Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ultrasound Update

I had my ultrasound this morning, on both groins and going down the inside part of each leg, and behind each knee. I was told that I had a Bakers Cyst, a buildup of fluid. I will know more after I see the surgeon next week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I saw my surgeon this morning. For the past week, I have had some pain in my right knee. Last Thursday, at least twice, I was standing and talking, the next thing I know, my leg gives out on me. I didn't fall, but was able to shift my weight around. I debated or not to make the appointment then debated or not to keep the appointment. So, I saw him this morning. The knee area is a little swollen and so is the calf area.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30, I am scheduled for an ultrasound on both legs from the groin area on down. Since I just had a CT scan last month, I'm not getting another one. My surgeon doesn't think there is anything wrong, but to play it safe. Wants to make sure I do not have a blood clot, and the ultrasound can pick up lymph nodes.

I will be seeing my surgeon again next Wednesday morning.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Weekend

Over the past two days, all three of my teams won, while my mom's teams lost. :) Friday night, my high school team won and my mom's lost. Indians won both Friday night and last night. They have won 6 in a row. Steelers won last night, while the Browns lost yesterday afternoon. I keep telling her, she needs to start cheering for the better team, but she won't listen to me.

Yesterday, a friend and I, went to the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum. She went to see a certain show for a class. That place is cool. There were about 100 steps up to the monument, where President McKinley and his wife's coffins are located. There is a statue of him as well. That monument is 101 yrs old. They were both placed there in 1907, after Mrs. McKinley died. Both of their daughters who died in childhood are there in the wall behind their coffins, as well.

Inside, we saw a couple of replicas of dinosaurs, mastodon, hands on science of energy, pulleys, light, etc., hides of animals, bees, and a few live animals in cages. Mastodons are related to mammoths and today's elephants. Mastodons lived in Stark County millions of years ago. We saw an electric show and learned a bit about electricity.

I took pics in Discover World (science stuff), but wasn't able upstairs in the McKinley collection.

Was in the planetarium, and saw a video about Mars, and saw stars of what would've been visible last night, if we had a clear sky. Was cool.

Upstairs, was cool. Street of shops from the 1800's and early 1900's. A couple of old cars, wagon, White House mementos, some of their furniture, Inauguration mementos. I like that kind of stuff. I had an enjoyable time. The slide show is from the museum showing pics that I had taken.

Today after church, about 18 of us went bowling. I bowled 3 games. My scores were, 101, 87, 95. I seemed to regress during the games. I bowled at least one strike each game. The last game, I did bowl 3 spares in a row. Nobody bowled a turkey. We had fun. Many times, we were close to bowling strikes or spares, but one pin would be left standing. This was the third time I had been bowling this year.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Short Notice Interview

After my appointment at the hospital this morning, I headed over to AU to meet with an advisor for grad school. I am starting back in January. AU doesn't have the program that I want. I am not crazy about taking classes online. What is my goal? IN 10-15 years, I want to be teaching science staff development to elementary education teachers. I want my masters in elementary ed science. The program at AU does allow you to take 15 hours in a concentration of what you want. That will allow me to take hours in science. Plus, I will have to take a couple of classes in curriculum, which will help me to understand how curriculum is written. That will be helpful for me in the future.

While I was meeting the advisor my phone rang, it was on vibrate. My dad called to tell me to call him. I called him, and he gave me a phone number. I called and left a message for this person. I was told to call a principal for a charter school. Their enrollment is up and they are looking to hire a couple of teachers at the last minute. I talked to her about 10:40 am and scheduled an appointment for noon. I went home to change clothes and get a resume packet and a scrapbook. This opening is for 4th grade-self contained. Having little experience being self-contained is a mark against me. They use FOSS (doesn't cover all of the objectives to be taught, okay), which I used in Dallas. That is a mark for me. The principal had some other interviews and hopes to make the decision by Monday morning. School starts on Monday.

Will see what comes from this.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interview, What Interview?

I was supposed to have a phone interview this morning at 10 am. I was home by 9:45 am. Ten o'clock has come and gone, and no phone call. I don't have her phone number to call her. She said she would call if she didn't forget. Teachers started back today in Charlotte. It has me kinda down, all this stuff about Charlotte, the ups and downs. This, no phone call, must be God's way of making sure I know that moving is not part of his plan for me, right now. Who knows, I might still need him to confirm that. I will be kept busy subbing, but I want my own classroom again. I have been feeling melancholy the past couple of weeks, and its due to the Charlotte thing.

It is also due to the fact...WARNING: Vanity popping up!...When I look in the mirror, I see an area where hair is thinning, up front. Mom says it looks like there is also new hair growth in the same area, as well. I will continue loose hair even up to a few months after finishing Interferon. Only 2 months left of injections!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

White blood count is up to 2.1 this week. Platelet is at 125. Have been feeling a little fit of brain fog, and when I stand up, I feel a little out of it, wobbly, like. Those are just side effects, nothing to worry about.

Yesterday's sermon was from Psalms 116, and it was good. Plus, I didn't' yawn during the sermon or Sunday School, and I usually do.

Thank you again for your prayers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Think the Door is Closing

I'm not sure, but I think God is closing the door to NC. I'd thought he opened it back in the spring. But with the frustrating problems/phone calls I have had this summer, and no job, looks like God is closing the door. I can't completely tell. I still get phone calls, and think there is a slim chance of moving. My mom doesn't want me to go, and I understand her reasoning. There is also the money issue in moving down there. Where is the money going to come from in renting an apartment, getting situated in both the apartment and in a new school? If this is God's will, then he will provide the money. Plus, there is the issue of my treatment, two months left. Having a hard time in accepting all of this.

Charlotte called yesterday to see if I was still interested. I called back and left a message. This lady called me back this morning, and we talked about what I am interested in teaching. There are still a few openings left down there. Later this afternoon, I received another phone call from a principal. I now have a phone interview this coming Monday morning at 10 am. She wanted to do it at 8:30 am, and I won't be home at that time.

New teacher orientation started yesterday. Teachers go back to work on Monday. There is staff development and time to work in your room next week. They like to ask me how soon can I get down there and if I'm relocating to the Charlotte area. I am only moving if I have a job. I said that I need a couple of days, once I was offered a job. I have to pack, and then I could leave the next day. They are cutting it close.

The new dilemma is knowing if I should accept the job or not if I am offered one. I just don't know now. In making sure I am ready by the 25th, not missing too many injections, and finding an apartment is a lot to think about and do. Lord, what is your will? Is this what you want? Is this from you? Am I just supposed to sub again this school year? I'm having a hard time accepting it and being thankful for all of this school stuff.

If I dont' make sense, it is because I'm having a hard time putting into words what I am thinking and feeling. I am confused.

OBIT: The Animals are Dead

Never shoot a skunk close to the house. Why? You can smell their spray while in the house. A few years ago, my parents heard noise in the ceiling (my bathroom ceiling to be exact). Turned out the visitors were raccoons. They left the proof behind, yellow spots in my ceiling. A few weeks ago, I heard noise in my ceiling, and even saw a couple climb the tree to the roof. The raccoons are back. This time, they are basically sticking to my bed room ceiling. Dad set out the traps, one by the tree in front of the dining room window and one on the back deck.

A few weeks ago, I posted about catching an albino skunk in one of the traps and I posted a pick that I took. The skunk was hadn't died. Was trying to starve it, didn't work. My parents think the skunk was eating the mulch. Temps have cooled down (highs in the 70s) and has rained at times. The other night, in the other trap, an opossum was caught. I took a couple pics yesterday. He bared his teeth and growled at me.

Today, our lovely pets, went bye-bye. (Yes, I was being sarcastic.) Somebody we know came out and killed them both for us. After he shot the skunk, you could smell it in the house. I closed my bedroom windows before hand, so I wouldn't have the smell in my room. Thankfully, now it is raining. Mom says the rain should help get rid of the smell. The trap with the possum was taken to the woods and shot dead. Now, I don't know how my dad is going to trap the raccoons. He will figure it out.

The three pics below are of the albino skunk and the possum.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birth Verse

Robin Lee Hatcher is one of my favorite authors. (She writes Christian romance.) I just checked her blog at
and her latest post is about something she got from another author, Angela Hunt, about having a birth verse. I went to the link she had and checked to see what my birth verse is. Mine is Hebrews 7:25.

Hebrews 7:25 NIV
Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

What is your birth verse? I think this is interesting. Here is the link to find out what your birth verse is:

For some reason, the two links are not showing up. Robin Lee Hatcher's blog is and the other website is

Friday, August 08, 2008

August Visit

This morning, I had my monthly appointment in seeing my onc. I was in and out of there in about 15 minutes. I lost another 3 pounds, with a total of 51 pounds lost in the past year. I had moved up the appointment a week, cause I thought I was moving this weekend, but I don't think I am at all.

I noticed a new spot, last night, of where I am loosing hair. The hair thinning at greatly slowed down, because of getting it cut short. I have been noticing in the last few weeks, some hair coming out. This new spot is right up front, on the left side of my head. I saw it in the mirror last night. I will be loosing hair through the end of the year, I am very thankful that the hair loss/thinning hasn't been as bad as some people have had while on Interferon.

I am expecting my white blood count to have dropped, and maybe even my platelet count, too. I had a headache that started Monday night and lasted a good 24 hours. I took a pain pill twice on Tuesday, one when I first got up and another one around supper time. had a tickle in my throat for a few days. Actually, I have a small headache right now. That is the thing about the side effects of Interferon, I never know when they will effect me and which ones.

Monday, August 04, 2008

What I Found

This morning, I had a phone interview for a 5th grade math/science position in Charlotte. They do team on the 5th grade and have 6 teachers. They ability group the students, and I have little experience with that. I believe that will be a strike against me, but I think because I have taught 5th science and been on a team, that will help me. Will see...

My white blood count went up from 2.2 to 2.4. My platelet count dropped from about 126 to like 112. I bruise more easily with a low platelet count. Side effects have been pretty minimal, which is good. This evening, I do have a tickle in my throat, and took two vitamin C. I do see my onc this Friday.

My mom and I worked in the basement for a good hour this afternoon. We were going through containers and boxes, deciding what to trash, recycle, keep to stay here, keep but take with me. I still have a bunch of school stuff that would need to go. (No, no job yet, but we are preparing just in case, anyway.) I opened this one file container, and found folders in it. I opened them up, and kinda went through them. I found a sheet of paper, with my NTE scores hand written onto the paper. The NTE is the OH test for teachers to take, who want their teaching certificate. I faxed the scores down to Charlotte late this afternoon. Will see if it helps or not.

Friday, August 01, 2008

More Venting

I called MI this afternoon, and was given a number for a company in MA. This company still has my MI state tests scores for my certification. I had taken those tests before I had finished my course work. I was told how to request the scores. I printed up the necessary forms, and had my dad get me the money order from the bank. Mom mailed it this evening. I will get those scores in about 4 weeks. I did ask them to rush it if possible.

I left a message with somebody in NC about this piece of info. This person called me back and told me to call again once I get my scores in about 4 weeks. If they have any openings at that time, I might get a placement. I am upset, because I wasn't told everything I need to do or get done, when I was in NC back in April.

I would do/send something, get a phone call saying to I need to do this or that. I do it, and get a phone call from somebody else, telling me to do something else. They have all of these people moving down there from OH and other states. I really do not like not being told everything I need to know in advance about something. It upsets me and frustrates me.

So, what am I saying? Those who have been on my mom's side, looks like you have gotten your prayers answered. I think I'm staying here, finishing my treatment here, and subbing here. Still not completely positive about it all.

I do have a phone interview Monday morning, for an elementary position. The Interview is at 11 am. Will see what happens, There is a slim chance on still moving this month. If I don't, I am going to apply to start back on my Master's degree at Akron U.

I think I'm done venting for now. LOL

Frustration: Teaching Certificates

I have received a few phone calls this week from NC, either a principal or someone from human resources. Each HR person asks for something different or telling me what I need to do to complete my file. It is like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Another part of the problem is that I graduated from college in December 1994. I went to school out of state, and at one time, I had three different teaching certificates. I've been trying to get my OH scores from the NTE, but because it has been more than ten years, they have gone bye-bye into thin air. Between all of the moves in the past 12 years, I have lost my OH scores.

I have nothing against the 2001 No Child Left Behind law, and making sure all teachers are highly qualified. But, there is something the federal government didn't take into account, people who initially took their tests and gotten their teaching certificates number of years ago. Maybe they took a break, or are changing states or what, and they need to get a teaching certificate, they need to have proof that they are highly qualified. It is really hard getting that proof.

May 1993, I took my first state test that was needed to get my teaching certificate. I took the secondary ed math one at that time. In January 1994, I took the elementary ed and the science tests. Did my student teaching in the fall of '94 and received my certificate in 1995. By the taking and passing the subject tests, I was certified to teach math and science up to 8th grade. I took the OH test in 1995 and passed the test. By taking the test, and having my MI certificate, I became certified in OH for K-8 and allowed to teach math and science up to the 8th grade. I moved down to TX in August '98. I took the necessary tests during that school year and passed them. With my MI and OH tests and passing the TX state tests, I became certified to teach 1-8 self-contained and math science up to the 8th grade.

Now, there seems like there is hassles in figuring out what I need to do in order to become certified in NC. My OH scores are gone. I have my TX scores. I found out this afternoon, I can request my MI scores. It will take about a month for me to get those scores, though. In TX, I was allowed to teach on a one year emergency teaching certificate, until I could take the tests and get my TX certificate. Don't know if I can teach in NC without my NC teaching certificate. I am certified in two other states. You would think that would be enough. I make phone calls, send faxes, and emails in trying to do what I am supposed to do. I am not being given all of the info that I need, so I am not completely understanding what needs to do be done. So, I am frustrated!

Can't tell if God is opening or closing doors for NC. He has plans to prosper me, not to harm me. (Jeremiah 29:11).