Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow Day

Woke up to a gorgeous site this morning! I was up about an hour, before I saw on tv, that where I was supposed to work today was closed. All schools are closed in about a 100 mile radius of where I live. It has been snowing all day! We will end up with 6-8 inches of snow when it is all done snowing. I can't remember the last time we had this much snow at one time.

I went outside twice to take pictures. First time, standing in the doorway, and went out to the driveway. The second time, I put boots on, and walked down the driveway a bit, and into the front yard. I took a pic of the front of the house, and a bunch of the trees.

Enjoy the view. It is absolutely gorgeous! I have been enjoying the view all day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

White Blood Count

I had my weekly blood draw last Friday. I received the results this afternoon. My white blood count is up to 2.8. That is the highest I have seen it, since I started Interferon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Date Adventure"-Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry is so funny! He is a Christian comedine, who was a member of the Gaither Vocal Group for many years. This song is to the tune of "The Great Adventure" by Steven Curtis Champman. Enjoy the video.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Last night, here in Northeast Ohio, we were able to view the Total Lunar Eclipse. There was a full moon. One of the pics, I'm posting was taken by one of the photographers from my local newspaper, Akron Beacon Journal. The other one I found through Google.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Scan Results

First off, I have a sinus infection. I have not been feeling well. I stayed home from church yesterday, and slept for a few more hours. I got an antibiotic from my onc this morning. I have had a few nose bleeds since Thursday evening.

I had an appointment to see my onc this morning. Bloodcounts are fine. As you all know, I had my CT Scan two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I had a kidney stone. I didn't know that I had one. I've had one before, very painful. I wasn't really having much pain. I have the usual stomach ache at different times. I also have a cyst on an ovary. My onc said that it is commen for women to get cysts. This Friday morning, I am scheduled to get an ultrasound.

After seeing my onc, I was scheduled for a appointment at the Breast Imaging Center there by the hospital. My appointmnet was for 10:20 am, and I didn't leave there til about 1 pm. I had a mammogram on them both. She showed them to the doctor, and I had to wait for about 30 minutes to get an ultrasound on them both. Then I had another mammogram, then went in for another ultrasound. One of the techs explained all what went on. This was my first mammogram, and with my history, the doctor was erring on the side of caution, and setting up a baseline to have something to comapre it to in the future. The doctor saw some tissue mass around my port. (I saw the port on the xray.) Doctor is not sure if it is residual from the port being put in. I have to get another mammogram in about six months. They are going to take a wait and see stance on it.

My last CT Scan in July, the onc saw nodules in my lungs. They are still there, and are still small. There is no change in the nodules. That is good. He was able to see a few lymph nodes, but they were visible because I haven't been feeling well.

Again, thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray. I see my onc again on March 7.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I woke up to this...

Our second Artic Blast blew in last night. Very cold and windy. In three of the pics, you can see the wind blowing and moving the snow around. Enjoy these pics of beauty.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hertiage Album

July of 2006, Grandma and I went through some boxes of pictures of hers. She gave me a bunch. I decided to make a Heritage album. Grandma and I went through them, she told me names of people in the pics. My mom gave me a few this evening as well.

Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon scrapbooking. I bought a ruby coverset, natural pages, and page protectors. I did sixteen front and back pages last week. Today, I did nine more pages. There are twenty-five pages in my book. All I need is some more page protectors for the pages without one.

I have a pic of my great-great grandparents (my grandmother's grandparents), over a 100 years old. A picture of my great-grandmother, Grandma's mom. A small number of pics of my grandma and her siblings growing up. Some pics from when my mom and uncle grew up. I saw pics of my aunt and uncle I have never met. A few of my cousins, though not all of them. The last part is from my family. I can't forget to mention, pics of my grandparents from over the years, and even their house.

It was fun to do, first time I scrapbooked in 1 1/2 years.

I have more albums to work on, and will get them finished.

Monday, February 04, 2008


I got up at 2:45 am this morning, to come downstairs and get my "yucky" dose and meal together. I had no problem drinking the stuff and keeping it down. No problems with the other two doses as well. Again, that is to all of the prayers being lifted up on my behalf. Thank you again for your prayers.

The nurse inserted the needle this afternoon, and it did hurt, even though I numbed the area with ice. She couldn't get any blood to flow back up, but after playing with it, she was able to get some. The CT Scan didnt' take very long. Went upstairs to get my injection of Interferon.

My white blood count went back up to 2.6. Couple other things were up or down, but otherwise, everything is fine.

This morning, I recieved a phone call. I had my first mammogram last Thursday morning. The doctor who read the pics, saw some dark masses, so I have to go in for more scans/pics to be taken. I am scheduled for 10:20 am in two weeks, over by the hospital. It is for right after I see my onc. Right now, I do not feel too worried about it, I am in God's hands. God knows what is going on. God has plans to prosper me, not to harm me.