Friday, February 23, 2007

More on moving

On Monday, my dad talked about flying down and renting a trailer and try to see about connecting it to my car. Then he also talked about getting a moving company to move me home. He didnt' like the estimates they were giving, so on Wednesday, he started talking about driving down and renting a trailer to connect to his van. I found out last night, that is what he is going to do. He is brining a family friend down to help, I have to try and sell my furniture, except for my bed, since that is only a 1 1/2 years old.

If I can sell my furniture, like I have been told to do, what if in a few months, I get a job, and have to move again. What am I supposed to do for furniture? I do not think they thought about that.

On the way home, we are supposed to stop in Branson. I haven't been there before.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spiritual Insights

I have been praying about hearing the voice of God in my life. To me it seems like he has been quiet. I keep asking what in my heart has become a wall between God and myself. I really want to know what is God's will. I have been going through the process of grief in this aspect of moving back to OH. I am starting to accept it, even though it is not my desire. I pray that God will make his desires my desires.

Last Wednesday evening, I sat doing day 5 of my homework for my Beth Moore Biblestudy that I had that night. While working on my homework, King Hesekiah kept coming into my mind. When I finished with my homework, I started flipping through Chronicles and II Kings. In II Kings, I found the passage I wanted. I was looking for the passage that talked about when King Hezekiah was very ill, and God sent a prophet to tell Hezekiah that he was going to die. The prophet left the room, and Hezekiah started praying. You see, King Hezekiah didn't want to die, he wanted to live. God heard his prayer, and before the prophet could leave the palace, God spoke to him, and told him to turn around. This prophet went back to King Hezekiah to tell him what God said. God heard Hezekiah's prayer, and decided to answer it. King Hezekiah was given 15 more years to live. Do you know what happened during those 15 years? King Hezekiah had another son. This son became king, when Hezekiah died. King Manassah, was one of the most evil kings Israel ever had. Manassah was the exact opposite of his father. We wonder why and ask why Hezekiah could not accept God's plan for his life. If he had, wonder what who would've been the next king, and if he would've been good or bad.

This got me to thinking about what would happen, if God decided to give me my desire, and allow me to stay here in Dallas. Would something evil happen? Would I not recieve God's best? Towards the end of the video session last night, I had this following thought: "Why am I fighting God about moving back home to OH?" I can't really answer that question.

I saw two other cool things in the Bible this past week. They both deal with Moses. Numbers 24: 4-9 is when the Israelites were grumbling and whining about God. (When weren't they doing that in the desert?) God became angry with them. He sent snakes, who bit the Israelites, as punishment for their sin. The Israelites called out and aplogized. God told Moses to make a bronze snake and put it high on a pole, all those who looked at the bronze snake would live. Skim forward to John 3:14-15, where it says like how Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, Jesus would be lifted up and those who believe would be saved. The passage in Numbers is like either a foreshadow or a phrophecy of what Jesus would do for us on the cross.

Yesterday, I worked on my BSF homework (all of it, since I hadn't touched it yet), in Romans 11:2-6 it is talking about Elijah. I was send back to I Kings 19 to read about Elijah who ran away for his life, after Jezebel says that she is going to kill him. This occurred after the high on the mountaintop. Elijah runs over 200 miles away to Mt. Horeb. Did you know that Mt. Horeb is another name for Mt. Sinai. That is the exact same place, that God spoke face to face to Moses and where he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Elijah came face to face with God on that exact mountain hundreds of years later. I wonder if that is why God had both Moses and Elijah with Jesus when Jesus was transfigured before three of his disciples. Isn't that so cool?


It is official, I am moving back to OH. I am moving next week. Looks like, I am going to hire a moving company to move all of my junk back to OH. I will have to pack my car with I think I can not live without for a ful week. (That is a joke.) I have already decided my scrapbooking tools will be in my car, not on the moving company's van. To top all of this off, I spill water on my laptop over the weekend. Now, I get to get it fixed after going home.

This is not my desire, but it is what the Lord is leading me to do. What I keep saying is that I have the same problem that is being moved to a new setting. The only aspect is that my expenses will drop. I have applied to get my OH teaching license, and that will help in finding a job in the area that I will be living. I will be looking for jobs out of the state of OH. I will continue praying for the Lord's will and where He is leading me in this area of my life.