Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Breathing Mask

I found out a couple of weeks ago, that with my insurance, I can get a new mask for my breathing machine (for sleep apnea) every three months.  In the past month, I started having problems with my mask, because of the swelling of my face.  I last got a new mask, back in February.  I  like the mask, but it wasn't staying on properly, and the straps kept moving up towards my ears.  The week before Christmas, I stopped using the mask.  Last Monday, the 23rd,  I had an appointment over at Cornerstone to get a new mask.  I needed a bigger mask.  My new mask is similar to my old mask, but still different.  
   I slept pretty good this past week.  The first three nights, I was feeling good in the morning, with a good amount of energy.  I still took naps (on vacation).  But by Thursday/Friday, I started noticing that my energy level wasn't up as high as it had been. Dad made a comment Thursday or Friday night, about how the swelling was getting worse in my face.  I noticed Friday (I think) night, where the straps on the side was moving up towards my ears, having to readjust the mask when I woke up at night.
   Between my slightly high blood sugar levels, and not getting enough air due to the mask not fitting properly at night, my energy level hasn't been very good.  It is better than it was before Christmas vacation, but slightly lower than the beginning of last week.
   It is going to be interesting on New Year's Eve, since I get really tired in the evenings and become half asleep.  I am hanging out with my friends.  I am planning on taking my own pop, since last year they only served Coke products, and I am a Pepsi person.  Pepsi does help, but I hope I can last til midnight.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

At the Doctor's Office Again

  I said that I had blood drawn on the 10th of this month.  Doctor's office called on Tuesday, to say they got the results and that the doctor wanted to see me.  So I scheduled the appointment for 10:50 this morning.  I waited about 50 minutes in the waiting room before being called back.  I gained about 2.5 pounds since the 2nd of this month.  I have been watching my portion sizes for when I eat.  I wanted to prove to my lung doctor that I wouldn't gain a lot of weight while on steroids.  My face is very puffy!
   Back on the 10th, blood was drawn to check my blood sugar and insulin levels.  I was told that steroids can mess up your sugar levels.  Mine is a little high.  6.3 is diabetic, mine is 6.5.  My doctor is not saying that I am diabetic.  On the 10th, I was taking 2 steroids a day, I am now down to 1 1/2 steroids a day.  Each pill is 20 mg.  The first month was 60 mg a day, the second month was 40 mg a day, and now I am down to 30 mg, 
  This is what we are going to do:  I was going to have my physical fasting  blood work done on January 17,  but it is being moved back to February 14.  I am already scheduled for blood work on that day for the kidney doctor.  Plus, my blood sugar will be tested on February 14 also.  According to my calculations, my last day to take steroids is January 20.  That will put me at 3 weeks without being on steroids, so hopefully, things will have settled down by then. 
    While I was at the doctor's office, I told her that my right leg was hurting.  I somehow did bruise an area on the front, but it hurt on the side for the past couple of days.  Since it felt warm to the touch to her, she wanted to get an ultrasound done on my leg.  That is the third one this year since July.  I had to head down to Green for a 3:30 appointment, since the places around where I live couldn't get me in for a stat ultrasound.  I do not have a blood clot in my right leg.  The area hurts and is kinda hard.  I will put the heating pad on it, and since I see the chiropractor on Saturday, I will ask him to do heat therapy on that area.  He is good at letting me  have the heat therapy when I ask for it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Questionnaire

I linked up with another blog to answer these Christmas questions.

1. Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?
   Actually neither, but will drink hot chocolate.

2. Does Santa wrap your presents, or do they just sit underneath the tree?
        My parents wrap the presents for us kids.  I wrap the ones I give out.

3.  Colored lights or white?
     Definitely colored?  I like the blinking lights the best, but we do not have those up this year.  

4. When do you decorate?
         Usually, the tree comes up stairs from the basement on Thanksgiving, but the tree goes up that weekend.  My mom puts up the tree, and I help decorate the tree.  On a nice day sometime in November, she will go out and put the lights up on the lamp posts along the driveway.  The stockings go up, and lights and garland go up the stairs and along the banister.  This year this did not happen.  Mom has been sick, and I haven't been well most of the fall either.

5.  Real or Fake tree?
       We have a fake tree.  This year, my sister brought over hers and put it up.  Mom wasn't up to bringing up or 9 foot tree.  My sister's is much small, besides she had been thinking of buying a new tree this year.

6. What tops your tree?  
      We have an angel on the top of our tree.

7.  Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?
       We get a brand new ornament every year.  My mom started this when we three were kids.  All three were in the same theme, but as we got older and became involved in things, our ornament might have something to do with what we were involved in.  I have quite a few teacher ornaments, because I am a teacher.  I have some different Pittsburgh Steeler ornaments.  When we go on vacation, we might try to find a Christmas ornament from that place, but not always.  This year, I bought the ornaments, and forgot to buy a new one for myself.  My niece is part of the tradition.  The last few years, we have been buying our ornaments from the same person.  We like her stuff.

8.  Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
    When I was in the second grade, I got a watch for Christmas.  I think like every five minutes, I would go around telling people the time. 

9.  Do you prefer giving or receiving?
    I think all like receiving, but I do love giving gifts to others.  I enjoy looking for something different for my family and friends.  I am bad, at buying, and then telling my friends, that I have their gift, but I do not tell them and make them wait, until they get it.

10.  What is your favorite Christmas song?
      It is actually a hymn, "Angels We Have Heard on High"  That is because I love the chorus.

11.  Candy Canes, Yuck or Yum?
      Yum.  I buy them for my students, and try to get the different flavors for them.  I do like the peppermint ones, the best.

12.  Favorite Christmas Movie?
        I do not have one.

13.  Do you shop online or in stores?
         Both, but mostly in the stores or at  craft shows.

14.  Photo cards, letters, or store bought cards?
     My family did  a photo card, two years ago, when we had our family pic taken for the last time ever.  I do like getting a photo card from my friends.  I usually send out store bought cards, and for a few people will add a letter to it.  I do like getting the letter.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Morning

Early Sunday morning, God gave me a thought to call my doctor to see about having my insulin and blood sugar levels checked.  Yesterday morning, I called my doctor and left her a message to see if this could be done.  She agreed.  I spent some time yesterday on the phone between my doctor's office, and calling to see about making an appointment someplace to get blood drawn to have these two checked.  This was 12 hour fasting blood work.  Where I normally go, couldn't get me in until 2 pm, and I did not want to go all day without eating.  They told me that private outpatient at the hospital could do.  I called and had an appointment made for 7 am this morning.  I got hold of my doctor's office and they faxed over the order.

  I had to be at the hospital before 7 am to register.  I get there, registration did not have the order, private outpatient did.  The lady at registration called over them like 5 time, trying to get the order, or at least the diagnosis codes from the order, so she could in put those codes into the computer.  Someone finally came over with the order, for her to input the codes.  I walked over to private outpatient, and found out that the order from the doctor was written wrong.  But as a favor to me they went ahead and drew my blood.  I finally received some ice, to ice my port around 7:30 am.  I finally left the hospital about 7:45 am, and still needed to get some breakfast, so I went across the street to McDonald's and went inside to get something to eat in the car.  Their OJ machine wasn't working, so I got a Dr. Pepper to drink.  I finally got to school and signed in at 8:20 am.  My homeroom was already in the room, but I had called ahead, so they knew I was on my way to school.

  So today was a type of day where I was making mistakes and laughing at myself.

Monday, December 02, 2013

I Saw my PCP Today

 I saw my personal doctor first this morning at 8:40 am.  I was there over an hour.  I went in to see her because of having no energy and no energy in my leg muscles.  As I have posted before, I started steroids on Wednesday, October 23, with three a day.  By that Friday, I noticed how much energy I had.  That energy lasted about two weeks.

  The week of November 4, I started to notice how difficult it was to go up the two short flight of stairs at school, and the stairs at home at night to go to bed.  That Thursday night, is when I first noticed the rash on my legs, and had thought that I was having an allergic reaction. Of which I wasn't.

  The next week, it wasn't too bad.  The week of the 18th, rash was bad, the energy was horrible, half a sleep when I wen to school, polar pop every day, half a sleep, when I left school.  That Thursday, my right leg was hurting by the top part of my hole, and it was hard.  I went to the ER Friday night, and left with a prescription for pain pills.  That was 22nd, and we found out that mom had mono.

  By Thanksgiving, I was wondering if I had caught mono from mom.  So I called on Wednesday or Tuesday to see my doctor today.  My face is already very swollen from the steroids (I now take only two a day).  Areas around my neck are swollen, either due to the steroids or my lymph nodes are swollen.  I asked to be tested for mono. 

  The nurse was able to get blood from my left hand, it flowed slowly, but she was able to get enough for the different tests they wanted to run.  The did the quick mono blood test, which came back negative for mono.  But the rest was sent out to the lab and will be tested for mono. 

  Having sarcoid, and being on steroids, makes it difficult to know what is going on with my body.  I am still dehydrated, and do not drink enough water.  I drink pop for the caffeine kick I need to have energy to do things. 

  Between Thanksgiving through yesterday, I took naps on three of the four days.  Friday's nap was 2 1/2 hours long.  I usually only nap when I am sick.  I've been resting, but still need more.  I would like to know what is going on with my body.  I would like to feel better soon.