Saturday, April 18, 2015

Orthopedic Surgeon

   Over the past few years, my right knee has been bothering me off and on. For awhile, it seemed to bother me only when I didn't wear my compression stocking, but then other times, when I would wear it.  But since I gotten sick back in the fall of 2013,  it has been bothering me more often.  Back in January, my knee hurt a lot at night.  It bothers me walking up the stairs, so when I do not have to walk with my students, I use the elevator. 
    I had my physical last month, so I complained to my doctor.  I've complained before to her.  She recommended I see an orthopedic and I had my appointment this past Saturday.  He took x-rays of my knee, and showed me one of them.  On the inner part of my knee, there is no cartilage, so my knee is bone on bone.  He said, that I will have to eventually have to have the knee replaced.  When I am ready, then he will do it.  Until then, I will live with it, and as needed get cortisone shots to help.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

         Last week was Spring Break. Spring Break started on Good Friday.  I went to Horseshoe Bend, AR with my parents and my niece.  We stayed at a 650 acre lake, and rode a pontoon boat on Tuesday afternoon.  Could see the lake from our unit, and was very peaceful.  Wednesday afternoon, we went to Blanchard Springs Cavern and got to go inside a cave.  Very cool to see what dripping water can do.  Left on Friday and went up into MO to see Grand Gulf Canyon. On Saturday, while on the way home, we stopped at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to walk around the Air Force Museum for a bit.  In the museum, we only checked out the early years/WW 1 and Vitenam War part.  Here are some pictures from my trip.