Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's CT Scan follow-up

I was looking at my papers in the envelope that had been on the fridge for today, and realized that I was scheduled to have my port flushed and maybe blood drawn this past Wednesday afternoon, and didn't know, so I didn't go. Oh, well. I was calling around this morning to find out if I was supposed to have blood drawn or not, turns out I didn't. I got to the hospital around 10. Around 10:30 I was given a bag of ice to ice the area of my port. I iced it for about 30 minutes and was called to have my port accessed around 11 am. Guess what? No blood return!! I was not expecting that. Nurse tried a different needle, still nothing. She even looked at both arms to see if she could find a vein, no way was she able to find a vein. She called and spoke of one of my nurses at the Cancer center. They were busy, but was able to take care of me. I was given the clot buster drug, and got back to the hospital around 1:30 and was done a bit before 2 pm.

I see my onc next Monday after school. The nurse from this morning, said to see about having my port flushed every 2 weeks. I will tell my onc that she tried to look for veins and couldn't find any. I even asked her to write a note to him. I'd rather go this mess, than try to find a vein and seeing if it would access or not.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My "ME" Weekend pictures

One of the above pics is one of the Wright's first planes. Air Force starts their history back with the history of planes and the Wright Brothers. A lot of the planes in the museum have nose "jobs", pictures painted on the nose of the plane.

I am standing in front of one of the plans parked in the parking lot.

A pic of the action.

I am holding a Steelers stop sign that was signed by three of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My "ME" Weekend

This weekend, was my third "ME" weekend of the year. The first one, was back in February, when I went to TX for over Valentine's Day weekend. The second one was the first weekend of March, when I went on a Scrapbooking Retreat, and this weekend was the third one. Each weekend was something different.

Friday night, I ate supper at CiCi's Pizza, then I went over to Green High School to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers Footballers Basketball team play and beat the Summit County Sheriff Deputies in a game of basketball. This game raises money for different charities. One of those charities is the Soap Box Derby. The Pittsburgh Steelers who played Friday night was Harrison, and 5 players who were drafted last year in the 2009 draft. They were good. This is an annual event. During half-time, people got into line to get autographs. I did not get Harrison's autograph, but did get autographs of 3 new players. I bought a poster and a stop sign before the game to have something to be signed. I took over a 100 pics.

Saturday morning, I went to a women's conference with my mom and gma. There was brunch and the food was very good. I ate a lot. The message was from John 11. We got home after 12, and I was on the road before 1 pm, to head down to Miamisburg, which is south of Dayton. I went to Miamisburg Assembly of God last night to hear Carmen. The concert lasted about 90 minutes, where he sang about 10 songs and spoke from John 11. I heard two messages from John 11 on the same day. We were only able to take pics during the first song. I took some pics, but they seem dark, and is hard to see anything. The concert was good, and a good time of worship.

I stayed the night in Miamisburg, and attended Miami Valley Community Church this morning. One of the songs we sang was "Blessed be the Name of the Lord". Both last night and this morning, we sang, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus". The sermon this morning was on Joseph, and it was good.

After church, I checked out of my hotel, and drove up to Wright Patterson Air Force Base to visit The Air Force Museum. That place is very cool! I really enjoyed it. I took over 100 pics. The planes were so big! I will post pics from the weekend in the next few days.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today's game started off so great, and then ended up loosing, because of our pitchers. They nibble at the plate. They seem to throw more balls than strikes. Walking batters will bite them in the butt. After six games, our record is 2-4, and the reason for that is the pitching. Yes, the bats, haven't always been awake, but the pitchers need to do better. We have too many young pitchers with not enough experience, we need more experienced pitchers.

I said it last year, and I am saying it again this year, Mark Shapiro needs to be fired!!!! Instead of being fired, he has been promoted as of the end of this season. What a mistake the Dolans have made in keeping Shapiro on as General Manager. Get us a new General Manager, and spend some money on some decent pitchers!!!!!!!!