Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boise, Idaho

We flew out to Boise for Christmas. My cousin and his family flew over from WA. I have one cousin who lives six hours away who couldn't come home, and my brother wasn't here, other wise it was all of us. My sis and my niece had an adventure getting here. We had a nice Christmas. It was nice seeing people I haven't seen in six years, and meeting cousins I have never met. My cousin from WA and his wife, I haven't seen in 23 years.

On Christmas afternoon, my aunt went to the hospital because her hip came out of the socket and she went down onto the floor. It has been put back in.

They opened gifts on Christmas and again on Monday.

Woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. I will get the chance to shoot a gun for the first time this week. Going to see a movie this afternoon. We are hoping to go over to Boise State University to see the blue field. It has been a good week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Port Flush

After three months, of my port not returning blood, it decided to return blood Tuesday afternoon. I had no pop during the day, and I sat as straight as possible. Will see what happens on January 3 when I go in for a port flush and blood work.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Christmas Alphabet

A is for Animals who shared the stable.
B is for the Babe in the manger cradle.
C is for the Carols so blithe and so gay.
D for December, the twenty-fifth day.
E for the Eve when we're all so excited.
F for the Fun when the trees at last lighted.
Gfor the Goose, so round and so fat.
Hfor the Holly you stick in your hat.
I for the Ivy that clings to the wall.
J is for Jesus, the cause of it all.
Kfor the Kindness begot by this feast.
Lis the Light shining way in the east.
M for the Mistletoe, all green and white.
N for the Noels we sing Christmas night.
O for the Oxen, the first to adore Him.
P for the Presents Wise Men laid before Him.
Q for the quaking of shepherds in fear, when the bright angels brought them the words of good cheer.
R for the Reindeer leaping the roofs.
S for the Stockings that Santa Claus stuffs.
T for the Toys, the Tinsel, the Tree.
U is for Us-the whole family.
V is for Visitors bringing us cheer.
W is Welcome to the happy New Year.
XYZ bother me! All I can say, this is the end of my Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful Wedding

Saturday afternoon, I went to a beautiful, Christ-centered wedding. I've known the bride since she was a toddler. Our families have been friends for years. Her parents and my parents are very close friends. They even went to Hawaii together almost 17 years ago, during that time, my sister watched their kids. This friend is the youngest of her siblings.

The solo sung was "Turn your eyes up on Jesus", and another song sung, was "Tis, so Sweet to trust in Jesus". When the bride and groom exchanged rings, they each quoted the verse from Ruth 1, about going where you go, your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. That is the verse that Ruth said to Naomi.

The reception was fun and enjoyable.

The new couple was set up by friends in the late spring. They got to know one another via emails, letters, and phone calls, met in June at a wedding, and the rest was history. I wish them well.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Port Check #2

I had a port check this afternoon. It was scheduled for 1 pm. I got to the hospital a little after 12:30 pm. I went up to Special Services and signed in. I was called about around 1:45 pm. I stood up while the nurse accessed my port, still no blood return. Had the x-ray, then had the full dose of the clot buster drug. There is a very slight chance I will get blood return in two weeks, when I go get my port flushed.

Talked to the doctor on duty there, and we talked about having my port replaced next year. If I do not get blood return in two weeks, will have my oncologist office call and have it scheduled for in January. Will see if they can do it on MLK day, no school that day. Would like to try not to take a day off if I can.

That means on January 3, there is a very good chance that my veins will be accessed to have have blood drawn that morning. Not looking forward to it at all. My veins are very hard to access.

Something for Joey

"Something for Joey" is one of my all time favorite books. It is a biography and a tear jerker. Be prepared to cry at the end of the book. I knew what was going to happen, and still did. I found this book at the public library when I was in college. I haven't read it since I was in college. First this story was made into a tv movie, then it was made into a book.

Together, they won college football's highest award. This is a true, memorable, compassionate story of courage and love between two brothers. In 1973, while John Cappelletti was winning the Heisman Trophy as the outstanding college football player in America, his younger brother Joey was suffering from leukemia. But John, now a running back for the Los Angeles Rams, had a very special medicine fro Joey. It was called touchdowns. and John scored them in bunches because they were "Something for Joey." The story of the Cappelletti family is a story of courage you will never forget.

This book was written in 1977.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kickball: Teachers vs. Students

Today, students watched the teachers play the softball and soccer teams in a game of kickball. This game took place during the last hour of the school day. The first three innings were against the softball team. The next three innings were against the soccer team, and the final inning against them both. I had a lot of fun. I kicked the ball three times and each time, made it all the way around to home and scored a run. The first time, it felt weird running. One of my kids was sitting in the bleachers by first base and laughed when I ran. I don't run.

Seeing our pitcher rolling the ball to the kicker was funny. Both teams scored homeruns, by kicking the ball so it would hit the back wall. Kicking the ball into the bleachers was an automatic out. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun.

The kids paid $2 today to dress down and go to the game, or bring in 5 cans of beans or corn or mac and cheese in the last two days. The student council is trying to collect 3,000 cans by next Friday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still No Blood Return

I had an appointment after school today to have my port flushed. (considering how my afternoon was, my blood pressure was good.) My port flushed without a problem, but still no blood return. Get this, when the needle is removed, that area bleeds.

The nurse has a theory about why it won't return blood. She called the doctor, nothing will be done now. A call will be put into Special Services to see what they think/say. I will get it flushed in four weeks. On January 3, I am to have blood work, if it doesn't return blood then, the nurse will try to access a vein in my arm for blood work, since this is to be fasting blood work. If need to be, I will go to Special Services the week of Valentine's Day to have them check my port and give me a certain drug, since I am to get a CT scan on February 17.

If nothing by then, we will start discussing what to do about my port. I'd rather have it replaced than try to have my veins accessed, when I know they do not work very well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Teacher Merit Pay

For the last 10 years, off and on, there has been talk about paying teachers via merit pay only or in some form. I am totally against merit pay. On testing day, a student could be off, and fail the test, don't show growth, or maybe they were absent. Some students are just not good test takers, while some don't care one bit. This is what gets my goat. Teachers are judged on how well kids do, but if they don't care, then they will not try. Then why should the teachers get blamed for them doing poorly? Yes, sometimes, it could be the teachers' fault, but more than likely it is not.

Ohio is doing it right now, on a volunteer basis, but will be for sure in three years. Right now, just reading and math. There is an article about this, in today's Akron Beacon Journal. Go to and do a search on teacher merit pay.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Port Check

My appointment was scheduled for 10 am, and was told to be at the hospital by 9 am for preregistration. I get there and was told that I was already pre-registered. They took info from my old account from last month and started a new one. So they took me early.

I had the same male nurse that I had last time, and he remembered me. He accessed me, and there was still no blood return. My port flushes nicely. They did the x-ray and even inserted some contrast. The doctor couldn't find anything that was stopping the port from returning blood.

I was giving the option of receiving the drug that begins with an R. I decided to get it, it is a small bag that is I got through and IV for about two hours. I was at the hospital this morning for about three hours.

Will see what happens on the 22nd when I go to get my port flushed. If there is no blood return then, will probably have to go back to special procedures again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Port Problems, Week 2

I went over to the cancer center this afternoon. My port was accessed, no blood return at all. It was flushed, and then I was given the clot buster drug. After an hour, still no blood return, they continue to let me sit. (I got two classes of papers graded.) About 5:40, Tara came over to talk to me. She could've given me another dose of the clot buster drug, but didn't think it would work, if she did, that would've had me there til after 7 pm. Instead, the nurse in charge, tomorrow afternoon, will call next door to the doctor's office and have them call over to the hospital (specials) to schedule a time next month to have my port checked. I should know in the next couple of days. That means taking a day off school to have my port checked. There is something in my port that is not allowing blood return and it needs to be removed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Problems with my Port

I was scheduled for 4 pm this afternoon to get my port flushed. After icing my skin above my port, the nurse inserted the needle, and flushed my port, but she got no blood return. I took deep breaths, lifted my right arm, then my left arm. I coughed and took more deep breaths. They put the chair back, so my head was lower than my feet. I sat forward. I got up and walked around for a few minutes. I was given some normal saline for a few minutes, but nothing worked. A call was put into my onc, and he said to give me the clot buster drug. First, the needle was removed and a different one was inserted, still nothing. I was given the clot buster drug a little after 5 pm. Three different times during the next hour, my nurse tried to get a blood return. Nothing, Nada, Zilch. No blood whatsoever. I was given Heparin, and scheduled for next Tuesday again at 4 pm. If it doesn't work next week, then I will get to spend a day at Specials over at the hospital to have my port checked.

Figures, that when I don't take grading in, my port doesn't work.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jim Thome

Jim Thome, left the Indians after the 2002 season. Since then he has played for four other teams. Last month, we traded for Jim Thome from the MN Twins. His first at bat as an Indian was the last Friday of August, and he received a standing ovation. This summer, Thome hit his 600th home run. Tonight the Indians honored him. It was a nice ceremony. I got to see him bat on Tuesday, August 30th. Congrats Thome!

Lung Doctor Visit

Yesterday afternoon, I saw my lung doctor. I said in a previous post that I had sarcoid. I have not been officially diagnosed with sarcoid. My doctor said I have either sarcoid or the spots on my lungs (possibly nodules) could mean a tumor (cancer). he said are we losing ground just doing nothing? He is in touch with my oncologist, and he said my latest scans are good. I had a breathing test last month, and I do have a bit of inflammation in my lungs. I do have a cough at times at night. I don't have any symptoms. So for now, we are doing nothing. I really do not want to go on steroids, unless I have to. Steroids we be the course of action if I do have sarcoid. My next CT scan and lung test is Friday, February 17. I will see the lung doctor in March. For now, he is not going to schedule a broncoscopy.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the new school year. I am teaching seventh grade science. I have six classes of science and a study hall. I eat lunch during the first lunch period, but can not eat in my room, since there is a study hall in my class at that time. Today went well. I have one kid, who was with my team partner two years ago, when I taught fifth grade. I have this person in the morning. In the afternoon, I have a kid I taught two years ago in the fifth grade. What a surprise to have these two kids. My feet hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a good day. I have anywhere from 15-30 kids in my science classes. I don't have room for more than 24 kids. Will see how things pan out.

Indians Game #5

Mom and I went to the Indians game Tuesday night with a friend. We had four tickets, but only used three of them. We sat in left center in row H, eight rows from the field. Jenmar Gomez was brought up and Matt LaPorta was sent down to AAA. Gomez pitched and did a good job. The Indians scored in two different innings.

They got their first two runs by a 2 run double in the third. Jim Thome is back with the team. We traded for him from the Twins last week and he started last Friday night. He is the DH. He hit a single and was walked twice. We scored again in the sixth inning, but hitting two 2 run home runs. One was by Jack Hannahan. He hit another home run last night. The final score for Tuesday night's game was 6-2.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Scan Results

Saw my oncologist this morning to get last week's CT Scan results. They came back good. The lymph nodes are the same. The kidney stone is still sitting in the same place as it did during the last scan. I've had a kidney stone before, that was back in college and was not much fun. Love good news.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Indians Game #4

We took people with us to the game and our seats were next to our bullpen. I took a picture of Sipp warming up later in the game. I even got a picture of the bullpen catcher.

Yesterday, the Indians had a day/night double header. I was hoping that Justin Masterson would be pitching in the night game, but no, he pitched in the day game. We had to watch Zach McAllister pitch. I was not too happy to see him. He pitched on July 7 and only lasted 4 innings. He got thrown out in the fourth inning of this game. He did fine in the first two innings, but stunk it up in the third. He gave up five runs in the third. We made two errors last night. Zach should've not been pitching. He can't hack the majors, yet. Hermman came out for relief in the fourth inning. In innings three and four, we gave up 10 runs to the Mariners. The Mariners are in last place and we lost 3 out of 4 games to them in three days.

I am not putting all of the blame for the loss onto Zach. Our offensive was too good either. We loaded up the bases three times. Our batsmen seem to like to strand their teammates out on the bases. Do they want to go to the Playoffs? I sure want them to go.

Last night's game was not as boring as the previous games were. The wrong team was scoring the runs.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Tests and a Funeral

This morning I had a CT scan. I noticed that the pillow wasn't at the usual end it is on, where my feet goes into the machine first. My head went in first, because the doctor ordered my neck to be scanned along with my chest, abdomen, and pelvic areas.

The nurse prefers accessing ports while the person is lying down. I work better sitting up. The nurse had a problem with me sitting up, so I lied down and it was working that way either. The nurse asked for another person to come in, but before she was needed, she somehow got blood return. They taped it down that way for it to work.

After my CT scan, I walked over to a different building for a lung function test. This wasn't the complete test, like the one done in May.

I got up to school around 10:30am. Took upstairs to my room things that were in my car. Left school around noon for Dave's funeral.

The funeral was nice. Four people spoke, three pastors, and the Dean of Northern OH from IWU. Then Dave's sister and three brothers spoke. The service lasted an hour. Stories were told about Dave, verses shared. People laughed and cried. We caught up with those we hadn't seen in a long time. There were people there from Real Life when I was part of it in the mid '90's to those who are in Real Life now. It was a very nice service. Dave will be missed. He touched a lot of people here on Earth. He meant different things to different people. We have all been blessed to have had Dave in our lives.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life is so Short

This afternoon/evening was calling hours for a friend I have known for 15/16 years. Tomorrow is his funeral. He's been gone a week. Back in 1991, I started going to The Chapel, to the college class during the summer and when I was home from college. I moved over to Real Life either in the fall of 1994 (when I was doing my Student Teaching) or in the winter of 1995. That is when I met this friend and his sister. Before I moved to TX, he led our Thursday night time along with another friend. Fun times. We weren't close, but we were friends. After moving back home 4 1/2 years ago, I'd see him periodically. He'd help teach the class on Sunday mornings, come to the Christmas party. In December of '09, I went to the calling hours for his mother. I was back there for his calling hours today. It was hard to see him in that casket.

How we all found out of his death, was a week ago. I was playing on the computer, and was on Facebook, there was a note from a friend announcing his death. It was a real shock to hear of his passing. When he went home that morning, he stood in front of God and heard "Well, done, my good and faithful servant." I know the choices I have made in my life. I know I will spend enternity in Heaven, but I've been thinking about will I hear that from God. God is good. God had his reasons for taking my friend home early Sunday morning, August 14, 2011. Rest in peace, Dave Wright.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Indians Game #3

Last night's game was the first of three for the month of August. For all three, we have four tickets for the game. A couple from my parent's church came with us. Last night started a three game series against the Detroit Tigers.We sat in right field. The seats were okay. Sitting in left center was better.

Justin Masterson was our starting pitcher. He did pretty good the first inning. We scored two runs in the bottom of the first. Justin allowed the Tigers to come back and tie the game in the top of the second. We did nothing in the bottom half of that inning. When I go to a game, I get into the game and can cheer loud. I get into the game at home watching it on tv or listening to it on the radio. Toward the end of the second, a guy from two rows down, turns around and asks me to be quiet. That is the first time that has happened. I didn't say anything back to him. I didn't think there was anything wrong with me cheering as loud as I was for my guys. Neither did my mom, nor who was with us at the game. If you don't want to be around loud cheering, then don't go to a game.

Right after the second inning ended, the grounds crew came out to put the tarp onto the infield. It got dark, with lightening, and thunder. On the jumbo tron, they showed cartoons and the White Sox game. After two hours and one minute, the game resumed. We went back to our seats, and felt a few drops, and thinking it was going to rain again, we went home.

I stayed up watching the game until the 11th inning. I went to bed. That was around 12:30 am. The game went to 14 innings and ended a little before 2 am, with bases loaded and our new guy getting hit by a pitch to walk in the winning run. Justin didn't come back out after the rain delay. The whole bullpen pitched at least one inning last night.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cleveland Zoo

I went to the Cleveland zoo yesterday with friend from Real Life, part of . We had an enjoyable time at the zoo. Four people paid $4 to ride a camel. Went into the Rain Forest, and the main part of the zoo. We did miss a few of the exhibits, so we didn't see all of then animals. At the Elephant Crossings, spoke with a volunteer about the elephants. She showed us part of a tusk that one of the male elephants lost. It actually, broke off. I learned that the tusks will wear down depending on how much they use them. I never knew that. I took over 200 pictures. I tried to take a picture of the name plate of the animals I took, so that I will have their names for scrapbooking. Here are a few pictures of the different animals we saw.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cpap Machine

Yesterday afternoon, after my staff development, I had an appointment at a medical supply store about the cpap machine that I need. The therapist showed me the machine and how it worked, how to put it together, and tried a couple of masks on me. The machine is calibrated between 5-20. The lower the better, and mine is at 8. One part is the dehumidifier, and I can only put distilled water in it. The machine is not that big. The jury is still out on whether or not I will take it with me when I travel.

I set it up last night, and it is to be lower than my bed, and it is. I found out, that I have to hit play on my cd player before I can put the mask on. And, I have to do this in the dark. It was uncomfortable laying on my left side (the way I normally sleep). Took me longer to fall asleep. I have to get used to it. My hair needs to be up with the mask on. I woke up this morning, so tired. With using it, I am not supposed to be tired when I get up in the morning. The machine is supposed to be pushing the oxygen down to my lungs, so I would be getting more air at night than I have been getting. It looks like it is put together correctly. If things don't improve, then I will call over to the store next week and talk to them about it.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Balloon Festival and Fireworks

This weekend was the Balloon Festival which kicks off Hall of Fame week at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton. There is no football game this year, due to the strike/close-out between players and owners, that just ended this past week. I went down to Canton last night to see the balloons take off and see a bunch more fly over. Some would get very close to the ground, to throw out something to see if it would hit its mark. I took a bunch of pictures. Some were a variety of colors, and some were different shapes. That ended about 8:30 pm after the parachute jumpers landed. Then I had to wait 90 minutes for the fireworks. I was told that these fireworks are usually very good. I love to watch fireworks. These only lasted 10 minutes and weren't worth the wait. I would be interested in going back down again.

I posted three pictures of hot air balloons and two of fireworks from last night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indians Game #2

Yesterday, was my birthday and the second Indians game that Mom and I went to this month. We have at least two more games next month, maybe a third game. We had great seats. We were in left center, five rows from the field. We had a good view of Travis Buck, who was playing right field. Buck made some good catches.

Bottom of the first, we scored one run. Fausto Carmona pitched last night. I had wanted to see Justin Masternson. Carmona did pretty good, better than he did the first half. The Angels starting pitcher had 10 strikeouts, while Carmona, only had 3 strikeouts. After we scored in the first, only zeros were put up on the scoreboard. It became a pitcher's duel. Carmona pitched six innings.

Joe Smith came out in the seventh and did a great job. Pestano came out in the eighth and gave up two runs. The score is now 1-2, in favor of the Angels. Sipp came out in the ninth and didn't allow anybody to score.

Bottom of the ninth, Travis Hafner hit a double and recieved a pinch runner. We tied the game at 2. Two outs and two on, Jack Hannahan came up to bat and was hit by a pitch, which loaded the bases. Jason Kipnis came up to bat. This was only his second major league game, and so far he has had no hits, with a batting average of 0.000. With bases loaded, Jason hit a single, got his first hit and RBI and won the game for us. The team rushed him between first and second base.

That makes both games we were at, where the Indians came from behind to win. Mom said we are batting one thousand (1.000).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Sleep Study

Yesterday, I was not allowed to drink any pop or eat any chocolate, because I had another sleep study last night. I slept better last night than I did the first time. I got up twice in the middle of the night, due to sleeping on my back. I went to bed after watching the Indians lose.

I was connected to all of the wires again. In addition, they put a mask over my nose, in order to push more oxygen into my lungs while I slept. It was very uncomfortable to try to sleep on my left side, so I spent most of the night on my back. I think I clenched my teeth more than normal because of the mask over my nose. The mask made it difficult to cough when I had to cough last night. I also thought air was leaking out of the mask quite a bit during the night. I don't think it fit the best.

I was not as tired when they got me up this morning, but after coming up and cleaning up, I went back to bed for another 2 1/2 hours. I will see the lung specialist at the end of September. If I can help it, I do not want to do another sleep study, but if I have to, will not be on a school night.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Greenfield Village

On Wednesday, I went to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. I love this place. Henry Ford took the time and money to bring to MI homes and businesses of various inventors: Firestone, Wright Brothers, Edison and from his own life. There are homes from England and other people. I love American History! This is a very cool place.

Firestone's farm house.

The Wright Brother's house in Dayton, OH.

This is just a sampling of things to see at Greenfield Village.

Spiritual Memorials

Last Sunday, July 10, I went to the Akron Campus to hear Pastor Dave Burnham preach. He is a former senior pastor of The Chapel. He preached on Joshua 4:1-7. The title of the sermon was called, "Spiritual Memorials".

After crossing the Jordan River, Joshua was commanded by God to have twelve men go back onto the riverbed and pick up twelve stones to mark as a memorial to remind the people what God had done for them.

There are three principals for having a spiritual memorial:
1. Remember the promises and power of God.
2. Remember faith requires action
3. Remember the Glory of God.

There are four things to remember in building personal spiritual memorials:
1. A story to tell.
2. A scripture to tell.
3. A song to sing (recall).
4. A scene (picture) to explain.

This got me thinking, that my hole could be a spiritual memorial for me. Yes, I am in remission for stage 3a of Melanoma, but I am in remission. The side effects of my year long treatment of Interfon, was not as bad as they could've been. God has been on the throne during the good times and the bad, and He has never let me go. God has plans to prosper me not to harm me. My hole reminds me of the good God has done in my life.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indians Game #1

Through a BP promotion, I have been able to get tickets to the Indians this summer. The first game we went to was this past Thursday night, July 7. We sat left field side. I thought I had two seats in this corner, before we left I looked and there was only one ticket. I had to go online back into the promotion and get mom's ticket and print it up. Her seat was in the same section, but up about 10 rows. Turns out, my seat was better than mom's, but after the second or third inning, I sat with her. Where we sat, it was difficult to see the batter at home plate.

This was a boring game. Zach McAllister was pitching for the first time in the majors that night for the Indians. He did not do a good job and only lasted 4 innings. He did get 4-6 strikeouts, though. We made an error and had a hard time catching balls. We even loaded the bases in the bottom of the first inning, but left the guys on base. At the bottom of the second, Lonnie Chisenhill came up to bat and was hit in the nose by the ball. He left the game, and Jack Hannahan came into the game in his place. I like him playing third base. I repeat, it was a boring game. Bottom of the 9th, we are up to bat. We are down 0-4. We load the bases and by hits and walks. With a hit, we score a run and keep the bases loaded. Travis Hafner comes up to bat, Blue Jay's change pitchers. Mom says, they should walk Hafner, but they did not, instead they pitched to him. Guess what? On the first pitch, Travis hit the ball and knew instantly, that he had hit a home run. Hafner had hit a grand slam to win the game! Final score, 5-4. We came from behind to win the game!

Before the game, mom and I walked around Heritage Park. I took pictures. Next time, we will walk around the Indians Hall of Fame.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dallas Arboretum

I went down to TX last weekend to see my good friends and to hear my Dallas pastor preach. I had so much fun! Last Friday, the friend I was staying with and her son, met another friend and her daughters. It has been a few years, since I've been to the Dallas Arboretum. Mom and I went there a couple of times during my spring break, when she would come down to visit me. We didn't walk through it all. This year, for the kids, they had fairytale castles and a page from that book. They were neat.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lung Specialist Appointment

I saw the lung specialist this afternoon. It has been decided that I do have sarcoid in the lungs and nothing will be done to treat it. I am to continue the inhaler of two puffs twice a day. I do still cough, but not very bad. I have been told that I do have sleep apnea. My legs don't move while I am sleeping. I seem to stop breathing 20+ times an hour while sleeping. But, when I'm dreaming, I stop breathing 60+ times an hour. I will do the sleep study again, but this time with the cpap machine. He wants to do another CT scan, which is already scheduled for Monday, August 22 at 9 am. I am now scheduled for another breathing test (just the puffs, not the whole thing) at 9:40 am that same day. I will see the lung specialist again, on Thursday, September 22.

I need to continue on trying to loose weight and that will help a lot. The scale at Curves says something about 11-12 pounds less than the scale at the doctor's office or cancer center says. so which scale is telling the truth?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleep Study

Last night, I had to do a sleep study. I arrived around 8:30 pm. I had to fill out some paperwork, and I got ready for bed. The room was connected to a half bath, and the room had a bed, chair, night stand, a desk and a tv. I wasn't expecting the tv, so I watched the Indians game. Around 10ish, the lady came back in, and started hooking the wires to me. I had wired put on both legs, to my scalp, my face, chest, hooked to two belts that were put around me. When the game was over, I turned off tv and tried to go to sleep. I laid on my left, uncomfortable, laid on my back. Not sure when I fell asleep, but did get up around 1 am. Laid back down. I was awake, when they told me at 5:15 am to get up. I got about 2-3 hours of sleep. Went home, showered and laid back down for a couple of hours. I got up at 8 am, since I had professional development from 9-12. I got between 2-4 hours of sleep total for the night. I did not have my music and having the wires made it difficult to sleep. I will see the lung specialist again on June 28.

I started back at Curves this week.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pulmonary Function Test

This afternoon, after school, I was scheduled for a pulmonary function test. The appointment was for 4 pm, and I was called back around 4:20. The room we were in for the test, made me have many coughing fits. I coughed a lot! There were two types of tests. The first one, had me take a deep breath and then let it all out and really push the air out. Next, I had to take quick breaths like I was running.

Next, she put a different type of mouth piece onto the machine. Took about 3 minutes to prepare for the test. I took a deep breath, pushed it all the way out and had to do that for about 10 seconds, then take a deep breath and hold it. Did that 2-3 times. Then, I was given a breathing treatment. She took the second mouth piece off and I did the first test again. There was no change from before the breathing treatment to after the treatment. The doctor should have the results by end of next week. I see him again June 28.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reaction to the Inhaler

I used the inhaler for the first time at the doctor's office Tuesday afternoon and again before bed that night. I woke up in the middle of the night, as usual, and I itched like crazy. I scratched my arms and legs. When I woke up in the morning, I still itched. Was okay during the day, and while I was sitting at hte computer Wednesday evening, I started itching again. Went through the same thing Wednesday night and Thursday night. I meant to the call the doctor's office Thursday at school, but forgot. I called yesterday morning, and hte nurse called me back later in the afternoon. For now, I am to stop using the inhaler, and when teh doctor got back in the office on Monday, she would let him know. The nurse will call me back sometime on Monday to say what the doctor had to say. I still itch at times.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sarcoid or Melanoma

I saw the lung specialist, Dr. Makkar this afternoon/ He sat in the examining room with his laptop. On the screen, he was looking at both last year's and this year's CT scans. He said I have spots all over my lungs. He also said that my lymph nodes were lit up all through my body this past time. The spots are too small to be seen on the CT or PET/CT scans, completely. They can be seen as spots. For now, I am to use an inhaler twice a day. I will have a breathing test on May 26 after school. I will also be tested for sleep apnea. He will be in touch with my oncologist, and I will see him again on June 28.

The Dr. said that yes there is no melanoma in my lymph nodes, but there are granulomas in my lymph nodes. The spots are either sarcoid or melanoma. I remember being told in the summer of '07 about having sarcoid, but nothing was done. I am showing symptoms of sarcoid, coughing and shortness of breath.

Treatments, can be oral steroids, or even nothing. I have never been told I have asthma. He even asked about snoring. He even talked about possibility of doing a test of sending a tube down my throat into my lungs to look at my broncea. Will know more when I see him again next month.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blood Work Results

I called my oncologist last Thursday to get the results of the blood work from the previous Friday. My onc was out of the office until today. The nurse for my onc left me a message this morning on my phone. I called back later and we played phone tag. I talked to her and she told me that my blood work came back good and the test my onc wanted run also came back negative. Because I have been coughing for the past months pretty consistently, I will be seeing a lung specialist next Tuesday, in Medina, at 3:15 pm.

I have had a cough basically my whole life. There are long periods of time where I don't cough at all. When I have a cold, I cough a lot. Various times from taking inventory, I coughed a lot. Before March, I hadn't coughed for quite some time. No cancer, no other diseases, so what is going on? That is what my onc wants to know.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Post-Op visits

This afternoon I had my post-op visits with the surgeon and the GYN. When my sub showed up this morning, my kids cheered. My first doctor's appointment was scheduled for 2 pm. The surgeon showed me the test results and told me that what was removed from my neck was a fatty tumor, and the stains they did on the lymph nodes in looking for bacteria and fungus, they were looking for TB. That came back negative.

I was done with the surgeon around 2:30 and went over to the GYN's office. I got there around 3 pm, and my appointment was scheduled for 4:10 pm. They gook me early. I was in and out there with the doctor also. He told me that my onc was worried that my cancer was back. Thankfully, we already know that it is not!

I will get the results for the blood work next Tuesday, when my oncologist is back at the office.

I bought my ticket for TX for next month this evening.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My Day and More Test Results

After 11 this morning, I started to get ready to leave. No sub at 11:30. Still no sub at 11:45. I started to become curious and called SubFinder and nobody had accepted my job for a sub. I sent a note across the hall explaining this and she said to call the office. I did, office said the district was short 20 subs for the day. They asked if my two partners would be willing to split my kids, and they said no. Between their fools and fools, it would be disastrous for them. Told the office they said no, so they found somebody else to come up. My kids were working on their social studies assignment and were told, all had to have it done before going home. Knowing my kids, not all will have it done. I left school about 12:20 pm.

I had a 12:45 appointment with my Onc. I already knew there was no cancer in my lymph nodes. The polyp tested negative for cancer also. The stains they ran on my lymph nodes for bacteria and fungus also came back negative. My onc is curious as to what is going on since there is no cancer. He ordered blood work. I will call next week for the results and go from there. I will have CT scans of my neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis areas on Monday, August 22. I will get the results the following Monday. My onc did say that from the test with my polyp, there were cells that were starting to change. He said I will will be given more info from the GYN next week when I see him for post-op.

My left armpit area has been bothering me all week off and on. Monday and today it was checked by the nurse, and very little fluid was taken out. The pain is due to healing...

When I left the both doctor offices, I went over to Akron U to buy my cap and gown. Since I am getting my master's degree, I could wear a cap or a hood. I did purchase both the cap and gown and brought them home. They did not have anymore hoods. They had to order one, but I did go ahead and pay for it. I am so excited about all of the good news I have received this week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Cancer Free!!!!!

I stayed home from school today. My left arm and underarm is still uncomfortable. I called the doctor's office to schedule my post-op appointment and to talk a nurse about my left arm. She scheduled an appointment for me to come in this afternoon and for her to look at my underarm. About noon, the nurse called to give me the biopsy news of the lymph nodes. None of my lymph nodes have cancer in them! I am still in remission! The lab is still running tests on the lymph nodes. They want to make sure there is nothing there of any sort. It will be awhile til I get those results.

I went into the surgeon's office to see the nurse, and I wasn't there very long. She looked at my underarm and said it was slightly swollen. She removed the bandage and used a syringe to remove fluid. Barely any fluid came out. That is good. She also took the bandage off of my neck. The third bandage will be removed later this evening.

I still see my onc this Friday, and both of my post-op appointments with the other two doctors are on May 5. One at 2 pm and the other at 4 pm. I will take a half day at school. I can only lift a couple of pounds.

After seeing the nurse, mom and I went over to the school so she could carry my totebag up the stairs to my classroom. It is very heavy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


My mom's best friend came along to sit with mom all day. We got there about 8:30, and almost after I signed in I was called back. Teena got there before us and it was good to see her before I was called back.

The nurse had to call and get a doctor's order to access my port. My bp seemed high 147 over 90. April 1, it was really low, compared to it was after school. The nurse accessed my port, and at first no blood return. I took a few deep breaths and started to turn my head to the left, and there was blood return. The IV was started. My mom, dad and Pastor Bob (pastor of my parent's church) came back. That was around 9:30am. Pastor Bob prayed with us. I was taken to OR around 10 am.

I saw both the anthesologist and Dr. Williams, the surgeon before hand. I told him, about the enlarged area on the right side of my neck, that was discovered during my massage on Monday. He'd wish I had called him, instead of Dr. Patel. I had the area from my neck, lymph nodes from under my left arm and left pelvic area removed. Also removed was the polyp. Both doctors came out to talk to my parents afterwards. Mom said they seemed upbeat, and didn't think anything looked cancerous. What was removed from my neck was just fatty tissue. I was moved to recovery about 1 pm. I ended up in surgery about 3 hours, longer than they expected.

Sometime after 3 I started to become more awake. At first most of the paid was under my left arm and my throat. My throat still hurts, and it is due to the tube that was put down my throat for surgery. Underneath my left arm is sore.

Left about 4 pm and got home around 5 pm. I have two post-op appointments in two weeks.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

God's Word

After taking a break, I am reading through Psalms twice this year, and the book of Proverbs every month. I have three different versions of the Bible in my bedroom, and I use a different one every month. This month, I am using the Living Bible. Today, was Proverbs 20. I have read that chapter 3 other times this year. This morning, verse 24 stuck out at me.

"Since the Lord is directing our steps, why try to understand everything that happens along the way?"

That verse just struck me. I keep telling God I don't understand why. I don't understand why he let me be diagnosed with Melanoma 4 years ago, and why is there a good chance it is back now. This morning, God answered my prayer,through this verse. I do not need to understand everything that is going on. I know God will be glorified at the end of it all. I just need to trust God, He knows what He is doing.


I am starting a new Bible Study next week. It is only six weeks long. This study was written by Blackaby and his son. They wrote Experiencing God. This study is about knowing and hearing God's voice. I am doing each day's study with my devotions. I can because I am on spring break. I am only in week one. I have to learn a verse every week. Here is this week's verse.

Deuteronomy 8:3 "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Time in a Year

I was scheduled for blood work this afternoon at 4 pm. My port was accessed, did some saline and got blood return. The first thing of blood is always the waste, and after that, there was no more blood return. The nurse had me stand up, tried more saline, and finally around 4:50 gave me a dose of the clot buster drug. Around 5:25 pm, a different nurse tried to get blood return nothing, nada. I waited til about 6 pm, at first the nurse had a problem, but was able to get blood so it could be sent to the lab. I haven't had the clot buster drug in a year. A couple of times, the nurses thought they would have to give me that drug, but were able to get my port to co-operate and return blood before it was needed.

I'm praying that there is no problems with my port next week, when I have my procedures done. Also praying that I get over this cold soon. I took yesterday off from school to rest. My cold has moved to my sinuses. I will be able to continue taking Dayquil after tomorrow.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Weekend

I've had a pretty good weekend, even though I do not feel well. Left the house about a quarter to 9 am yesterday, went to Curves for the first time of the week, afterwards, to Walgreens to buy some cold medicine. Then I got a massage, went to CJ Banks to look at clothes and bought some. Got some lunch, then headed down to North Canton to meet up with two friends. We got pedicures, a Christmas present from one of my friends. After the pedi, went to my sister's house to sit and grade papers. Met up with friends from church at Pizza Hut then bowled two games at the bowling alley. My first game I bowled a 125 and almost bowled a Turkey (3 strikes in a row.)

I skipped church today and went to the Wellness Center/Emergency room about 3 miles away to see a doctor, instead. My throat hurts a lot! I've been coughing more for the past 5 weeks. With my two medical procedures coming up in 11 days, I can't be sick. I just have a bad cold. I will call my onc tomorrow to let him know, and I am taking a sick day tomorrow. Going to stay home and rest. I took a couple of naps today.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Win of the Season

The Cleveland Indians go their first win of the new season this afternoon. They beat the Chicago White Sox, by avoiding a sweep. Justin Masterson pitched 7 innings. Carlos Santana, and both Cabreras participated in a Triple Play. The final score was 7-1.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Opening Day

Today was Opening Day and Season Opener for the Cleveland Indians. We lost. By the top of the 6th inning the score was 14-0. Not in our favor. The final score was 15-10. We lost. Fausto, The Ace, only lasted 3 innings, was pulled in the 4th inning. We used 4 pitchers. There was a good play by third baseman and the first baseman. We did hit two home runs and two doubles. Our pitchers did strike out quite a few White Sox players.

Pre-Op Testing

I was scheduled at 4 pm for pre-op testing. I answered a bunch of questions, was weighed, had my BP taken. Surprisingly, my bp was low, 103 over 68. After my day, I'd thought it would've been higher. I had en EKG taken, which took longer to hook me up that it did to take the EKG. The nurse wanted to do blood work, but she was not able to access my port. She couldn't get in touch with Infusion Services over at the cancer center, so on Monday, she will call to schedule me an appointment for either April 11 or 12 at 4pm.

My two procedures are scheduled for 10:30 am and 11:30 am on April 21. I will get the biopsy results on Friday, April 29. I am taking a half day at school so I can get the results.

I have been coughing more this past month. I've had coughing fits two days in a row during class.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Surgery Date

I picked up the kids from lunch to have a message in my mailbox, saying the surgeon's office had called. I called them back during recess.

Both the biopsy and the LEEP will be done on Thursday, April 21. That is the Thursday before Easter. Which is also towards the end of my spring break. I was hoping for it be earlier in the week, or the end of the week before, so that I could have all of spring break to recover before going back to school. I will get the results of the biopsy the last week of April.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blast from the Past

This afternoon, I was the House Manager at Weathervane Playhouse. (This was my first time to be House Manager.) I saw somebody who I thought I knew. I asked her if she taught at Revere? Turned out, she was my typing (keyboarding) teacher in high school. It was good to see her. She had both my sister and myself. She retired in 1995.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Saw the Surgeon

I saw the surgeon this afternoon. He looked at the PET scan report. He felt for lymph nodes under my left arm and my right pelvic area. First he started talking about removing lymph nodes from under my left arm and my right pelvic area, but according to the PET scan, there is more activity in the left pelvic area. (I do have lymph nodes in my right pelvic area). So lymph nodes will be removed from the left pelvic area and from under my left arm.

No surgery date has been scheduled. His office has to talk to the GYN to coordinate with him, so that both procedures can occur on the same day at about the same time. I will call the surgeon's office Monday afternoon, to see what has been scheduled. I do not know if the LEEP procedure wills till be April 15 or not.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PET scan results

I got hold of my oncologist this morning and spoke with a nurse. I was told that nodules in my left lung popped up on the PET scan. My oncologist wants to have a biopsy today. Lymph nodes will be removed from under my left arm. I do not know when the surgery will be scheduled. I will know more after I see the surgeon Friday, March 25 at 4 pm. I will see my oncologist again after the biopsy.

It is looking frightening as if my cancer is back and it has spread. It might just be a scare and just stress causing the enlargements. But it sure is scary.

I know that someday I will be thankful for all of this, but right now, I am not. Don't see how this is to prosper me or is for my good. All I do know is that God will be magnified through it all.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Today's PET Scan

Between 8 am and 1 pm, I drank about 7/8 of a gallon of water. I took a gallon water, from home, to school this morning. I left school about 12:30 pm. I get to the cancer center, and I tell the guy I want my port used, he wasn't expecting that. He said they would only use the port if they can't access a vein. I said I want my port used. I do not have good veins, not easy to access. I go upstairs to Infusion Services and they are very busy, so I am taken next door and a nurse from my oncologist office accesses my port. I go back downstairs and I am taken out to the trailer. My blood sugar is checked and it is 69. They had to make sure that was good.

I am given the drug via my port, then go back inside to sit and wait. Somebody gets me about 2:30 pm. The scan was from my head to my toes, a full body scan. My waist on down was done first, that took about 20 minutes. My feet had to be kept together. After that was done, another restroom break. (I went to the restroom a lot between 1 and 4 pm.) Then my head to my waist was scanned. My head was done first. I was done about 3:40 pm. I went to Curves before heading for home.

Date Change

I am no longer having LEEP (the medical procedure to remove the polyp) on Friday, April 1. I am now having it done on Friday, April 15. I have to be at out patient at noon, and the procedure will be at 2 pm. That will be a rough day, no food after midnight. I will have pre-op testing on Friday, April 1 at 4 pm. Spring Break is the week of Easter, so I will only have to miss one day of school.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

GYN Oncologist visit

I saw the GYN Oncologist this afternoon. He asked some questions. My polyp is on my cervix. He tried to take it out, but couldn't. The doctor did say that sometimes the polyp could be completely attached and difficult to removed in the office. Or if it looks like there would be a lot of bleeding (these are the two reasons for...) then a short surgical procedure will be done to remove the polyp. As I said, the doctor couldn't removed it this afternoon. I will have it done in the operating room on Friday, April 1. The procedure is scheduled for noon, and I have to be there by ten am. This will be an out-patient procedure, and I will go home later in the afternoon. I will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours.

Depending on how I feel, will determine if I go to church on Sunday and school on Monday. I was told that I could have a heavy feeling in my lower pelvic area for a few days.

Until I am told otherwise, I will be hanging onto the thin rope of hope that I am still in remission.

Monday, February 28, 2011

President's Day CT Scan results

I saw my oncologist this afternoon. As of now I am still in remission. The results were not too good. I have nodules in my lungs (explains my cough I have had off and on since I was a kid). There is one in my left lung that went from 3.2 mm to 5 mm. It is still very small. A lymph node in my left pelvic area is enlarged. (Last year, I had a couple of lymph nodes enlarged also.) I also have a cyst on my right ovary. One other time, I was told there was a cyst on one of my ovaries also. I did have some cramps last Monday afternoon, with my stomach bothering me off an on during the week. And because of my polyp, my onc is playing it safe. We have decided instead of waiting 3 months and doing the CT scan again, next Monday, March 7, I will have a PET/CT scan at 1:30 pm. This will be at the cancer center.

I am seeing a GYN oncologist this Thursday afternoon about the polyp. After these two appointments will go from there.

I was at my onc's office for 90 minutes and when I left it was about 5 pm. I didn't go to Curves this evening, I came home. Before I left the parking lot, I did cry and I yelled at God. I told Him I didn't like, didn't understand why. I also brought up Jeremiah 29:11. I asked how can this be for my good?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Took Two Needles

I had a CT Scan this morning. I was scheduled for 10:30 am . I got called back a little after 11 am. I was given ice to numb the area on my chest where my port is. I am lying down, and the nurse tries to access my port. She couldn't do it. I suggest that I sit up. I sit up, and she gets a second needle and gets it into my port. After the needle is in, at first, nothing. Oh, no, I start thinking about having to walk over to the cancer center, so I can get the clot buster drug, and my CT scan won't happen until after 1 pm. The nurse pushes in a bit of saline solution and is able to get a good blood return. Yes! I was praying that there would be no problem with accessing my port. I haven't had any problems in about 9 months. I was done around 11:40 and was even able to work out at Curves before they closed at 1 pm.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Graduation Update

On the 4th, I was able to contact somebody from Akron U to get my questions for Comps. I didn't do it on the 4th, since I have no specials on Fridays, and I was out for a half day training. I finally called over to Akron U on Thursday. I found out that I can sign a paper saying that I elect not to take comps. Which I will be doing, and it has to be at Akron U by the 15th. I will do it on Monday, Valentine's Day, after tutoring, which is after school. I will find out then, if there is anything I have to do instead. I even talked to my advisor, and I do not have to take any more classes. He is going to fill out the modification form saying that I have completed all of my requirements for my classes. That means I will be graduating with my Master's Degree in May!! Yeah!!!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office this morning. My pap smear came back good! That is a praise. I called the gyn during library, and was on hold for about 10 minutes. I am scheduled to see him on Thursday, March 3 at 2 pm. I will take a half day from school. I will not be surprised if I have some lymph nodes enlarged, when I get my CT scan on the 21st. I have to let my Onc know about this when I see him on the 28th. As of now, I am still NED!

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Weekend

Saturday, a friend went with me to Canton to the car show (old cars), so she could stand in line with me for over 2 hours and then talk to John Schneider. I got his autograph and my pic taken with me. There was also a General Lee there, and had my pic taken standing next to it as well.

Sunday, mom and I went up to Summit Mall, because the Cleveland Indians were on tour there. We didn't get there til about 2 pm. I did get Tony Sipp's autograph and my pic taken with him. I didn't get Sin Soo Choo's or Matt LaPorta, because the current players left around 3 pm, and I was still in line a long way to go. I did see Sin Soo Choo leave, I also saw the manager, Manny Acta. I did my pic taken with Mike Hargrove and Len Barker. I got their autographs and Lou Charbonou's as well.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Graduate or not to Graduate, That is the Question?

Around December 13, I got an email saying what I still needed to do in order to graduate in May with my Master's degree. I emailed back asking questions and trying to get hold of my advisor. At first I was told that I didn't have to do Comps (a major test), now it sounds like I have to. Still not sure if I still have to take another science class or not. I got in touch with my advisor this week, but still not sure about the class or not. Will soon find out if the one class is being funded or not, if not, then I have to see about taking another geology class or two this summer. If so, that means no traveling this summer.

Next Friday, February 4, I can go and pick up my questions for Comps. I do not want to do comps. I will use my personal day for doing Comps.

Graduation will be in May or December of this year. I was hoping for May.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hate Scares!

I was driving to see my brother Saturday morning and was thinking, and it hit me, this is my third scare in a year, in thinking my cancer might be back. I never thought about cancer before I was diagnosed, and now I do think about it more. The waiting part is the worse. God knows why He is allowing me to go through this.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Physical

This morning, I had my yearly physical. I had blood drawn over Christmas break, since I had to do the 12 hour fast before hand. As of Wednesday, they hadn't received the results, so I called over to the cancer center and they faxed it to them. I also had to give them a urine sample. Doctor said there was some blood in it. He also did the pap smear. The female exam is my least favorite part of my physical. He did find a polyp on my cervix (I think that is where he said it is). After he gets the results back from the lab, he will schedule an appointment with a GYN and he will remove the polyp. Praying that it is benign.

Monday, January 17, 2011

18 Years Ago

18 years ago today, at 5:15 pm, Grandpa Sanyo died. He died at home. My parents were there. He died three days after turning 93 years old. I was in MI at college. I was at work Sunday night, and when Mom called me the next morning to tell me that Grandpa died, I had a feeling that is why she was calling me.

Seems hard to believe that he has been gone 18 years. I still miss him, but do know that some day I will see him in Heaven.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Mid-Term Fustrations

There are two weeks left of the grading period/semester. Where I am teaching, sixth grade is consider middle school, but we are at the elementary school. My kids have to take mid-terms next week. Here is the problem, we have not received them yet. We do not make up our own mid-terms. They are being made-up for us. I would like to write up a study guide for our kids, so they know what to study for this mid-term. This grade is supposed to be on their report card. We haven't even covered everything for the grading period in all of the subjects.

Yesterday, we received the first grading period assessments for language arts. We were supposed to give that test back at the end of October, but never received it. To top it off, they kept telling us, do not worry about health until the second grading period. But they never gave us any direction about it. We are now at the end of the grading period and have to do something for health.

Pure Frustration!!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

No Animals for 2010

We caught no animals in the two traps for 2010.