Thursday, April 26, 2007

Living Hope

This past Saturday, April 21, was the Living Hope conference for women at Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH. I went with my mom and some ladies from her church. (Yes, I attend a different church than my parents do.) This conference was put on by Moody.

The speakers were Liz Curtis Higgs (Bad Girls of the Bible and The Very Bad Girsl of the Bible), Lisa Whelchel ("Blair" on Facts of Life), Jennifer Rothchild. Worship was with Alecia Williamson. The speakers were funny. I did take some notes. I am glad I went.

I bought Lisa's autobiography, and a 8x11 pic of her and had her sign it. I had Liz sign my ticket. I also had my pic taken with Lisa Whelchel.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

EMU Teacher Job Fair

Tuesday, April 17, was the 20th annunal Teacher job fair at Eastern Michigan University. I went up to MI the afternoon before, after subbing. I spent a few hours with my best friend and her 3 sons. We hadn't seen each other since New Year's Eve 2005.

My first EMU job fair was in 1994, and that is when I first became interested in TX. I went back in 1995, and made my first two trips to TX that summer. Nothing came of those trips. I looked in OH and went to the Akron U job fair. I went back up to MI in 1998. I made a trip to MI at the end of May that year, and moved down to Houston that August.

This year, there were school districts from MI (duh!), MN, OR, CA, AZ, AK, KS, IL, IN, LA, TX, KY, OH, TN, NY, AL, MD, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, NY, and a couple of International recruiters. I visited recruiters from AZ, KS, VA, MD, FL, SC, and NC. I tell them all that I am interested in 4th or 5th, but I am flexible. FL, SC, VA, NC, and MD sounds interesting to me. A school district from MD gave me a letter of interest for ESOL. It is not a contract, but a letter saying that we are both interested in each other, and if I fulfill all the requirements, I will be offered a job. This district is just outside of D.C. Another district, this one from SC is also interested in me. I was told that they were interested in offering me a letter of intent. I said that I wanted to check out the website first. I sent them an email, saying I was interested in the letter of intent. Will see...

Trying to talk my mom into making a road trip to check out some different school districts and their areas. I am hoping to move to a different state later this summer. I have applications to fill out. I have to request more copies of my transcripts, which cost $, for these different school districts, because they will not accept copies. They want orginial copies sent to them.

I thanked the Lord on Tuesday for the interest I recieved from these different school districts. I have already been praying about Tuesday, and asking the Father for his will and not for mine. I am asking for him for his will about where I will work.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sight and Sound Theatre

I went to Lancaster, PA for a couple of days this week. I went with my mom and three other ladies from her Thursday morning Bible study that meets here at the house. I went with them last time, June 2005. If you don't' already know, Lancaster is home to the Amish and Mennonites. Last time I was there, I found out how the Amish started.

The Amish broke away from the Mennonites. The Mennonites started by a Catholic Dutch Bishop in Switzerland in the mid 1500's. They believed in a complete separation of church and state. Both groups came over to PA in the 1700's. The Amish fascinate me, but I could never live like they do.

Sight and Sound has two theatres in Lancaster. It is a Christian theatre company. They put on four shows a year. Two in the spring and summer and two at Christmas. I have seen three shows so far: Ruth, Psalms of David, and In the Beginning. They are really good. They are all musicals. In the Beginning premiered March 30 of this year. They will be premiering a new Christmas show this year.

Sight and Sound is currently building a new theatre in Branson, MO to open next year. Their first show in Branson, will be Noah. If you ever have a chance you need to go and see one of their shows. Tickets can be pricey, but it is worth it.

We also saw a replica of the Tabernacle. This is located at the Mennonite Historical Society, there in Lancaster. Everything there is to the exact size that God said it should be. I took pictures and bought some postcards.

Playing baseball

The Indians and the Angels played their series at the Brewers field Tuesday through Thursday. The Indians won two of the games. In today's paper, it said in total amount of snow taken from the Indians field this past week was 33 inches.

The White Sox are in town for a three game series. The Sox won last night and the Indians won this afternoon. The Sox did get on base today, but nobody made it home, so we won our first shutout of the season. The Indians record is now 6-3, and we have only played 2 different teams.

We will have to make up the Seattle series by playing two different days of double-headers on the same off days. They have not yet decided which days they will be. They are thinking of the first one will be in June.

It is currently snowing.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Still no baseball

It is now Monday, and there is still no Cleveland Indians baseball games to watch. I am going through baseball withdrawl. My mom came home from work this afternoon, and first thing she told me was that today's double headers was cancelled. The Indians and the Mariners have been trying to play baseball since Friday and just can't play.

10 inches of snow has fallen at Jacob's Field. The groundscrew now has three more days to get the field ready for this weekend's series against the White Sox. Why three days you ask? The Angels and the Indians are moving their three game set to Milwakee to play. The Brewers have a retractable dome, and since they are not home this week, they agreed to let the Indians and the Angels to play there. This is only the second time since 1961, a series was moved to a different location due to weather.

The Indians and Seattle has to make up the four missed games. There are only 6 common off days between the two teams. I am upset that there is no baseball. I want to watch baseball!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Carrying Each Other's Burdens

Galations 6:2 (NIV) "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

Have you ever thought where the above verse comes from? Besides God telling Paul to write it.

Yesterday, was Good Friday. My parent's church had communion service last night. The special music was "Watch the Lamb". I was listening to the words of the song, and picturing it in my head. You get to the part of the guy who was pulled from the crowd and told to carry Christ's cross. That guy was Simon of Cyrene. He carried the cross for Jesus to Golgotha. He carried his burden for him, just like it says to do in Galations 6:2. I never thought of it like that before. I thought it was a very interesting thought.

Home Opener Postponed

Yesterday, Good Friday, April 6, was Home Opener for the Cleveland Indians. It was postponed due to snow!

Woke up Thursday morning to snow. Woke up Good Friday to more snow. Festivities started 2 hours in advance yesterday. First pitch was scheduled for 4:05 pm. It was snowing. The grounds crew used leaf blowers to get rid the snow from the outfield. They even shoveled snow from the infield, after taking the tarp off. The start of the game was delayed by an hour.

They had two snow delays in the first inning alone. We arrived at church around 6:45, and they were only in the second inning. When we left church around 8 pm, they were in the top of the fifth inning, two outs, bases loaded, and the count at 1-2. The Indians were winning 4-0. We were one strike a way from winning the game, when another snow delay was called. Finally, around 8:45 pm, the game was called. Get this, just a few minutes later, the snow stopped! We could've won! The irony of it all.

The game was rescheduled for 1:05 pm today to play a day night double header. Around 10 am this morning, both games were postponed due to snow and cold temperatures. If you dont' know, Cleveland sits on the banks of Lake Erie, and we have a thing called Lake Effect Snow. Some areas received up to a foot of snow yesterday and Thursday night.

Now, the Indians have a double header tomorrow on Easter. They are also scheduled to play on Monday (already on the schedule.) This is the only time all season, that Seattle will be here. I wonder how we will make up any of these lost games.

What this all means, no baseball for me to watch or to listen to. I have been so looking forward to the start of baseball, that this is hard for me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ready for some Baseball

Today, was game two of the new baseball season. I have been so ready for baseball. The Indians have won both games!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! Monday, Grady Seizemore hit a homerun on the second ball thrown to him in the first inning of the game. They even batted around that inning. They also batted around today in an inning. Monday's final was 12-5, and today's final was 8-7. Today was one of their edge on your seat kind of game, where I yell and get all mad at them.

Westbrook walked the two guys before Thome. He knows better than doing that. Thome is good at hitting homeruns. You dont' even give him a chance to hit a homerun. He's a former Indian.

One good thing about being home, is that I can watch them every day on tv, compared to only when ESPN decided to air the game or when they played the Rangers.

So they are now 2-0. Good going guys. Keep it up.