Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kickball: Teachers vs. Students

Today, students watched the teachers play the softball and soccer teams in a game of kickball. This game took place during the last hour of the school day. The first three innings were against the softball team. The next three innings were against the soccer team, and the final inning against them both. I had a lot of fun. I kicked the ball three times and each time, made it all the way around to home and scored a run. The first time, it felt weird running. One of my kids was sitting in the bleachers by first base and laughed when I ran. I don't run.

Seeing our pitcher rolling the ball to the kicker was funny. Both teams scored homeruns, by kicking the ball so it would hit the back wall. Kicking the ball into the bleachers was an automatic out. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun.

The kids paid $2 today to dress down and go to the game, or bring in 5 cans of beans or corn or mac and cheese in the last two days. The student council is trying to collect 3,000 cans by next Friday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still No Blood Return

I had an appointment after school today to have my port flushed. (considering how my afternoon was, my blood pressure was good.) My port flushed without a problem, but still no blood return. Get this, when the needle is removed, that area bleeds.

The nurse has a theory about why it won't return blood. She called the doctor, nothing will be done now. A call will be put into Special Services to see what they think/say. I will get it flushed in four weeks. On January 3, I am to have blood work, if it doesn't return blood then, the nurse will try to access a vein in my arm for blood work, since this is to be fasting blood work. If need to be, I will go to Special Services the week of Valentine's Day to have them check my port and give me a certain drug, since I am to get a CT scan on February 17.

If nothing by then, we will start discussing what to do about my port. I'd rather have it replaced than try to have my veins accessed, when I know they do not work very well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Teacher Merit Pay

For the last 10 years, off and on, there has been talk about paying teachers via merit pay only or in some form. I am totally against merit pay. On testing day, a student could be off, and fail the test, don't show growth, or maybe they were absent. Some students are just not good test takers, while some don't care one bit. This is what gets my goat. Teachers are judged on how well kids do, but if they don't care, then they will not try. Then why should the teachers get blamed for them doing poorly? Yes, sometimes, it could be the teachers' fault, but more than likely it is not.

Ohio is doing it right now, on a volunteer basis, but will be for sure in three years. Right now, just reading and math. There is an article about this, in today's Akron Beacon Journal. Go to and do a search on teacher merit pay.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Port Check

My appointment was scheduled for 10 am, and was told to be at the hospital by 9 am for preregistration. I get there and was told that I was already pre-registered. They took info from my old account from last month and started a new one. So they took me early.

I had the same male nurse that I had last time, and he remembered me. He accessed me, and there was still no blood return. My port flushes nicely. They did the x-ray and even inserted some contrast. The doctor couldn't find anything that was stopping the port from returning blood.

I was giving the option of receiving the drug that begins with an R. I decided to get it, it is a small bag that is I got through and IV for about two hours. I was at the hospital this morning for about three hours.

Will see what happens on the 22nd when I go to get my port flushed. If there is no blood return then, will probably have to go back to special procedures again.