Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review

A couple of months ago, I saw a review for a book that Tony Danza (the actor) wrote.  I didn't get it for Christmas, so I bought it on Friday.  I read the book in three days!  The book is titled I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had.  The subtitle is "My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High".    Tony Danza graduated from college with a teaching degree before he started boxing and acting.

  Tony taught 10th grade English for one double block class, but was at the school all day.  He got involved in the school and  into his students' lives.  He writes about the lessons he taught, how his days were,  about his students, co-workers, and the projects his students did.  He wrote about his new understanding how hard teachers have it, and the work they put into their lessons and all of the responsibilities they have to do, and how the public puts education down.

  I really enjoyed the book, and I recommend others to read the book. 


"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."  Psalms 27:14

   Waiting is one of the hardest things to do in all the world! If you have to wait fro someone who is late, or if you're expecting something important in the mail, or if you've applied for a job and you're waiting for the phone to ring, waiting can almost drive you crazy!  Why is it so difficult to wait?  Waiting means you're not in control.  Someone else will determine what happens next.  Whether you're waiting on an inconsiderate friend, a slow postal system, or an indifferent employer, sitting helplessly can be excruciating.

    Waiting on the Lord is a different matter. God loves you more than you can even imagine.  Everything he does in your life shows his perfect love for you.  When God delays giving you something, he has a good reason.  It's not that he doesn't love you or that he wants to make you squirm.  it's a matter of timing.  Waiting on God reminds us of just how much our lives depend on him.  Every day we wait is another day to realize how helpless we are apart from his strength.  Waiting on God can be one of the most spiritually rewarding things we ever do.  Waiting on God is not sitting around doing nothing.  Waiting on God involves action on our part.  We should pray.  We should continue doing what God told us last.  We should watch for what he does next.  We should examine our hearts to see if any sin is hindering God's answer.

    if you are waiting on God for something right now, don't consider the time an idle, frustrating experience.  Trust that he loves you and that his answer will come.  in the meantime, get busy!

    This was yesterday's (December 29) devotion from the devotional:  The Experience a devotional and journal   by Henry and Richard Blackaby. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


  I have a good perception of myself.  There are times, where I can have a low self-esteem, but who doesn't at times.  I saw my lung doctor this afternoon. I will have another lung function test in May, and another sleep test in June.  (The sleep test is every two years.)  He said my lung function was 91%  in February and two months ago was 83%.  He wasn't too worried about that.
     I was looking at the paper of the visit in the car afterwards and go mad at him.  At the end of my list of medical problems/daignosis' and towards the end was morbid obesity.  That made me mad.  I do not think of myself as obesis.  I think of myself as full-figured.  I know I weigh a lot.  I lost about 50 pounds five years ago, and have basically gained most of it back.  I go up and down, but basically have maintained my weight.  I am fine with my looks.  (What bugs me about it, is the not dating part, and guys are wrong to not want to date me because of it. )  My lung doctor wants me to think about doing bariatic surgery.  I said that I would think about it, but I do not want to do it.
    I have made changes in what I eat.  I have cut back in my chocolate intake.  In the past few weeks, I have had more chocolate, but then again, this year has been very stressful and frustrating school year.
     People need to realize that what they say to others can hurt others their self-esteem.