in two weeks. That project is on using the Socratic method in teaching a lesson. I do have a couple of ideas for it.

My second class starts tonight. It meets twice a week, and is half in person and the other half online. This class will meet for four weeks. This class is on Education Psychology. There will be a lot of reading for this class.

Next week, will start my third class, Intro to Physical Geology. That class is also for 5 weeks. I will have the lecture M-F and the lab M, W, TH. That class will be done on July 24. I was on campus yesterday and bought my books for these two classes. Three books, and they cost me basically $285. Two were brand new books, and that is all they had. I can return them if I don't' nee them.

My fourth class is the first two weeks of August and three Saturdays in the fall. That class is called Operation Physics. The two science classes is for my science content portion of my Masters.

No news on the job front.

Praxis II Middle Grades Science Test

This past Saturday, June 13, I took the Praxis II Middle Grades Science Test, and let me tell you, it was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is enough emphasis for you to understand how hard it was. There were 90 multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions. I had two hours to complete the whole thing.

There were some questions I knew, some I wasn't sure about, some I didn't know and just out right guessed. I haven't taught science in three years, and have only taught fourth-sixth grade science. This test covers fourth-ninth grade. Actually, the study guide said it covers high school and college level science.

The essays, there were three of them,and they count for 25% of the total grade. You receive a 3, 2, or 1 as your grade for each one. The first question I didn't finish, so I'm expecting a 1 on it. The other two, I think I did decent enough job on answering them. So for a score, 3 or 2. Will see. I will my score in about 4 weeks. I do hope I passed. The test cost me $140. By passing, my OH teaching certificate says I can teach science to grades 4-9. I already can teach science up to the eighth grade, but with having the old certificate, some might not think I can.