Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spiritual Gifts

Been talking about spiritual gifts and love languages since the spring. I do not know what my love language is, but will learn what it is in the next couple of months. Sunday school class, both girls and guys are doing The Five Love Languages for Singles, by Gary Smally. I even recieved that book for my birthday. I asked my best friend for the Five Love Languages book, and she gave me one.
I always said my spiritual gift is Encouragement. (From doing the Song of Solomon study in the spring, was told you need to know your spiritual gift and your love language, besides also your boyfriend/future mate's as well. Will help you in communicating and with your relationship.
Rob wasn't sure what his was. He found a test on Saturday, took it and emailed me the link. His spiritual gift is Service. I took the test Monday evening. The results said, my spiritual gift is Intercession. That was very interesting. Encouragement was tied for third with a few others. I have been working on praying for other people all summer, not just at devotions, but also when they come to mind during the day. Here is the link to that spiritual gifts test:

Fianlly a pic of me

I tried to up load a pic of me way back in June, and it wouldn't work. Thought I would try it. It worked.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New direction in my life

I have been debating or not to write this post. Basically, I started to write about my job search and my feelings about it. Then I wrote about grandpa dying and doing home to OH for three weeks.
I have been looking and not trying to look at the same time. Praying for the Lord's will. Going back and forth about wether or not looking for a boyfriend/future mate is a sin or not a sin. I have been looking online (I have had no luck from meeting people from other ways). Last year, I went back to for a second time. I did have one date with one guy, nothing happened from that. October 2005, I was matched with a guy, and we started emailing each other on eharmony. January of this year, we exchanged personal email addresses. March, we started talking on the phone. In April and May, there were nights, I was up till midnight or 1 am talking on the phone. Phone conversations could last 2-3 hours easy. Before you know, an hour as passed, and still can today.
Last weekend, we met for the first time, and it was a great weekend. I liked him before we met, still do, and have been missing him all week. I have been praying about this a lot. I want the Lord's will in this. All of this is in my diary,pages and pages of my thoughts, things we have talked about, etc. I am glad we have taken our time to get to know one another, we are friends. I just haven't been sure if I wanted to write about this here in my blog or not.
Father your will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Next step

After I got back from OH, I uploaded my resume with I have also signed up with No bites from there. I check out the want ads in Sunday and Wednedsay's papers. I have sent out a few faxes, and have applied to about 3 jobs from there. I will find out tomorrow, if I have made it to the next step of interviews.
Last week, I started talking with somebody from Chandler Hill Partners. They are a company (a service) that costs money to become a client, who will work with you to find a job. I need help! They coach you, open your eyes to new ideas on where to look, how to market yourself, negotitate the right salary, etc. I am impress, and a decision will be made within the next few days if I am going to sign up with them. I have had problems over the last 11 years in looking for a jobs. I am doing something wrong, but not sure what I am doing wrong.
I have been praying, and know that God is in control. I have told the Lord, I am getting fustrated and discouraged about finding a job. I thought I would have one by now. The Lord knows what is best for me. As of now, I am looking outside of teaching. Someday I plan on going back to teaching, Lord willing, and if it is part of his plan for my life.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Still no job!

I started looking for a job five months ago, way back in March! I never thought or expected to still be without one five months later. School started last week for most school districts here in the Dallas area. Wierd not being there. My friends tell me how things are going. I listen and help in anyway I can, wishing I was teaching.
I have been looking for jobs outside of the teaching profession. I skills for other jobs, just not the experience that they are looking for. If they are willing to train, and can over look the area of experience for the specific position they are hirig for, they could probably find exactly who they need.
I am looking online, and in the want ads in the newspaper. I applied in person, online, and faxed my resume to people last week.
Can't understand why I do not have a job, or what I have been doing wrong all of this time. The Lord has something, I believe it. I am starting to get a little impatient, anxious, and worried. It is like when are you going to answer me in this painful are of my life. I want to keep Christ in charge of my life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How I see myself

I am a child of the King. But, that is not what this post is about. Ever since I was a little girl, I said I wanted to a teacher, later for awhile, I said Iwanted to become the first woman President of the United States. My dream came true in 1998, when I moved to TX. For the past 5 1/2 years I taught in Dallas. I love teaching. I call myself a teacher. That is how I see myself, as a teacher. I can't imagine doing anything else. My dad always told I have a college degree, then I would turn around and say, but I am a teacher. I have been looking for a job since March, and have not found one. I have been without a job since the end of May. I am looking for other types of jobs besides teaching. It is a slow process, to see myself as anything other than a teacher, but I am doing it. Sometimes I think, what can I do, but teach. I do have clerical skills, I know there are other skills, but what are they. What can I do. I want to enjoy what I do, grow as a person, learn new skills, advance in the skills I do have. The Lord knows what I will be doing. He knows what I can do. I wish he would show me what it is He has for me. I am basically desparate, I need a job! I need one now, like last week. I am looking. I know I do not to do retail or inventory. Other than that, I have no idea. I am willing to learn, if they are willing to train me. Please Lord, bring a job my way very, very, very soon.