Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day 2008

The Cleveland Indians opened their season against Chicago White Sox. First pitch was at 3:05 pm. Indians are at home for the first series of the season. Mark B. was the starting pitcher is now 0-6 against C.C. Sabithia. White Sox pitcher only lasted 1 2/3 innings, 2/3 innings longer than their pitcher lasted last year on opening day.

In the first inning, White Sox got a guy on base, and he stole second. Thome came up to bat, and C.C. pitched a perfect to pitch to Thome, to allow him to get a two run home run. Before that at-bat, Thome was 0-11 against C.C. Thome's first two at-bats, he hit a home run against C.C. What are we going to do with C.C.?

Bottom of the second, We had 11 or 12 guys come to bat. Victor got to hit twice. Each of his two at-bats, he hit a single, and his second one was a RBI single. Guiterriz hit a two run home run. He hit our first home run of the season. Grady took longer this year, than last year, to hit his first home run of the season. Grady's second at-bat of the game, he hit a solo home run. By the fifth out of the game, Mark B. had been chased to the showers, with the score at 7-2.

C.C. allowed the White Sox to come back into the game. C.C. could've pitched better than he did. Casey Blake made an error, which allowed White Sox to come back and tie the game. Actually Rafael Perez gave up the run(s) that tied the game. That is not like Perez at all. He would've done better. I do home he pitches like he did last year. C.C. pitched okay, but not like a Cy Young player would pitch, though.

Bottom of the 8th, Casey Blake, came to bat, with the bases loaded. He hit a 3 run double. Score is now 10-7. White Sox deliberately walked Grady, and pitched to Jason Michaels.

Top of the 9th, Joe Borowski, our closer, is on the mound. He pulled his favorite 2007 stunt, keeping us on the edge of our seats, by giving up a solo home run. Score is now 10-8. Casey Blake hit the winning run and made the final out of the game. We win 10-8!

I know this was only the first game of the season, but the Idiots could've and should've done better. Tomorrow is an off day. Wednesday, game starts at 7:05 and Thursday, starts at 12:05 before heading out to Oakland for the weekend.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Brother

Last fall, I posted about my brother staph infection he had in his finger. I wasn't sure if I was going to post about him from this week or not. I've thought about it and have decided to post.

I didn't go see Timmy last weekend, because I was still sore on the left side from my biopsy, and Timmy sits to my left, on the couch. Sunday night (Easter), mom received a phone call telling her that Timmy was in the hospital. He woke up Saturday, with sinus problems. Sunday, he was worse, face red and half of it swollen. They took him to Emergency and he was admitted. He has another staph infection, this time in his nose, and bacteria in his blood. They talked about doing surgery, but the doctors have now decided no surgery. That is good news. He is on a very strong antibiotic, that he gets twice a day. His doctor was supposed to prescribe a pain medicine for him.

Timmy fell out of bed last night and hit his head. He didn't need stitches, that is good.

I haven't seen him yet and won't until after he is sent home to the group home. My parents want to make sure I don't catch anything. My sinuses have been bothering me this week. I keep getting sinus headaches. Tylenol doesn't work, so I've started taking Sudafed.

Thank you for all of your prayers. I really do appreciate them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Biopsy Results

I have some good news to share. The doctor, who did my biopsy on Wednesday, called me this afternoon. She wanted to give me the biopsy results. Came back good, clean, benign! Praise the Lord. I am now done with tests for a few months.

I am quite sore on my left side. It hurts to do right turns, when I am driving. I won't be able to sleep on my left side for a few more days. A lot of times, just any kind of movement causes it to hurt.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This morning was my biopsy. It was over by the hospital, in one of their professional buildings. I had to by there by 8:45 am, with it starting at 9am. I go back into the room, and we do paperwork first. She explains the whole procedure to me, I ask questions, she answers and vice versa. This mass, that was being biopsied, could not be felt by touching, can only be seen by x-ray.

I laid down on my stomach, and my left side hang down through a hole in the table. They squished and squeezed, with tools and took pics. Couldn't see it, so went over for a mammogram. The density of the mass is the same as the rest of the tissue surrounding it. Went back and got situated again on the table. They got me already, then I said I needed a pillow for my right side, because the area around my port was bothering me. I tried not to move, but I did, so they had to start all over again, in getting me ready for the biopsy.

They numbed it, inserted a needle, took pics, went around the clock to get tissue samples. At the end, they inserted a clip, so that if I ever had to see a surgeon, got another biopsy, mammogram, they could see where a biopsy was done beforehand.

I have had to keep ice on that area off and on all day. I was in the room for a couple of hours. I received a ride in a wheelchair up to the seventh floor to get my injection. They were busy, so I stayed in the wheelchair and was taken care of right there in the middle of the room, blocking traffic.

I will get the results next week when I see my onc.

I woke up fine this morning. We left around 8 am, and by that time, I was ready for a nap. I was tired all day.

It is currently snowing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Job Fair

Today, was the teacher job fair at AU. Over sixy school districts were there. I had 11 interviews today, and I gave out 24 resume packets. I recieved two possible job offers, one of those I actually signed a letter of intent/contract. I had interviews with districts from the following states: AZ, KS, NV, GA, SC, NC, and MD. There was even a school district there from Alaska.

I tried to get into as many OH school district lines, but they were long. I gave to a few of thoe districts, but the majority of my packets went to the out of state districts.

The district with the possible job, I have to fill out the application and make sure they have all of my info. They are having their own job fair April 19. I can go down there, meet and interview with principals that I would be interested working with, and those who are interested with me, just decide where I want to work, and can leave there with a job for next school year. That is what I go from my conversation with them. If I don't get something next month, then I would be given a school to teach out come around July 1.

I need to pray about all of this, do my job, research the area and different schools, go down a day early to check out the area. This job fair is the same week, that I am going back up to EMU for their teacher job fair.

I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this area. God has a place for me to teach at, He will reveal it in time.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Need a Biopsy

Saw my onc this morning. My dad was there with me for my appointment. First, I am a little anemic, explains why I am tired, besides the Interferon making me tired. My ovaries are fine. They thought they were seeing something near my port when I got the mammograms/ultrasounds last month. There's nothing really there. They do see a 3.5cm mass in my left breast. There are two options, wait 3 months then get another mammogram/ultrasound, or get a biopsy. My onc prefers me getting the biopsy, because of my melanoma. The radiologist is going to perform the biopsy instead of a surgeon, because this way, I will get it done sooner.

So, Wednesday, March 26, at 9am, I am going to get a Sterotactic Guided Biopsy of my left breast. They believe it is benign, and I was told not to worry. I haven't yet. I will get the results the following week, when I go to see my onc again.

The biopsy can't be done next week, because I am going to a teacher job fair over at the university. So far, I have 8 interviews scheduled for next week. I have room for 4 more. Please keep that in your prayers also.

I saw my surgeon on Wednesday. I do not have to see him again for 6 months. He said something to me about seeing a dermatologist, so I have an appointment to see one on April 2.

Today, I have been the most "awake" than I have been all week.

When people read blogs, they will sometimes look at the comments that have been posted. I've done that, and I don't care if you read those that have been posted on mine. There are two comments that were posted on my post from last week, with pics of snow. Please do not try to read those comments, I'm afraid if you do, if they might try to cause a problem for you on your computer or not. I do not know how to delete them. I've changed a couple of things on posting comments.

My friends in TX, yes, I know you received some snow this week. Your most recent storm, is up here in OH. It started snowing little after 10 am today. We already have 3-6 inches of snow, and are expecting about a foot or more by 4 am on Sunday. Maybe, I will take more pics and post them. Enjoy your snow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Need Further Evaluation

Two weeks ago, on President's Day, I had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, which took 2 1/2 hours. I was told the doctor thought there was something around my port area. Today, I received a letter, saying that I need further evaluation, from what they saw two weeks ago. I am already scheduled to see my onc this Friday. We will talk about this and I will also talk to him about my fatigue and energy levels. Please keep me in your prayers on Friday morning.