Friday, February 28, 2014

The PET Scan That Didn't Happen

On Monday, I stood at the desk, I was scheduled for a PET scan for today. My lung doctor scheduled this scan, not my oncologist.  They had to call the Infusion Center to schedule an appointment for me to be accessed.  I had an 11 am appointment this morning to be accessed.I had to be downstairs by noon fora 12:30 appointment.  I am downstairs early and precede to check in.  I wasn't on their schedule.  The code for the diagnosis that my lung doctor used was for a scan that they don't do where I was.  Phone callas were made, and I found out that my test would be rescheduled.  I had to go back upstairs and be deaccessed.  I wasn't too happy. 

This was the third day in a row that I wasn't at school.  Wednesday I saw my kidney doctor and my personal doctor.  My blood work came back good, except  for my magnesium which is low. 

Yesterday, I had a light case of the stomach flu.  It started Wednesday night.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Saw my Lung Doctor Today

I saw my lung doctor after school today.  Turns out, I was not supposed to stop taking steroids last month.  I was supposed to continue taking them until I saw him today.  I told him that i never want to be on steroids again.  There are other drugs that I could take if needed to.  He checked my blood work that was done on Valentine's Day.  My calcium is 8.8, my creantin is in the normal range.  My kidney function is normal.

   This Wednesday afternoon, I will be getting an ultrasound on my left leg.  My left leg has been swollen, along with the foot.  When my feet swell, they hurt.  I do not know why my left foot and leg is swollen.

 This Friday, I am going to get a PET/CT scan to check on my lymph nodes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

George Strait Concert

Saturday, I drove down to Columbus for the George Strait concert.  This is year two of the two year "Cowboy Rides Away" tour.  After June 7, George will retire from touring.  I had never seen him in concert before.  Last year, Martina McBride was his only opening act.  This year, he has a variety of opening acts.  Saturday, was Little Big Town.  They are okay, but I really wanted to see Martina besides George.
   Took me little over an hour to go three miles from my hotel to the parking garage on Saturday,  George came out around 9 pm, and started off the show with "Fireman".  The stage is a square, with a microphone at all four corners.  He sings a couple of songs at each corner.  With a five song encore, the concert lasted over two hours.  He sang"All of my Exes Live in Texas" during the encore. 

I used my zoom lens to take some pictures.