Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jesus Prom

    Last night, Friday, September 11, my church held a Jesus Prom.  This was the first time we did this.  The theme  was Candy Land.  The decorations were very cool.  Pool Noodles used for Licorice Forest.  We had Peppermint Forest.  Colored squares on the floor, to be like the trail on the game board.  The guests could get their shoes shined, nails done, play games, have supper, get treats, dance, and even go on a carriage ride pulled by a horse named Bingo.  Even, Webster the Duck from the Rubber Ducks was there.
   While I was watching people dance, I thought about what my night would be like if I was there with Timmy.  There was no visible speakers, and he would not have liked that.  No place for him to stand in front of the speakers.  The music was loud, though.  I even wondered how he would done with doing the Limbo.  He probably would've liked all of the people, going up to them, getting  hugs, and such.  My fun would've been keeping him from pulling down all of the different decorations.  i still think it would've been fun with him there.