Friday, June 20, 2014

Member Night at the Akron Zoo

Last evening from 5-8 pm, was member's night at the zoo.  I bought a single membership back in April to the Akron Zoo.  The zoo has two baby snow leopards, but they are not on display yet.  The komodo dragon died earlier this year, and they have replaced it with a new one.  There is now a red panda at the zoo.  Here are a few pics that I took last night.


                                                  Sting ray



New Lung Doctor

  Last month, I chose to change lung doctors.  I asked my kidney doctor if he knew anyone.  He gave me three names, then I called my doctor to ask her for a referral for the new doctor.  I got it and called to make an appointment.  My new lung doctor is half Hungarian.  I am  one quarter Hungarian, that was neat for me.  I will see him again  before school starts. Before then, I will be getting my fourth ultrasound of my right leg in the past year.  In early August, I will have a lung function test.

   He did show me on the computer, a comparison of my PET/CT scans from last August to the one I had at the beginning of March.  He said there was a mass in August and now it is gone.  He also said that Sarcoid is an inflammation of the lymph  nodes. 

    Yesterday morning, I wore my tennis shoes for a few hours.  That was great.  I have to build up time in my tennis shoes.  The swelling in my right leg is going down!  By end of summer, I should be back at Curves working out.  My other goal is to be able to wear my slip-ons by the middle of next month. 

   The OT is working on both of my wrists and my lower arms are very tight.  I have a few exercises to do through out the day.  I am looking for a brace to wear, which will also help. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Toledo Zoo

Yesterday, I left Heather's house and stopped in Toledo to walk around the Toledo Zoo before heading for home.


                                                  Mama and baby elephant

                                                  White Rhino

                                                African Penguins

                                                  Monkey butt


Detroit Zoo

Saturday afternoon, Heather and I went to the Detroit Zoo after eating at B.D. Mongolian Barbecue.  We got to the zoo and was told they closed in an  hour.  (We got there around 4 pm.) Heather saw on the Internet that the zoo closed at 8 pm, well, that was wrong.  Here are a few pics from our two hours at the zoo.

                                                Butterfly from the butterfly house.


                                                  Seal sunning itself.
                                              Rhino butts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Met the OT Today

I've been going to Edwin Shaw for two months now.  I was continuously wrapped from last Friday night till yesterday morning.  The swelling in my right leg has gone down a lot!  I can almost fit into my slip on shoes.  I am able to put on my black tennis shoes, but they were a little snug, though.  When I move, the foam on my upper leg moves down over my knee, and if I pull it up, it seems to get worse.

The OT only works at this Edwin Shaw on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  I had my first appointment with her this morning.  I will be seeing her twice a week.  My fingers have been numb all day on my right hand.  I have had carpel tunnel syndrome for almost twenty years now. I was given a few exercises to do.  Rehab does work.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday Meet Me

I follow some different teacher blogs and they are having blog link up where you share some information about yourself, so I decided to join up with them.

I have taught from fourth-seventh grades. I have taught in both TX and here in OH.  I was only self-contained twice (where I taught all of the core subjects).  I have taught mostly science and social studies.  Those are my two favorite subjects.

I do not have a husband or children, but I do have my parents, sister, niece, grandma and a lot of friends.

My all time favorite TV show is Emergency! (a show from the seventies.) I also watch Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, Major Crimes.

I listen mostly to Christian music. but I also do enjoy listening to Country music.

I love to read.  I mostly read Christian fiction, of which most of those books are about the Amish.  I will also read biographies.  My favorite magazine is People Weekly.

My hobby is scrap booking.  I scrapbook the school year, trips and other events.  I do both digital scrap booking and by hand.