Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Day of Being Wrapped

I was back at the rehab clinic this morning. I had dad drop me off and mom to pick me up.  I wasn't sure how well I would be able to walk, let alone, drive.

Only my lower leg is wrapped today.  This is so, I can get used to wrapping it myself, before i have to do my whole leg.  First things are first....both of my legs were measured.  The biggest difference between my two legs, is the calf area...14 centimeters.  The other areas, no more than 3-5 centimeters, of where my my right leg is bigger than my left leg. 

I have two videos of my therapist wrapping my leg, first my toes then the rest.  That is so I can watch it first. 

First a protective sleeve is put onto my leg.  Then folded gauze is wrapped around my toes.  Then two layers of gauze is wrapped around my lower leg.  Then three different size of bandages is wrapped around my leg, starting with my foot to ending just below my knee/at the top of my calf.

When I am not wearing my compression stocking, then I will have my leg wrapped.  I can not wear a sock on my right foot.  There is an added piece of Velcro to the strap on my shoe, so that I can strap my shoe.  I can not have my leg wrapped at school, because of the type of material my pants need to be.  I am to sleep with my leg wrapped.  This wrapping is to get the swelling down in my leg. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

First Visit to the Lymphodemic Clinic

      Sometime last month, I called my doctor and complained about my lymphodema.  They called and got me an appointment someplace.  The appointment was scheduled for April 21 and I was put onto the cancellation call list.  I got the call for a 2:30 appointment today.  I had to do so rearranging at school, so I could leave extra early.  This clinic is at a rehab place and I am going to get some help to get my swelling down.  I want to wear my tennis shoes again, then I can start working out again.  My next appointment is next week.