Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Come the end of next month, it will be two years, since I have worked full-time. I am ready for my own classroom. Subbing is good and it keeps me up in the classroom. But it just isn't the same. I've told the Lord, I would like one year, where the behavior is pretty good, and the kids care about their education. I get tired of being around students who don't care about either their education or their behavior.

Last week and this week is testing here in OH. Wasn't expecting to work much this week. I worked the last two days, middle school and high school. Was called this morning by a different district to a school I do not like (bad behavior, and the kids dont' care too much) and for a teacher I have been before. I turned it down, the only call I recieved. I kinda regret turning it down. Part of that regret is the lecture I will recieve later today. I have the right to be choosey as a substitute teacher. I know I need to not be that choosey, but I am. What am I supposed to do about the bad behavior and the not caring about learning. With it being a testing day, things can be worse. So, I am down a bit.

Monday, got my blood work back. Liver counts are normal, first time since last fall. White blood count is up to 3.1. A few counts are still low, but overall it was good. I had my weekly fever yesterday. I wake up with one at least once a week on a Tuesday or Thursday, the day after my injection. I've been getting headaches, hard to tell if they are sinus headaches or interferon induced headaches. I've taken a pain pill both of the last two nights. Monday, I was cold. Turned the heat on and had to sit underneath a blanket all afternoon and evening. I had a hard time getting warm.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Night's Fun

Yesterday, was my first injection of Interferon in a week. The last one I received was April 18. I knew that my side effects would be worse after skipping a couple of days. Last night, they were as bad as last fall, when I was on the high dose. They started before I even got my injection.

I subbed in a first grade classroom yesterday. My first all day job since April 14. Before noon, I had a headache. I couldn't take anything, because of getting Tylenol some time after 3 pm. School got out at 2:30 pm, and I was tired then. I drove to the hospital, had my blood drawn for my weekly labs. Got my injection and came home. By the time I got home, my fatigue level was up to a 9/10. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open while driving. I was that tired. I took a nap after coming home. My naps aren't long, usually about 30 minutes, and at times an hour in length.

I was tired during the evening. Got off the computer about 8:30 pm. I had a headache. Decided to take Sudafed, because I wasn't sure which container held the pain pills. I had the chills and was warm. My teeth was chattering. Got a shower, and watched the Indians game. Went to bed about 10 pm. The second time, I woke up, my head was hurting like crazy. Went downstairs to take a couple of pain pills, get some water. I took my temp, and it was at 100.7 degrees. Changed into my summer pajamas, after heading back upstairs. All of my windows were open and my fan was on. Slept great for the next 3 1/2 hrs. Slept off and on after that, and got up a little after 7 am.

I came downstairs a little after 9:30 this morning, and took the last pain pill. The pain pills are the only thing that works on my interferon induced headaches. I called my onc office this morning, and spoke to the onc on duty. She called in a prescription for pain pills for me. My mom picked them up for me this afternoon. I've been tired and feel out of it today.

I'm glad I this is happening over the weekend, so that hopefully, I won't have to make myself unavailable and can work all week. Will see how long it takes me to get back into the groove of the injections. I will miss an injection in June, when I got to TX for a few days.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Beach, Fort Fisher, Wilmington

Vacation time was on Sunday and Monday. Sunday after church, drove to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. It was nice to walk on the beach, dig my toes into the sand, pick up seashells, and watch the tide come in. My dad wouldn't believe me that it was high tide, he though it was low tide. It was nice to be out there. I enjoyed it. We stayed in Wilmington for the night.

Monday morning, we checked out and drove down to Carolina Beach and then over to Kure Beach.

I had fun texting and calling people to rub in the fact, I was on the beach and they weren't. I didn't wear my stocking on Monday, so I could enjoy the beach. The breeze was nice. I just enjoyed it. I hadn't been on the beach in 13 years. The sand was nice. Walking on broken shells, that did hurt a bit. Gorgeous views.

After the two beaches, we stopped at Fort Fisher, the last strong hold in the Confederacy during the Civil War. Received a history lesson. Saw a real cannon that had been brought up from the ocean. Cannon balls. I bought replica money from the Civil War time. That was so cool.

From Fort Fisher, drove back to Wilmington and went to downtown. Downtown, you can see a real battleship that was used during WW II in the Pacific Ocean.

Dad and I received a tour of the Coast Guard ship that is docked in Wilmington. Wilmington is its home base. They are home for two months, out to sea for two months, etc. Standing there, you could see a battleship across the way. I took a bunch of pics. Dad drove over to the battleship, it was five, so we didn't get on, plus the cost was $12 to get on. But it was cool!

NC Interviews

(Here is the welcome sign to NC)
We left Friday, April 18, and got down to Charlotte, a little before 6 pm. We stopped about every 2-3 hours. The scenery was beautiful. There were trees/shrubs with these pretty purple flowers. To me, the trees had very skinny trunks. After supper, we soaked in the hot tub.

Saturday, at the convention center, was the Charlotte-Mecklenburgh job fair. I dropped off about 20 resume packets. I did not talk to all 20 schools. Some had long lines. Standing there for a period of time, bothered my hip and my leg some. A lot gave job offers, some openings, they only took resumes. Will see...I do have a letter of intent. Supposedly, if I don't have an assignment by July, I will get one. God has something for me.

I made phone calls on Thursday, Friday, and again on Monday. I received two more interviews on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Sunday, we drove to the beach, Monday, drove up to Wilson, NC. Tuesday, we were in Wilson for the morning, and over to Lexington for the afternoon. We stayed in Thomasville for the night. Wednesday, drove over to Troy. When I was done in Troy, headed for home.

Nothing in the other three. Lexington, my name is in the pile to be considered for an opening in the fall. I am a little too early for most of these places, because last week, they gave out contracts. They are due this or next week. The majority of the school districts will not know about openings until next month sometime. Hopefully, I will get more interviews throughout the summer.

Trouble on the Turnpike

Last week, I went up to MI for a job fair. I left EMU around 4:30 April 16. I stopped for supper, then continued on my way home. (Right after, I moved back to OH last year, my gas gauge broke.) When my gas tank gets low, the needle on my gas gauge moves back over to Full, then the yellow light goes on. I knew I was low. I saw the needle move back to Full, but didn't pay attention to when the yellow light went on. Once that light goes on, I have about 50 miles before I run out of gas. Guess what I did that Wednesday night? I ran out of gas. I was about 60 miles from home, around 7:15 pm. As I was moving over to the shoulder, I noticed my battery light was on.

My dad called a business associate that lived up where I was, and she came to me with a gallon of gas. I went to start my car, and it wouldn't start. My battery was dead. She called AAA, and waited with me, until a tow truck arrived. He took me off the turnpike, and waited with me for another one, who took me home. I got home around midnight. I was very tired, and not able to drive anymore that night. I had to still get my injection.

Mom took me into town, and I got my injection around 12:45 am (Thursday). I am not supposed to get it two days in a row, but basically did. I got it again after 7:30 am on Friday.

EMU Job Fair

Last week, was the Eastern Michigan University Job Fair. I went up the day before, so I could see my best friend. We haven't seen each other in a year. Her oldest turned 13, she now has a teenager, later in the week. It was good to see her and her boys. We had a nice visit.

I gave out about 20 resume packets. I only spoke to people from ID, WV, NC, and SC. I asked people from NC and SC who do I contact about setting up interviews for the next week, since I was heading down to Charlotte that weekend. I started making phone calls that afternoon. I left messages, and a majority didn't call me back.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Akron Aeros and Spring

Brandi and Orbit

Orbit and myself


We had spring weather this week. New leaves are coming out on the trees. Nice weather. M-F, I've done some walking. Friday, was the only day, I didn't walk down the driveway. Monday and Friday, I did the most walking, and the following day, I've been worn out. But do you know how good it was to be outside and enjoying the sunshine? I won't be surprised if my white blood count dropped. Last week, it was at 2.6.

Last night, I went to an Akron Aeros (AA Indians) game downtown Akron, with my sis, niece, and mom. The other team took an early lead, but in the bottom of the fifth inning, the Aeros rallied and went ahead. Between both teams, they made 8 errors. The visiting team committed 6 of those errors. The final score was 12-5. My niece and I each had our pic taken with Orbit, the mascot. Orbit also signed the mitt my niece had. My dad gave her the mitt last night before going to the game.

After the game was fireworks. They were cool. I took a couple of pics and then did a video of the fireworks. I haven't been able to figure out how to save the video. If I can upload it, then I will.

Will not talk about the Indians, I am very disappointed with them, they have a loosing record and are not playing up to par. I still hope to go to 2-3 games this year, though.

Next week, going up to MI and at the end of the week, heading down to Charlotte, NC. I probably won't post until after I have gotten back from NC.