Friday, December 30, 2016

What A Month

This month (December) has been a really hard month for me.  To explain, I meed to rewind time. In October,  I got a text from Mom, saying that she had taken Grandma to the emergency room, and that Grandma was being admitted to the hospital.  I was still at school grading papers and doing whatever else I do after school.  Turns out, Grandma had fluid in her right lung.  She spent little over a week in the hospital, and had her lung drained of fluid. From there, she went to rehab. 

While at rehab, both of her lungs started to fill up, and she decided to quit working with the physical therapists. On November 9, she was brought home, and we were told that she was dying, and didn't know how much time she had left here on Earth.

I think at this time, is when the behavior in my classroom, starting going downhill.  My team partner was on maternity leave, and so I started to prepare for when I would be out due to my Grandmother's death.  I started making copies galore. 

My second cousins and first cousins started coming around to see Grandma one last time.  Grandma had some bad days, good days, and bad nights. There was someone else here every day and every night to help with Grandma.  Grandma is my last remaining grandparent.  I was 21, when I lost my first grandparent, and now, I am 45 years old. 

Grandma ate at the table with us on Thanksgiving day. That Saturday, we skyped with my cousin who lives in Ireland. 

Grandma died Tuesday night of November 29.  I was only in bed a few minutes, when I was told that she had died.  The next morning, I went to school, and put in for a sub for 3 days, December 2, 5, 6.  Had conferences on December 1 (my mom's birthday). I woke up on December 2 barely able to talk. I had a sinus infection, and I had gotten my doctor to prescribe a zpack for me on the 1st. 

On Saturday, December 3, while I was watching TV, and barely able to talk, my principal called to tell me about a house fire in the area I teach, and that one of my students died in the house fire.  That is still hard to comprehend at times.  I miss seeing this student at school. Their name is still in the grade book, and still on the mailboxes.  Turns out, I had another student have their house burned down also that same weekend.

My class was told about the fire and the death of their classmate on December 5.  I wasn't at school that day, because my grandmother's calling hours and funeral was that day. 

I stayed home that Wednesday also.  While I was out, my students' behavior wasn't very good.  They can be good. 

I went back on the 8th.  It was hard seeing the empty desk.  I have moved the desks around about 3 different times since the  9th.

By the time Christmas break came around, I was sick again with a nasty sinus infection.  I have other health stuff going on, which was probably brought on by what has happened this month.

I am praying for God's will to be done, and for something good to come out of this.

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