Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Weekend

This was my scrapbooking weekend.  It had been planned since the last one, back in October.  I took Friday off from school.  We were able to check in starting at 3 pm, and could start working on our albums at 4 pm.  I left the house about 2:50 pm.  I was only going about an hour away.  I got off the exit fine, turned right, sitting at the light, when I was given the arrow to turn left, nothing, and I mean nothing.  My car wouldn't move.

  About 30 minutes later,  or so, a police officer pushed my car, with his, out of the intersection.  I wanted to go left, but he turned me right.  Another police officer stopped traffic, so I could be pushed off the road.  While that was going on, I was on the phone with AAA to have my car towed home.  I was told up to an hour an half of a wait.  The tow truck guy was there within 15 minutes.  I called my friend, and she sent somebody from the hotel, (about 1/2 mile away) to come and get me and my stuff.  My car was towed to a shop in Norton, and I stayed put in Mayfield Heights.  I completed my two books and somebody from there brought me home.

   I had to get my transmission rebuilt and they did a few other repairs also.  The first police officer who stopped to see about helping me, had chew in his bottom lip, you could see the bulge.  The tow truck guy had dropping pants.

Monday, February 20, 2012

CT Results and other Medical Stuff

   I saw my oncologist this morning. I had a long wait in the room to see him, which is unusual. I was weighed and it was different to Curves weight and when I was weighed at a different doctor's office this afternoon. Even my blood pressure was different at each place. The CT results: minor lymph node changes, kidney stone, minor lung changes, spleen slightly abnormal. Labs said I was slightly anemic, but that is due to having blood drawn just after finishing my period. Overall, my oncologist was pleased, and I do not have to see him or have another CT scan for a year. I am scheduled for next February. I can always call him and schedule an appointment if I need to. He also, asked about what I want to do with my port. I said I want to keep it, since I do not trust my veins, they are very hard to access.
     I saw my personal physician after lunch for my yearly physical. I do have to leave another urine sample in a couple of weeks, since she saw blood in this sample. My left ear was cleaned back in December, and had to be cleaned out again today. I got a prescription for another antibiotic for my third sinus infection in two months. I was given a stronger one this time. If I get continue to get sinus infections, then she will schedule me to have a scans done of my sinuses. I told her that I thought I had a bone spur, so she gave me orders to have my left ankle/heel x-rayed. When I left her office, I went over to the Wellness Center to get an x-ray. I do have a heel spur. I will wait to hear from my doctor about what she wants to do about that. I did buy new shoes on Saturday, hoping they will help with the spur. I also have a small mass in my left breast I found and she felt it also. For that, will just be keeping an eye on it myself. If it gets bigger, then I am to call my doctor.
      In between my doctor appointments, I went to Curves. Today, was my 9th visit of the month and my 104th visit since I started in December 2010. I was weighed and measured this morning. According to their records, I hadn't lost weight in the past month, but lost inches all over. I lost between 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Follow-up Tests

The yucky stuff went into the fridge Monday night, I think. My first dose was last night at 9 pm and two more doses this morning. My CT scan was scheduled for 9 am this morning, but I was about 20 minutes early. (Drinking contrast is a good way to clean out your system, along with drinking water.) I was done by 9:30. I had no problems in accessing my port. Then I had to walk to a different building for a lung function test. This time, the tests were like the ones I had for the first time, back in May of last year. You take in a deep breath and then let it all out and forcing it out. There was a test where you would just pant for about 10 seconds or so. Another one in taking in a deep breath and just holding it, then letting it out. I was given a breathing treatment and did the first test again. Again, there was no difference in the results of the first test before and after the breathing treatment. I see my oncologist Monday morning, and my lung doctor in March after school. I started going to Curves in December 2010, and at the beginning of this week, I made my 100th visit to Curves.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Monthly Port Flush

I was scheduled to get my port flushed and have blood work done this afternoon. I am getting my next CT scan on the 17th. No problems with getting blood return. I didn't wait for my results of my blood work. I was in and out within 15 minutes and saw my favorite nurse for a few minutes. My blood pressure was 139/86, a little high, but it was after school. They got my weight, which I don't like. I prefer what it is when I get weighed at Curves. Starting next week, I will be having a pre-student teacher two mornings a week. I am not sure what they call it now, but that is what it was called 20 years ago. He will be observing my class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11, the first 4 periods of the day. I got an email from him, and replied, saying to expect to teach a class or two during his observation time. This will be my first time ever having one. It will be an interesting experience.